3 Spectacular Weekend Getaways From DC For Couples

Cities like DC are amazing for their culture, diversity, and excitement, but sometimes a couple needs a romantic, quiet weekend far removed from the city.

After our adventure in Pine Creek Gorge, which was extraordinary, my partner and I headed south so we could check out all the great places we could stay outside of DC.

There is nothing better than reconnecting with your partner on weekends between work and weekly agendas.

I had to see what made the DC area so special.

I found some special spots where the couple can enjoy some quiet time and fun without traveling too far away and wrecking the adventure.

Weekend Getaways For Couples Around The DC Area

If you’re a couple in the DC area looking for a fun, romantic weekend trip that’s not too far from home, consider grabbing a B&B in Annapolis, which is just under an hour from DC. A little farther away is the beach in Chincoteague or the mountains in McGaheysville, Virginia.

I’ve gone ahead and done a quick summary of each of these fantastic spots in Virginia for a quick couple’s getaway just outside of the DC area.

Keep reading for some helpful advice and lodging recommendations!

Flag House Inn – Annapolis

3 Spectacular Weekend Getaways From DC For Couples

The charming bed and breakfast are located just over thirty miles and under an hour from DC, making it convenient for a spontaneous couple’s weekend getaway.

Bed and breakfast features modern conveniences that we all crave and that unique décor and atmosphere that only bed and breakfast offers.

Couples will be delighted by the breakfast included every morning and the six sizeable rooms, including one suite, each with air conditioning and private bathrooms.

A nice perk that this B&B offers is the sound machines that help keep guests comfortable during their stay.

The host and hostess are friendly, personable, and knowledgeable about the area, which can be helpful for couples that haven’t visited here before. 

The area is home to many unique adventures, from shopping to fine dining, boating, and sailing, to name a few.

Outdoor enthusiasts will be delighted by the abundant activities offered in this area, and there are enough relaxing spots like parks to reconnect with nature and each other.

Two-Bedroom Villa – Chincoteague

3 Spectacular Weekend Getaways From DC For Couples 2

This half Villa with two bedrooms and one bath is a cute little beach luxury located under one hundred and seventy miles from DC. 

With just a little over a three-hour drive, couples can enjoy their island weekend getaway in style.

The rental property is located a half-mile from the wildlife refuge and the Assateague National Park, lighthouse, wild ponies, and a few minutes to the beach. 

The outdoors will beckon couples to come and explore, play, and enjoy all that nature has to offer on this beautiful island.

The whitewashed décor is clean and comfortable with wood floors and carpeting. 

As one of the multiple units, couples will delight in the homey feel and cozy atmosphere when they return from a long day of exploring.

For those who don’t like the beach as much, there is a pool on the property, numerous local eateries to enjoy, and shops to find that rare treasure they have been searching for to bring home.

The villa has all the modern conveniences guests would expect, like heat, air conditioning, TV, and Wi-Fi, so they don’t have to feel like they had left everything behind when they traveled to this island.

Massanutten Resort – McGaheysville – Virginia

3 Spectacular Weekend Getaways From DC For Couples 3

Close to one hundred and fifty miles away from DC and a short three-hour drive will land a couple at a breathtaking spot in Virginia.

The Massanutten Resort is located near the Shenandoah National Park, providing some of the most exquisitely beautiful scenery an outdoor enthusiast could experience on the East Coast.

Stunning mountains, breathtaking forests, trees, wildlife, and nature abound everywhere one looks.

The resort offers special packages that include amenities from an indoor waterpark to golf and spa treatments a couple might struggle to fit everything into their weekend getaway.

If that isn’t enough, escape rooms, games, music, biking, and live events will intrigue and entice couples from their quiet alone time for some playtime and fun.

What makes this resort so exciting is its mixture of lodging possibilities within the resort. 

From rental homes and condos to hotel rooms and suites, there is something that fits every couple’s request. 

Each has its own unique and beautiful view of a particular area of the resort, be it a golf course or forest.

The staff is friendly and eager to ensure that every guest staying with them has everything they need and experiences a wonderful and memorable time.

With so many things to do in DC, why should we take a weekend getaway outside of the city?

With so many things to do in DC, you may think leaving the city is unnecessary, and certainly, that is sometimes the case. 

With numerous hotels and other lodgings and numerous amenities, activities, and dining options, a couple can certainly stay in DC and have a great weekend staycation.

Taking a weekend away from the city wherever one lives offers the couple a chance to remove themselves from their work and the confines of their busy lives and schedules.

Too often, it is hard to leave the duties of our lives behind until we put miles between us and that life so we can let go of everything for a while and focus on ourselves, as individuals and within a couple.

Modern technology has allowed us to continue our work remotely from almost any corner of the earth, and many of us travel and work simultaneously. 

That being said, removing ourselves from the city or wherever we live removes some of our responsibilities for a time.

The work of caring for others in our lives, caring for our home and every possession we have, and attending to everything all the time can be exhausting, and when we leave it all behind, we are forced to let go and focus on ourselves.

Aside from this, it is a good idea to leave the city or your home area to take a vacation because of the change of atmosphere, new experiences, and new scenery.

These new experiences and scenery, as well as a new and different atmosphere, inspire us. The change around us, what we see, hear, and do engage our senses, our brain, and the entire body, which can profoundly impact who we are when we return home.

If you stare at the same four walls often enough, as many of us have been doing for quite some time lately, inspiration, creativity, innovation, and everything that makes us special are impaired in some way.

The change we make by leaving the city has a profound effect on our health, work, and life when we return, even if it’s a simple weekend trip to the countryside.

In Conclusion

DC is a great city, a place where amazing things happen day and night, but sometimes it’s a good idea to step away, breath in some different air, and reset the mind.

Traveling outside our comfort zone, and leaving our home, work, and friends or family may seem unnecessary, but its impact on who we are as people is sometimes shocking.

For couples, a weekend getaway can help them restore balance to their relationship and foster closeness and connection, which is sometimes lost in our busy life!