Which North Carolina Beaches Are Closest to Nashville, Tennessee?

Nashville, Tennessee has so much to offer, especially if you like barbecue and country music.

But if you’re in Nashville and start to get itchy for the ocean, you may be wondering just how far Nashville is from the closest beach (which is in North Carolina, by the way).

What’s the Closest North Carolina Beach To Nashville, Tennessee?

The North Carolina beaches that are closest to Nashville, Tennessee include Sunset and Holden Beaches and Wrightsville Beach. Sunset beach is just over 600 miles from Nashville and Holden Beach is a few miles more than Sunset beach, so it’s going to be a full days drive to get to the beach from Nashville.

It typically takes just under 9 ½ hours to get to either of these beaches in North Carolina.

Wrightsville beach is a tiny bit further than Sunset and Holden beaches in miles, and the travel time is closer to 10 hours.

These beaches are all under a ten-hour drive from the heart of Nashville, where the journey would begin by using Interstate I-40 for the fastest journey possible.

This route is the most direct route to the area, but many factors can change the driving time with any route taken.

North Carolina borders Tennessee to the East, with its Western region being mountainous and eventually drifting into the coastal region where all the beaches are found.

While any beach in North Carolina would be a beautiful beach to visit for anyone coming from Nashville, these beaches offer easy access and a shorter travel time.

This makes it easy for those who want a beach getaway to this area to make a quick long weekend getaway.

These three beaches have something to offer any traveler coming from the Nashville, Tennessee area looking for a relaxing quick break.

What factors into how long the travel time is to get to these beaches in North Carolina?

Many factors can affect how long it takes to get to any destination when traveling. The route that is chosen and what is happening along that route can affect travel ease and time.

The travelers themselves can affect how long a trip takes depending on if they stop along the way for fuel, bathroom breaks, and food, or other things.

The time of day and season can also affect how long it takes for a traveler from Nashville, Tennessee, to reach their beach destination in North Carolina.


The route we choose can make any trip shorter or longer, depending on whether we use an interstate highway, turnpike, or other routes with traffic lights and other delays, such as passing through small towns.

Thankfully in our modern world, and through GPS technology, we can select routes that are most beneficial in timing. GPS technology offers us various choices that will allow us to get to our destination as quickly as possible if we choose.

They also allow us to avoid toll road fees or stops and delays in tiny towns along the way.

Traffic and Construction can also cause delays or issues with our travels wherever we go. Again, GPS technology makes our lives easier by providing us with information about issues that lie ahead in our travel route so we can get there as quickly as possible.

Stops Along the Way

How many stops we make along our journey from Nashville, Tennessee, to a North Carolina beach will affect how long it takes to get there.

Some people don’t make any stops. They fill up their gas tank, stuff the vehicle with snacks before they leave, and do their best to minimize bathroom and rest breaks. Those diehards will find that they will reach the North Carolina beach of their choice sooner rather than later.

The rest of us who choose to take a break here or there when needed will find the trip delayed. These are personal preferences for each traveler, and most of us who travel this way, know how to plan accordingly.

Which North Carolina Beaches Are Closest to Nashville Tennessee 1

Time of Day/Season

As they say, timing is everything. The time of day or night that a traveler takes their journey will affect how long the journey takes. GPS can help determine when the best travel time is on certain days.

The season can also make travel to North Carolina beaches take longer, as this is the case with any vacation destination.

Peak seasons will have more people traveling to a particular destination at any given moment of the day, while the off-season will do the opposite.

Choosing your route and the time of day your travel wisely and planning accordingly for the trip itself can reduce travel times to a North Carolina beach considerably.

Which North Carolina beach is the easiest to reach from Nashville, Tennessee?

The North Carolina beach that is the easiest to reach from Nashville, Tennessee, is Wrightsville beach in the Wilmington area.

The drive is straightforward, traveling from Nashville, Tennessee, on interstate I-40 all the way.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the travel will be quicker than visiting the other beaches as accidents, road construction, and other issues can crop up anywhere along a travel route at any time.

Planning the route before the journey and using GPS technology to alert travel patterns and issues is always best unless timing doesn’t necessarily matter.

As noted above, many factors can affect travel time and ease; therefore, looking at all those factors combined can help a travel party decide which North Carolina beach is easiest to reach from Nashville, Tennessee.

What are some things to pack when taking a long road trip from Nashville, Tennessee, to North Carolina beaches?

No matter where the destination or how long the journey is, any vacation should have a few essentials for the road trip. First and foremost, any medications that anyone might need should be brought along and appropriately stored in the vehicle.

A first aid kit is a good item to have in the vehicle and identification for everyone traveling and, of course, traveling information like lodging location. Debit cards, as well as other necessary items, are important too.

Carrying a bit of hands-on cash is also a must in case something happens during the vacation. Relying solely on our phones and technology is great, but one never knows what can happen; therefore, preparing for the unforeseen is necessary when traveling out of state.

Snacks, drinks, and other creature comforts are important for every traveler’s happiness and should always be included. These will vary from one person to the next.

Some have to have a pillow; others might need that diet soda, and others still might fly by the seat of their pants and need nothing but the thrill of the adventure and good conversation.

Taking the needs and considerations of every traveler in the party is highly important for a successful and fun-filled vacation.

Many other items can be included in the traveler’s bag or essentials. These are the basics to get started. Online resources can provide more in-depth insight into those essentials.

In Conclusion

Taking a road trip is always fun, no matter where you come from or are headed.

Going from a music city to the beach is an adventure in and of itself, which might make it highly important that the vacationers find the closest beach they can to enjoy their vacay.

The journey is usually half the fun, but North Carolina has a perfect beach for everyone when pressed for time. Close to their home, that will leave memories forever in their heart!

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