Romantic Day Trips In Ohio (And Not Too Far From Home!)

From the beautiful and peaceful Amish country to the vibrant fun of the big cities, you can’t go wrong with a romantic day trip in Ohio

But where to visit in a state that has everything from a colorful city life full of restaurants, museums, and clubs, to the more natural state parks, historical landmarks, and attractions? 

Romantic Day Trips In Ohio

What are the best places to take a romantic day trip in Ohio?

The best romantic day trips in Ohio are touring the Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens, relaxing at Smale Riverfront Park, and enjoying the fun at Cedar Point. These 8 romantic day trips in Ohio will make your heart go pitter-patter and your significant other swoon. 

It may feel overwhelming to plan a romantic day trip for your sweetheart. 

From picking a place to go, getting all the details, and planning your special day, it can take a little time and effort on your part. 

But having your special person stare lovingly into your eyes and tell you how much they appreciated the day – makes it all worth it! 

Although I can’t make the plans for you, I’ve curated the best romantic day trips in Ohio. 

From a historic mansion that makes USA Today’s Top 10 Historic Home Tours, to a fun day at the local amusement park, I’ve enjoyed a romantic day at each of these special places in Ohio with my special someone. 

Where to go for a Romantic Day Trip in Ohio?

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

Romantic Day Trips In Ohio

One of the most romantic historical mansions in the United States has to be Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens in Akron, Ohio. 

The expansive estate covering 70 acres includes gardens, a greenhouse, a carriage house, and the main mansion. 

Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens is one of the largest houses in the United States, and a national historic landmark formerly owned by F. A. Seiberling, co-founder of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber company.

The mansion was designed by architect Charles Schneider, while landscape architect Warren Manning designed the grounds and the gardens. 

The house is designed in the Tudor Revival style and is a prime example of American wealth created in the Industrial Age. 

The mansion is the 6th largest historic home open to the public, and it has been voted [#1 Best Historic Home Tour by USA Today]. 

The Manor House’s 65 rooms occupy over 64,000 square feet of opulence.  

With 18 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms, there is room for multiple families – and their teenage friends. 

The Estate also includes the Gate Lodge, Corbin Conservatory, and over 70 acres of lush and historic gardens. 

Full of high technology for the time, the mansion has a central vacuuming system and a house-wide intercom system. 

Of course, the indoor pool is also very unusual for a house completed in 1915! 

The Gate Lodge holds its own significant spot in history as the place where the cornerstones of Alcoholics Anonymous were formed by two admitted alcoholics. 

The theme for 2022 explores the social gatherings and events the Seiverlings hosted from 1915 through 1930. 

The theme will focus on the importance of the domestic staff throughout the many events hosted at the Estate. 

Guided tours are once again available, along with plentiful public programs and special events. This year, you can choose between a self-guided or guided tour.

Some of the tours available include a Guided Manor House Tour, the Nooks and Crannies Tour, and the Grand Estate and Outdoor History Tours. 

During the holidays, the entire estate is lit up with over one million sparkling lights. While touring the grounds you’ll see an extravagant display of lights. 

The Gingerbread Lane (an adaptation of the estate’s famous play garden), delights inside, while outside, the choreographed light show highlights the cheer of the holiday music. 

Get your sweetheart’s photo with Santa before visiting the beautiful tree-lighting ceremony with Santa Claus. 

Santa Claus hangs out with his most famous reindeer, Rudolph, for photos until 8 PM.

After Christmas, make sure to look out for the Gingerbread Man! 

It wouldn’t be a proper party without some serious food and beverages. 

Besides scoping the gingerbread bakeshop, you can eat your way through the estate, enjoying warm pretzels, cocoa or hot side, fresh gingerbread cookies and other holiday treats. 

Of course, adults can find beer and wine available in the courtyard. Don’t forget to grab some sweets in Molly’s Café before heading over to get pictures. 

For the perfect selfie, the estate has dedicated photo points that highlight the beauty of the estate throughout the seasons so no matter when you visit, your pics will be amazing. 

The Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens is a hidden gem. 

The Stan Hywet Estate is open from April to December. The estate hosts public events and exhibits on a rotating basis. 

A trip to the estate is an amazing experience filled with extravagance, beautiful architecture, and a journey into the USA’s past.

