12 Unique Day Trips From Nashville

Unique Day Trips From Nashville Tennessee 1

A day trip is a perfect choice when the weekend comes, and it’s time for a break away from work and responsibilities. Whether you decide to grab a few friends, pack up the kids or go it solo, there are lots of things to do a short distance from Nashville, Tennessee.

The time away offers a chance to recharge those batteries to battle the stress when you return to the daily grind of life. Still, it can also inspire and offer much-needed fun and excitement. This list is about finding those cool places you can get to in a day and have some fun!

What are some of the best day trips from Nashville?

If you’re in Nashville and are looking to spend the day exploring the area outside of the city, consider checking out one of these unique day trip destinations:

  • Memphis
  • Rock Island State Park
  • Nolensville
  • Jack Daniel’s Distillery
  • Arrington Vineyard
  • Loretta Lynn’s Ranch
  • The Tennesee Aquarium

I honestly wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t get to take a few day trips away from home a month. Escaping the daily hustle offers me a chance to explore new things, get educated, take a breath of fresh air, and sometimes learn a little bit about myself. I bet some of you are the same way!

Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee

Unique Day Trips From Nashville Tennessee 1 1

Aside from Nashville, there are a few places in Tennessee to get a closer look at the lives of the best country music stars’ past and present and important locations related to music. Downtown Memphis is another top location for getting in touch with everything music.  It’s rich in history, and let’s not forget the home of Elvis Presley, who left his mark on the world of music.

From Graceland to the Stax Soul Museum, it makes for a lovely day trip at about four hours drive from Nashville. Visitors can enjoy their amazing art district and some great food after they have exhausted all the other activities before calling it a day.

The Stone River, Rutherford County

One of the ideal areas to visit is the Stone Battlefield which is located in Rutherford County. If you dwell near Rutherford, you will only require to ride a bike or stroll through the 550 acres of a national park as you enjoy the peace and fresh air. Additionally, you get to learn the American history of the Civil War, which took place along the Stone River.

Only a small part of the battlefield is preserved for people to view and learn about its history. The Stone River Park consists of fortress Rosecrans and about 9000 internments, of which about 2500 can be recognized. 

Throughout the year, you will find historians, park rangers, and other skilled personnel in the park ready to offer informative talks, tours, and historical reenactments. Therefore, if you are curious to learn more about the American civil war, the Stone River Battlefield Park is a place to visit.

Rock Island State Park

82 Beach Road, Rock Island, Tennessee 38581

Unique Day Trips From Nashville Tennessee 2

This small but rugged terrain park is a great way to put some outdoor adventure into a day trip. There are beautiful views from the Eastern Highland Rim and a thirty-foot waterfall to enjoy. There is also a natural beach for swimming, and this park is especially popular for kayaking and hiking.

Suppose a day trip isn’t enough or the hiking trip will last longer than expected. In that case, they have cabins in this park and camping for those roughing it, and for the fisherman, in the bunch, they have plenty of great spots for that treasured pastime.

Dunbar Cave, Clarksville

The Dunbar cave is a well-known prehistoric site popular to both the Nashville residents and also people worldwide. The Dunbar cave is located near Clarksville and comprises 144 acres of park. Historically, the Dunbar cave provided a place where Mississippi Americans used to make art during the 14th century and also resided there.

If you are an art enthusiast, you should visit the cave because the Mississippians drew ancient images using charcoal while others sculpted into the limestone. You will get to learn what each art means through tour guides and other specialists in the park. 

One of the most exciting theories about Dunbar cave is that most people believed that the Indians revered it and considered it to be the entrance to the underworld. Therefore, if you are curious about the cave, you should visit between May and September, where a tour guide will take you through the adventure.


Nolensville, Tennessee

For those shoppers in the bunch who can’t go a day without exploring stores, antique shops, and flea markets, this little town is a great adventure. Treasures to be found include hand-crafted Amish furniture and other unique items from specialty and boutique stores.

Looking for a one-of-a-kind home décor item or that specific color dress for an upcoming weekend? Maybe it’s some crystals or gourmet food items for a friend’s anniversary. Whatever it is, you will find it here. There are also unique dining options and places to grab a quick snack. A trip to the farmers’ market makes for some great take-home fresh items on the way out.

Jack Daniel’s Distillery

Unique Day Trips From Nashville Tennessee 3

182 Lynchburg Highway, Nashville, Tennessee 37352

Couples or groups that are kiddo free will enjoy a tour and get an education about the roots of this highly popular whiskey from the first registered United States Distillery. The minerals waters sourced help create the exquisite taste of this whiskey from the iron-free waters.

