About Addicted To Vacation

About Addicted To Vacation

You know that feeling when you are on vacation and it’s time to go home, but you really don’t want to leave? That feeling was the inspiration behind the website name, “Addicted to Vacation”.

About Kern

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Hi! I’m Kern Campbell and I started Addicted To Vacation out of necessity (yes, necessity – lol).

The Problem: My family and I love to travel. We love going on vacation to new destinations and having a good time. The challenge we face every time we want to take a trip is my wife and I simply get overwhelmed with travel planning, researching, and figuring out exactly what to do and where to go.

If you have ever tried reading reviews on sites like trip advisor, you can probably relate. We find a resort that sounds interesting and we quickly go to read the reviews. One person says, “great location, great food, excellent staff”. The next reviewer claims, “The staff never greeted us or said hello, the food had no flavor and the resort decor was dated”.

After reading what feels like hundreds of mixed reviews, we start getting stressed out and just give up. We know there are plenty of places we would enjoy, but the stress of picking a great place to visit that everyone in our family of four (including two teenage daughters) will enjoy, just gets overwhelming.

If you ever get stressed out from planning vacations, if you like to read real-world reviews and ideas, or if you want to make planning your next vacation or weekend getaway stress-free… then Addicted To Vacation is the place for you!

Here’s why…

The Solution: Knowing our family wants to travel, we simply had to find a way to overcome the stress and uncertainty associated with doing our own travel planning. We love reading about where to go and what to do, but we really needed help narrowing things down and starting with a solid foundation of trusted advice.

So what did I do? I started this website and hired two travel experts to help me plan great travel adventures for the family!

K.C., Tara, and I are spending countless hours putting together recommended travel guides, destination guides, and travel itineraries that you and your family can use to build your next vacation.

You see, this is exactly what I am doing for myself! It’s the whole reason I started Addicted To Vacation out of necessity. If we can plan out great trips in advance without the pressure of time, money, and lack of open reservation dates, then it helps remove the stress. It also allows our whole family to look up these destinations and decide where we want to go on our next adventure.

Since K.C., Tara, and I (and a few other behind-the-scenes helpers) are doing all of the leg work in advance, it allows Ashley, the girls, and me to use Addicted To Vacation as our travel “bucket list” and work our way through as many destinations as possible.

A great example is our Presidents Day skiing trip to Big Sky, Montana. We flew into Bozeman, MT. Had a great meal before gearing up at the grocery store and heading up the mountain to the AMAZING house we rented called The Tanager House! (Definite an amazing ski-in/ski-out place to stay in Big Sky!).

Our Team

Now that you know more about why Addicted To Vacation was created and what it can offer you as a reader, let me introduce you to our team of passionate creators!

Kern Campbell – Publisher, Family Traveler & Content Creator

Kern Campbell - Publisher & Family Traveler
About Addicted To Vacation

Fun Facts About Kern

  • I live in North Carolina with my wife, two daughters, and our mini Goldendoodle named Lexie.
  • When Ashley and I were newlyweds, I worked for a technology company that allowed us to travel all over Latin America and the Caribbean. Often our spouses would come with us so that made business travel fun. Our spouses would play while we worked and then we would end our workday early in the afternoon so we could join them to have a little fun. It was a great way to see a new part of the world, even if 75% of the time I was sitting in a conference room staring at a laptop, ha! (Can anyone relate???)
  • Being a native of North Carolina, I have a passion for Appalachian State football in the fall, offshore fishing and boating in the warmer months, and I love to tinker with old Jeeps in my spare time all year long.

K.C. Dermody – Travel Expert & Content Creator

K.C. Dermody - Travel Expert, Addicted To Vacation

K.C. Dermody has traveled the world, including nearly 40 countries to date. She is the author of hundreds of travel articles and guides, online and in print. When not writing, she might be found snorkeling with sea lions in the Sea of Cortez, paddling among icebergs and whales in Newfoundland, on a deserted Caribbean Island, or enjoying a pint with the locals in an Irish pub.

Tara Burgess – Travel Expert & Content Creator

Tara Burgess - Travel Expert (1)

Tara is a perpetual globetrotter and travel writer. Originally from Seattle, WA, she has also lived in Beijing, Porto, Rome, and Munich. When she’s not writing, you can find her making art or experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.

Contributing Writers

Ken Cameron

Ken Cameron is a dedicated family man with a deep passion for travel and exploration. Alongside his loved ones, he embarks on unforgettable journeys to discover new locations and create lasting memories. Through his adventures, Ken seeks to inspire other families to step outside their comfort zones and embrace the world around them.

Sara Strickland

Sara Strickland is a passionate and adventurous travel writer who is constantly on the lookout for hidden gem restaurants and unique experiences. With an insatiable wanderlust, she has made it her mission to explore the world and share her discoveries with fellow travelers through her popular travel blog, Addicted to Vacation.