Smale Riverfront Park

Romantic Day Trips In Ohio

The largest of a series of riverfront parks along the high banks of the Ohio River, the Smale Riverfront Park is a beautiful hidden gem in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Named for the memory of Phyllis Smale when her husband, John G. Smale, donated $20 million for its construction. 

Even the park’s founding has a romantic theme to it.

To seal the deal on the romance, the park includes a carousel by the river.

Imagine, riding on a tiger, on your way to saving your sweetheart from their evil nemesis trying to take them away from you. 

Or, you could sit on one of the horses with your partner and enjoy the view of the river – and other people’s backs. 

Lighted pathways keep the park functional after sunset, which is perfect for walking around after watching the river throughout the golden hour before sunset. 

The water features are also illuminated at night for an even more romantic ambiance. 

While walking around, you can enjoy the park’s benches and other seating areas, like the porch swings facing the river. 

Sit side by side, hand-in-hand, with your partner while you look at the ducks beautifully illuminated by the golden rays of sunset.

There are many scenic bike trails throughout the park, which are perfect for looking at the scenery while trying to keep pace with your partner.

A leisurely bike ride through the winding paths can help set the peaceful mood for a romantic day.

The park has many events, which range from small picnic-like activities to large pre-game and post-game activities for professional sports teams. 

Each year, a quarter of a million people visit Tall Stacks, the new heritage festival full of music and arts. 

Want to have some fun with your sweetheart? Head over to the large foot piano where you can play them a sweet tune of love. 

Or, play with (or against) them in a larger-than-life game of chess! Have some fun together with your kings and queens. 

Depending on your tastes, you and your date may want to snap a selfie after climbing inside the flying pig. 

Yes, I said flying pig. 

If that’s not your style, maybe the beautiful cascading fountains on either side of the steps between the two levels of the park is more your vibe.

The water features throughout the park certainly make an insta-worthy pic. 

If you pack a picnic lunch or snack for your boo, head to the 12 acres of lawn, perfect for a romantic picnic on the grass. 

Shade is provided by the many mature trees in the park, so you’ll have an easy time finding a spot to spread your picnic blanket. 

If you’re into sharing cool eco-friendly facts you can point out that the Schmidlapp Event Lawn and Stage is a green space over the parking garage. 

Lost in love? 

Before leaving the park, stop by the huge labyrinth, below the bridge and get lost in love. 

Kingwood Center Gardens

Romantic Day Trips In Ohio And Not Too Far From Home 3

Kingwood Center Gardens, located in Mansfield, Ohio, boasts 47-acres of diverse and beautiful flora and fauna. 

In 1926, the landscape and architecture firm Pitkin and Mott designed and built the gardens.

 Built for Mr. Charles Kelley King for his wife Luise. Later made a public garden after his death, the gardens are a popular spot to spend an afternoon. 

There are many types of flora in the estate, such as cacti, succulents, perennial plants, and over 500 different roses. 

Just imagine how romantic it would be, strolling through gardens filled with flora while pretending you’re a 19th-century couple secretly meeting. 

Not your thing? You could also gaze at all the flora while snapping photos with your sweetheart. 

Be sure to take a meandering walk down Kingwood’s Storybook Trail.

Search for the next page of the story with your sweetheart, while you walk through the trail reading the story as you go. 

The estate is open all year and includes Kingwood Hall, Garden Gateway visitor center, gift shop, display greenhouse, gardens, and terraces. 

Snap a picture with the beautiful (but loud) peacocks on site. If you’re lucky maybe you’ll catch a video of the male spreading his beautiful feathers to display his romantic prowess. 

Special events at the Gardens include yoga classes, wellness walks, and food tours.

If your special someone is a nature or flower lover, they will really enjoy the Greenhouse. One visit through and you’ll encounter exotic plants and flowers that make your pictures pop. 

On the estate grounds, the French Provincial house is surrounded by 47 acres of beautiful gardens.

Enjoy the relaxing and romantic vibe of the exquisite gardens throughout the property once owned by Charles Kelley King. 

Depending on when you visit, different flowers will be blooming. 

In early spring you’ll find Daffodils and Peonies and a vibrant Perennial Garden. Summer brings about Roses, Tulips, Daylilies, and Iris. 

Cedar Point

Romantic Day Trips In Ohio And Not Too Far From Home 4

Cedar Point, known as the rollercoaster park among enthusiasts, sits on 364 acres in Sandusky, Ohio. Featuring 16 roller coasters, the park is well-loved by coaster lovers around the world.

