4 Drivable Weekend Getaways Near Cincinnati for Couples

Like other US cities, Cincinnati has an abundance of activities, restaurants, and hotels for a couple to escape for a time and enjoy each other company. 

While on a short afternoon break with my significant other, I realized we should explore what’s outside this great city, sometimes called “The Queen City” or the “Nati.”

After exploring Lake Geneva just outside of Chicago, I was eager for another romantic adventure that would bring us closer together and entertain us for a while.

It was a surprise to discover some of the most beautiful and unique weekend getaways I could have ever imagined in the Buckeye State.

Weekend Getaways For Couples Around The Cincinnati Area

Couples looking for a weekend getaway outside Cincinnati should check out the Landoll’s Mohican Castle in Loudonville. The Villas at Gervasi Vineyard in Canton offer wine and high-end relaxation or you can stay in a treehouse in The Mohicans in Glenmont. And you can’t go wrong with The Welsh Hills Inn, a lovely B&B in Granville.

For a full rundown of each of these awesome and unique spots just outside of Cincinnati, keep reading!

Landoll’s Mohican Castle – Loundonville

4 Drivable Weekend Getaways Near Cincinnati for Couples 1

At just under three hours with one hundred and eighty-six miles to drive, this worthy knight castle was not too far away.

The grounds of this castle are reputed to be haunted, and if that doesn’t send a shiver down your spine, perhaps the murder mystery will give you goosebumps as it did to me!

The onsite restaurant and assortment of room options like suites and cottages made it hard to choose. 

Seventeen suites and two cottages are decorated tastefully in the same décor that compliments the rest of the castle.

Colorful and enhanced with dark wood furniture, comfortable chairs and bedding, oriental style rugs, and oil paintings will welcome guests to relax and unwind. 

The woodsy outdoor location, comfortable medieval meets, modern indoor décor, and clean and cozy rooms were exactly what one would imagine they should be in a castle.

The Villas at Gervasi Vineyard – Canton

4 Drivable Weekend Getaways Near Cincinnati for Couples 2

Just over three hours and with just under two hundred and fifty miles to travel, couples can easily make this a quick weekend getaway from the Cincinnati area.

The Villa is an Italian-inspired Inn that hosts six villas and a farmhouse for guests to enjoy during their stay. 

Located on the grounds of a vineyard, the view and atmosphere are stunning and memorable.

A great place for a romantic getaway for two people who want to sample fine wine and great food and unwind after a long week at work.

Couples can reserve an entire villa, or they can reserve a suite in the farmhouse for a bit more simplicity.

The fireplaces in each room add to the romance and ambiance, where the couple can dine in their room and enjoy alone time together.

The Mohicans – Glenmont

4 Drivable Weekend Getaways Near Cincinnati for Couples 3

For a more rustic feel, couples who thrive on outdoor adventures and a more private atmosphere will love these cabins/country homes and treehouses about three hours and about one hundred and eighty miles from Cincinnati.

With nine treehouses and four cabin/country homes, couples will have multiple options to choose from that are secluded, private, clean, and homey. 

The outdoor atmosphere will connect the couple with nature around them at every turn, from the stunning views to the quaint spots for hiking and reflecting.

The cabins/country homes and treehouses don’t lack modern comforts despite the rustic indoor and outdoor atmosphere. 

Each will be different, but all have indoor plumbing, heat, and air conditioning, some with showers outdoors, others with fireplaces and ROKU TV.

Depending on what the couple wants and needs for their weekend getaway, they can easily find it close to nature. 

This location is so special; it is a no-contact check-in and check-out. 

This ensures cleanliness, ease of use, and peace and privacy for guests.

The Welsh Hills Inn – Granville

4 Drivable Weekend Getaways Near Cincinnati for Couples 4

This top-rated bed and breakfast inn is located two hours outside of Cincinnati. 

With a mere 120 miles to travel depending on where the couple is located in Cincinnati, it is an easy getaway destination.

Named after the Welsh Hills surrounding the town and inn, the Welsh Hills Inn boasts three guest rooms and two suites.

Each has a unique name from the Welsh language and is decorated in period antiques and original works of art from local and national artists.

The rooms are spacious and comfortable and will make the couple feel at home during their stay. 

Common areas and outdoor spaces will welcome the couple to engage in conversation with other guests in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Games table, music, TV, baby grand piano, and a fireplace add to the warm and inviting feeling, encouraging guests to slow down and enjoy the time spent at this lovely inn.

Couples that enjoy a home-like atmosphere with friendly hosts who strive to meet their every need during their stay will find this a pleasant surprise and want to return again and again.

What makes a great couple’s weekend getaway?

A great couple’s weekend getaway is fun, adventure and relaxation, and both elements are needed for a memorable weekend getaway.

Creating fun and adventure is easy, couple can easily take themselves out of their comfort zone and try new activities that fit their lifestyle to make for a great weekend getaway.

It is a good idea not to fill the time you both spend away from the Cincinnati with nonstop adventures so you don’t defeat the purpose of the weekend getaway.

Relaxation is very important, as life in a city with all its noise and busyness can add to the stress we feel while we work and go about our agendas.

The atmosphere will play a big part in finding relaxation and peace.

The right lodging accommodations and the indoor and outdoor areas can either make or break that relaxation and peace. 

Each couple will have their likes and dislikes in this area.

Finding a beautiful spot to take a walk, kicking back for a rest on a bench, under a tree, or beside the fireplace together is all that is needed to restore the senses during the couple’s weekend getaway.

Balancing these two activities and adding some fine dining, unique shopping, and time to do nothing but talk, reconnect, and laugh together will make the weekend unforgettable.

In Conclusion

Cincinnati is a great city to live in, but when couples need a break from the hustle and bustle of life, they need to get away from the city and change the atmosphere physically.

Doing so might seem like a challenge with driving and a limited amount of time for a weekend away, but there are numerous choices close by that will delight.

Choosing the right location might be a challenge with so many great properties, but that’s half the fun!