Understanding When Royal Caribbean Assigns GTY Cabins

Are you looking forward to trying a GTY cabin? Before deciding, you need a deep understanding of when Royal Caribbean assigns you a GTY cabin.

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When does Royal Caribbean assign GTY cabins?

Royal Caribbean Cruise lines may assign you a GTY cabin the moment you book your room months in advance, or it could be on the day of your cruise. GTY cabins are assigned at the discretion of Royal Caribbean at any time up until you check in at the port.

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Different cruise ships allocate GTY rooms differently depending on the number of available cabins and the departure date. For example, your room may be assigned immediately, a few days before the sailing date, or during check-in.

From our experience having booked GTY cabins severally, we know the ins and outs and all the tips and tricks. Here’s all you need to know.

What Is a GTY Cabin on Royal Caribbean?

A GTY cabin is a cabin reservation that ensures you’ll get a stateroom on the ship. With this reservation, you can choose your preferred interior design, suite type, or ocean view, but the cruise line will determine your exact cabin.

A guarantee cabin, also known as a Guarantee stateroom, on a Royal Caribbean is a cabin reservation that guarantees you will receive a stateroom on the ship.

This reservation allows you to select your preferred cabin categories with the interior decor or suite type relevantly. Still, you’ll leave the choice of the specific cabin number to the hands of the cruise lines.

Guarantee cabins are a financially good choice for people looking to save money but still want to experience the magic of being on cruise ships.

While a lot of good things can be said about GTY cabins, this option does have its pitfalls. Here’s why you should and shouldn’t consider this route::

Pros of Guaranteed Cabin

If you are thinking of taking this route when booking your cruise ship vacation, here’s why you shouldn’t think twice about it:

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You Are Guaranteed a Room on the Ship

If you’ve tried booking a stay on a cruise during peak season, you know that the struggle and hassle are real. You may often miss a spot or find the cruise double booked. 

Luckily with a Guaranteed stateroom, as the name suggests, you are guaranteed a room even if the cruise ship is in high demand.

GTY Is a Cost-efficient Alternative

Have you ever heard of having fun on a budget? GTY rooms ensure you get to enjoy vacationing on a cruise without breaking the bank. 

This is possible because these cabins are frequently given at a lesser price than specific accommodation reservations. The cabin prices range from 10% to 30% less than the standard cruise rate.

You Won’t Have Any Unpleasant Surprises

If you have a guaranteed stateroom reservation, you are safe from any unpleasant surprises upon arrival. Some surprises include not having a room available or being curtailed to a smaller accommodation than you paid for.  You will not share your cabin assignment

The only surprise you can expect is a free upgrade to a bigger, more luxurious cabin.

You Will Experience The Same Amenities as Other Cabins

Many people are often skeptical of booking Guaranteed staterooms because they fear being sidelined from using some amenities on the ship. However, this is false.

From my experience of booking a Guaranteed stateroom, the cruise folio is not indicated as being at a reduced level of service.

However, although we mention that you will have the same amenities, chances of getting a GTY balcony cabin or an oceanview room are very minute. This doesn’t mean your accommodation will be of less quality, though.

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Cons of Guaranteed Cabins

Before making your reservation for a GTY stateroom, there are some drawbacks that you should take into account. 

You Don’t Have Control Over The Cabin Number You’re Assigned To

The most significant drawback of a GTY cabin is that you cannot choose a specific cabin  number or location that you want. 

The only thing you can choose is the category of Guaranteed stateroom and the amenities. However, these amenities are also quite limited because most GTY cabins are lower-deck cabins.

This takes us to the next point.

Most GTY Cabins Are Lower Deck Cabins

Guaranteed staterooms are typically on the lower deck, where noise from the ship’s engines or proximity to public areas can make them unappealing. 

With a GTY cabin, don’t expect to be allocated a room with balcony cabins, an ocean view, executive suite, or an outside cabin.

Rather, you’ll get the inside cabin with more sharing options is what you can mostly get. But don’t worry, the experience will still be phenomenal, and you’ll save money.

You Cannot Make Any Changes To Your Reservations. 

You cannot alter the accommodation type or category once a guaranteed stateroom reservation has been made.

You’ll have to create a new reservation to change your cabin.

GTY Cabin Is Not suitable If You Are Booking Multiple Decks

If you are a big group vacationing on the ship, the GTY cabin will be tricky. Since you will not know where your stateroom is located once it is assigned by the cruise line, which is mainly done before departure, you may all end up on different decks.

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You Are Not Guaranteed Of Getting An Upgrade

A few people have been lucky in the past (me included) to get an upgrade on a Guaranteed stateroom. However, chances for this are similar to that of winning a lottery. 

If the cruise ship has an extra free room, priority for the free upgrade will most likely be given to a customer that paid more or is a loyal client. 

That doesn’t mean that a client from a Guaranteed stateroom can never receive the upgrade. If anything, the possibility of an upgrade is the main selling point for Guaranteed staterooms.

If You Get Seasick, This Option Isn’t For You

Guaranteed staterooms are typically found on lower decks, with less natural light and ventilation.

These cabins are situated closer to the bottom of the ship, where the ship’s movement is more audible and annoying. These circumstances may worsen sea sickness symptoms like exhaustion, nausea, and dizziness.

If these conditions are strenuous for you, choose the middle or top decks (they don’t have the possibility of being Guaranteed staterooms) with a balcony or an ocean view. They offer natural light and a view of the horizon, which can aid seasickness and lessen dizziness.

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