First opened in 1870, it is the second-oldest operating amusement park in the States. 

Every person will find something they love about Cedar Point. 

Between the thrill and family rides, fun games, and top-notch entertainment, you can’t go wrong enjoying Cedar Point with your date. 

For a romantic pause, take a slow ride on the Sky Ride. 

Cuddle with your loved one as you coast high above the park for the best views. Sneak a quick kiss while you’re alone at the top of the world. 

Or, talk about all the people walking below you – whichever you prefer. 

You can defend yourselves and your cargo from sneaky bandits on the Snake River Expedition.

You could just take it for what it is and point out all of the things that make it fake, but why not pretend you’re saving your partner from pirates?

The memories you’ll make with your sweetheart will need to be documented in pictures, of course, so be sure to stop at the Photo Spots clearly marked for the best photos. 

After riding the thrilling (or not so thrilling) rides, slow down for some wonderful entertainment. 

With music for everyone’s tastes, whether you’re a country lover or enjoy current pop, Cedar Point has entertainment you’ll love. 

Enjoy the dancers and instrumentalists at the themed shows, or hang out after watching the Old West show. 

Want to cool off a little? Head over to the Shores, Cedar Point’s waterpark. 

Hold hands with your partner on the lazy river, which is technically called  Cedar Creek, because alliteration rocks for marketing. 

For you thrill-seekers out there, see which one of you screams the most on the Corkscrew, which has three inversions and goes 48 miles per hour.

For more privacy consider renting a private cabana at the waterpark.

Escape to your own retreat area in between the thrilling rides and cooling off on the water rides. 

Got game? Win your sweetheart a stuffed animal at the water gun squirt game. 

Or, try to win one on the ring toss so they know you’ve got aim. 

Don’t forget to stop and get your old-time photo taken with your boo. 

Who doesn’t want to dress up in western wear and snap a quick photo? Whether you’re a cowboy, the sheriff, or the local barmaid, have fun explaining those photos to your kids. 

Before you head home for the night, stop and get matching henna tattoos of love. 

Remember, henna takes a few days to weeks to wear off, so tattoo responsibly people. 

Pro Football Hall of Fame

This one may not be for everyone, but for those of you who are with a football lover (or for those of you who are football lovers), you can’t miss the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

When a person gets inducted into the hall of fame, they get a golden jacket.

Imagine receiving a gold jacket for tackling some people, tossing an oval-shaped ball, and running from end to end of a giant field. 

The Gallery in the Pro Football Hall of Fame boasts over 354 busts of inductees.

You can learn about each inductee in the Hall of Fame as you walk through the gallery. There are photos, bios, and videos about each inductee. 

In the Hall of Fame, there are rows and rows of trophies you can look at. 

While gazing at the trophies, you can snap pictures with the people from your favorite team, while sticking your tongue out at the players from the rival team. Imagine those selfies! 

Every one of the 55 Championship rings is on display at the Hall of Fame. 

Imagine wearing one of those rings every day. 

Watch a movie in the holographic theater with your sweetheart by your side. 

But this isn’t just a theater – it’s an experience. The multi-sensory theater immerses the individual in the movie through the holographic representation of legends of the NFL from Joe Namath to Vince Lombardi, they’re holographically there – right in front of you. 

To learn more about the history of the game, visit the Lamar Hunt Super Bowl Gallery. Watch some classic game footage, or check out the unique artifacts gracing the gallery. 

The interactive kiosks share the story of the global phenomena – the Superbowl. Nothing beats learning about the Super Bowl on the super-big screen. 

For the ultimate date, add on a VIP experience for behind-the-scenes tours and information. 

With your own personal and knowledgeable tour guide, you’ll explore the exhibits and archives. 

Gain a new perspective of the game and its history through the unique insight of your tour guide. 

On the second floor of the Hall of Fame is the NFL’s First Century, which provides a historical perspective of the game dramatically. 

From audio and video interactives, you’ll learn about some of the great players, coaches, and circumstances leading to some of the finest moments in the game. 

For a little fun, check out the Madden video game suite! There, you’ll find an exciting hands-on experience where you get to play the game for yourself. 

Check out the Hall of Fame Lockers for the Class of 2021. In the interactive area, the lockers highlight each player’s special artifacts of the game. 

Cleveland Museum of Art

Romantic Day Trips In Ohio And Not Too Far From Home 5

Are you an art lover or in a relationship with one? I have a feeling you’ll enjoy this one. 

