3 Sensational Weekend Getaways Near Chicago for Couples

Chicago is a city of diverse culture, arts, nightlife, restaurants, and activities that can provide more than enough entertainment for couples that need a small break from the busyness of work and everyday life.

Known by many names, including the “Windy City,” “Mud City,” “Chi-Town,” and “Century of the Progress,” to name a few, Chicago is the third most populated city in the United States after New York and Los Angeles.

With so many people, it is easy to see why a couple looking to reconnect and find romance would want to escape the confines for a short time.

Once outside the city limits, a couple can find any number of exciting or peaceful destinations for a short weekend getaway together in every direction.

What are some good weekend getaways for couples around Chicago?

Couples looking for a weekend getaway just outside of Chicago should check out The Cove at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, or get a rental on one of the many lakes in Sheboygan. Eaglewood Resort and Spa in tasca offers something for everyone or you can have a staycation in a condo in downtown Chicago.

The Cove at Lake Geneva – Wisconsin

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The Cove is a stunning resort style hotel for couples to stay in while visiting Lake Geneva.  

Every possible amenity that could be imagined is available or can quickly be arranged by the trained and personal staff.

The grounds of this resort hotel are breathtaking, not just because of the location.  

The massive indoor and outdoor pools, lush landscapes and convenience to downtown and all the shopping and dining this area have to offer make it a perfect place to call home on a weekend getaway.

They have various room styles to meet every budget so everyone can get comfortable and enjoy their stay.

The captivating resort city known as Lake Geneva is to the south and the east. At an hour and a half away from the city, this city by Geneva Lake is all about beautiful surroundings, peaceful moments for couples to share outdoors with nature, and wonderful lodging, restaurants, and shops to provide a lovely weekend diversion.

The area is rich in history. 

The Geneva Lake Museum highlights old buildings that have been carefully restored, vehicles, trains, and tools for the history buff to pass away a day with their significant other.

Couples that love to shop will enjoy the adorable shops that display unique arts and gifts to share with family and friends back in Chicago. 

For the antique enthusiast, there are numerous spots to find that special treasure!

Beautiful parks that host engaging and exciting festivals throughout the year will entertain couples who like to combine the outdoors with fun. 

Boats, beaches, brewing, a magic show, biking, and zip lining round out the activities that can easily fill up a quick weekend break.

For an especially memorable and romantic moment at sunset or sunrise, couples can make arrangements to take an unforgettable balloon ride over the lake and surrounding area, which ends with a champagne toast!

Condo – Kohler/Sheboygan – Wisconsin

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The Condo is a beautiful two-bedroom rental with a scenic lake view.  

When staying in the rental property couples will be gifted with beautiful sunrises that they can watch over the lake.

With amenities like a public beach, tennis, lighthouse, and marina conveniently nearby the vacationing couple can easily find something interesting to do during their stay.

The condo is decorated in a casual but warm décor that welcomes you to sit, relax and stay awhile. 

With hardwood floors and comfortable furnishings, it’s a cozy retreat for some quality alone time. 

Between two and three hours drive from Chicago headed North into Wisconsin, couples will find a cozy village along the Sheboygan River that offers exceptional indoor and outdoor amenities to entertain.

With a lovely winery, golf course, and other classic amenities, the weekend will breeze by before the lovely couple can blink, and it’s time to return home again.

Historic sites, shopping, and yoga classes will bring happiness, relaxation, and interesting conversation to the wonderful weekend a couple of shares together.

A great activity for a couple to share is a spa weekend, and with the Kohler Waters Spa in the neighborhood, they can enjoy some pampering that will be remembered long after they return home to Chicago.

The spa offers lodging, dining, and spa treatments that range from full-body treatments, including wraps and massage, to pedicures and energy healing and everything imaginable.

Eaglewood Resort and Spa – Itasca

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For a whole lot of pampering and relaxation during a quick weekend getaway outside the city, this resort is perfect.  

With amenities like golf, spa treatments, and summertime musical concerts, couples will enjoy the mixture of peace and activity they can find while staying here.

With two hundred and ninety-five guest rooms and suites, there is something for every couple.  

Spacious, tastefully decorated, and comfortable, it may be hard to leave the room and enjoy all the amenities.

This area is the perfect spot for a memorable weekend away for the couple that loves a great waterpark but doesn’t have time to drive too far from home. 

The drive West takes about a half-hour, making it an amazing choice for a last-minute adventure with a water park and a few dog parks for couples who must bring Fido!

With shopping, dining, and other small-town amenities, the cares of the city will quickly be left behind. 

Couples searching for a place close to home but less noisy and busy will consider this spot a perfect choice.

A zoo, safari, and nature preserves will invite couples to get out and explore the area with surprising results! A great spot to take in a little nighttime excitement is the Arcadia Theater, where a couple can enjoy music from tribute bands.

When deciding to stay in this area, there is nothing better than a comfortable home away from home, and www.vrbo.com is the perfect place to find that amazing location.

Cozy One Bedroom

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This cute but modern rental will provide a couple with the quiet and comfort they need to recharge their batteries before heading back to the daily grind in Chicago.

There is no shortage of ambiance and atmosphere with a complete kitchen, free parking, and a balcony that overlooks the stunning waterfall and lovely pond.

The hosts are very helpful, the condo is well stocked, and the convenience of being close to shopping and dining are nice perks for the couple that wants a simple but enjoyable weekend away from city life for a while.

What can make a romantic couple’s weekend getaway special?

Many things can be done to make a romantic couple’s weekend getaway special.

New adventures can easily be found together, from comfortable lodging to out-of-the-ordinary restaurants and shops.

Couples will need to figure out what they want to do and formulate a plan so that both individuals in the couple get a bit of what they want during the weekend getaway. 

One of the best things that a couple can do together when planning is only to plan one or two things.

The weekend will be short, and time will be limited. 

Choosing one activity for each individual to do during the time away from Chicago can reduce stress, overplanning, and setting a mood that doesn’t set the right mood.

While adventures are a wonderful way to reconnect and have fun, overbooking a short weekend can take the fun right out of the trip. 

Since life in the city for the couple is probably filled with lots of appointments, agendas, and activities that keep them busy, that is the last thing you should want on your vacation.

Making time and slowing the pace of the vacation can make for a wonderfully special weekend away that the couple will want to repeat again and again. 

Closing Points

Chicago has a lot to offer the couple looking for some easy fun and excitement on their weekends off. 

However, when a couple is looking to break away from the city for a while and still have a great time together, there are numerous places they can go in any direction.

Whatever the destination, quality time together is the most important aspect of a romantic weekend away!