The visitors center has memorabilia and information about this whisky’s beginnings today. Visitors can also shop in the gift shop for unique gift items and take home treasures.

South Pittsburg, Tennessee

South Pittsburg is also an excellent place to have your day trip due to its exciting features. It will take about 2 hours to reach south Pittsburgh from Nashville. The town features unique booths lit by neon to create a colorful walking space. 

Additionally, there are cutlery manufacturing factories, such as Lodge manufacturing, where you can buy affordable cooking ware that is high quality and durable.

The Lodge manufacturing company had also constructed a new cast iron Museum for people to learn about the origin of the company and the ancient methods they used to make the cookware before implementing the latest technology. 

The Museum also provides its guests with other information regarding the significance of the cookware to the Pittsburg culture and the production process involved in making the cookware. 

South Pittsburgh is also known to have affordable Airbnb that you can choose to lease and stay for some time as you continue to tour through South Pittsburg.

Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

The Mammoth Cave is a place to visit if you have the spirit of adventure and no fear of getting inside caves. The Mammoth Cave is one of the largest caves in the world, and it is located in Kentucky. 

When you enter the Mammoth Cave, it has different chambers and cave corridors that may go as deep as 400 kilometers, and no one has ever reached the end of the cave. Since the cave is dangerous, there are tour guides who go with you throughout the trip.

 Therefore, look for your best hiking shoes because, in the Mammoth Cave, you will get an exciting and memorable adventure.

Arrington Vineyard

6211 Patton Road, Arrington, Tennessee 37014

Unique Day Trips From Nashville Tennessee 4

Approximately a half-hour away from Nashville, visitors can spend a delightful afternoon with some good wine, food, and a lovely view. At select times during the year, especially in the summer, the vineyard has live music and a food truck for a bit of fun.

For those locals that don’t have or want to rent a car, a back-and-forth shuttle from Nashville can be arranged in advance. This is an attractive choice for those who want to imbibe a bit more than a few sips and not worry about safety issues.

Memphis Historical Site

If you love music, visiting Memphis’s Historical Music site during the holidays will lighten up your day trip. Memphis is the birthplace of most modern American music genres, such as soul, blues, and rock ‘n’ roll. 

Apart from the music culture, guests can eat barbecue from the neighboring restaurants such as the interstate and rendezvous restaurants. These restaurants offer a variety of foods that one can enjoy. 

Additionally, there are other areas, such as shopping centers and breweries, where you can visit and buy their products. If you live in Nashville, you will be required to travel by car for a single day to reach Memphis. 

Therefore, to avoid making the journey tiresome, it is advisable to travel with a couple of friends or family on the weekends. Consequently, you can get the most out of your time in Memphis by taking the adventure.

Loretta Lynn’s Ranch

8000 Highway 13 South, Hurricane Mills, Tennessee 37078

Unique Day Trips From Nashville Tennessee 5

Everyone loves music, and while not everyone adores country music, many people have at least heard of Loretta Lynn. Either way, this home turned museum is a great stop to learn a bit about this country music diva.

Visitors can learn about her life from its humble beginnings through her entire musical career, spanning many years. Visitors will find memorabilia, awards, and other items that she gathered throughout her career and chose to display for her fans and those who may be interested in her life and career.

Self-guided tours are offered, and there are other unique properties close by to explore. Visitors can stay at the ranch in an RV, tent camping, or cabins for those who need some extra pampering. The ranch offers outdoor pleasures like a pool and canoeing if a day trip isn’t enough.

Tennessee Aquarium

1 Broad Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402

Unique Day Trips From Nashville Tennessee 6

There is a wonderful aquarium in Chattanooga just waiting to be explored on a family or group day trip. This destination is great for children or the kid at heart in us all, with approximately 12 000 animals in-house.

This aquarium is considered one of the best. It offers exhibits, education, and activities that instruct people about our marine life and its diversity. There are numerous activities and creatures to explore, from jellyfish to sharks and many others marine life.  The kiddos can get a bit of education, explore the gift shop, and grab a snack while parents can take a leisurely stroll.  It’s a fun afternoon, both relaxing and interesting.

In Conclusion

Nashville is one amazing city, but sometimes you just need to take a day trip and get away for a few hours. A change of scenery and some new experiences work wonders for the heart, mind, body, and soul, so the next time you have a free day, get out there and explore!