With paintings by people from Van Gogh to Picasso, the art collection is very diverse in the Cleveland Museum of Art

The collection of art in the museum has over 60 thousand objects and spans over 6 thousand years. 

The gallery includes a 40-foot display of the entire gallery. 

Every forty seconds the display is refreshed at the ArtLens Wall.

In its expansive permanent collection is one of the world’s leading assemblages of Indian and Southeast Asian art, and the museum’s Japanese, Chinese, and Korean collections are among the most comprehensive in the entire world.

In the Cleveland Museum of Art, there is an amazing new technology called the ArtLensStudio, which features motion-detecting tech that allows you to create your own original works. 

Take a loving walk through the galleries, fawning over the little love notes found throughout the museum, starting on the first floor with a sculpture depicting the head of Eros, more commonly known as Cupid. 

As you walk, look for and read the special love notes throughout the museum. 

Amish Country

Want a slower pace of date? Spend the day walking through Amish Country

Amish Country Ohio includes the areas of Ohio where over half of the Amish in Ohio live. Some of the towns have the cutest names, such as Charm and Sugarcreek.

Berlin, Millersburg, and Fredericksburg are also popular Amish towns to visit. 

Most recently we visited Berlin, Ohio, and enjoyed the ambiance, food, and shopping in the Amish town. Spending the day in Amish country with your special person can be as slow or as fast as you want it to be. 

The crafty among you will love walking down the main street, and window-shopping in all the little Amish stores. The Amish are famous for well-crafted handmade items. 

From sewing to knitting, crocheting to quilting, if it’s handmade, you’ll find it in Amish country. 

Some stores carry handmade clothes adorned with handmade delicate lace. You might even find a lacy something you can both enjoy later. 

Historically well-trained craftsmen, the Amish are most famous for their furniture building skills. 

The many furniture stores in Amish country attest to their natural and proven furniture building skills.

From beautiful dining room sets of cherry wood to high-tech reclining couches for the living room, the Amish can build it. 

And since they built it, you should check it out. 

You may just find that perfect piece of furniture you’ve been searching for. Your new apartment or dream home will thank you. 

In addition to furniture, you’ll find a plethora of handmade wood carvings. 

From shining kitchen bowls polished to a sheen to beautiful wooden serving trays, you’ll find many unique gifts available in Amish country.

You may know that the Amish won’t own electric or gasoline vehicles with an engine. 

Around town, the Amish use a horse and buggy to get around.

A quintessential Amish activity is taking a horse and buggy tour around the scenic countryside. 

Snap some photos of the beautiful daffodils or the sun setting on a peaceful field ready for reaping. 

Imagine horseback riding through the countryside with your loved one by your side. 

Well, as close to your side as you can get while horseback riding. 

Watching the wildlife scamper across the forest floor while your horse walks along the trail, you’ll enjoy the peace of the woods with your special boo.

Remember to stop and take your picture by that perfect tree at the split in the trail – you’ll never see another one like it again. 

Of course, not everything in Amish country is slow and peaceful. 

Try a four-wheeling adventure through the woods or go rock climbing. 

Repelling is another option for those adventure seekers

Or take a zip-line down a cliffside for a little adventure.

You could also just hike through the woods, but we were talking about adventure here people. 

When you’re done adventuring, stop by one of the many Amish shops for some mouth-watering snacks and treats. 

I think I gained 10 lbs just from the smells I encountered on my last walk down the main street of Berlin. 

From the delicious soft pretzels to the freshly churned ice cream, you can’t beat the foods you’ll encounter in Amish country Ohio. The sweet sticky buns I tried were coated in the most delicious caramel I’ve ever tasted. 

I can’t wait to return to try the peanut-covered sticky buns. 

Plan to see a show as part of your romantic day trip around Ohio. Amish County Theater offers some good clean fun, including audience participation. 

There’s a home-style Amish buffet on-site, so you can include dinner if you’d like. 

Most nights the theater hosts a variety type of show, but some special events include comedy shows, tribute bands, and holiday show specials. 

For a different kind of fun, visit the World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock.

The clock, located on the corners of Broadstreet and Main in Sugarcreek, contains a four-piece polka band, a water wheel, and a polka-dancing couple. The clock operates every hour on the hour throughout the year. 

If, after your romantic day trip in Ohio, you decide to stay overnight, check out these options to extend the romance through the night.