What Is The Closest Beach To Greensboro, North Carolina?

Greensboro is a great town with a lot of industry, opportunities, and restaurants, but they don’t have a beach!

If you’re in or around the Greensboro, NC area and are looking to pop over to the ocean while you’re there, you may be wondering what the closest beach is to Greensboro and how to get there.

What’s the closest beach to Greensboro, NC?

The closest beach to Greensboro, North Carolina is the Atlantic beach outside Beaufort, North Carolina. There are also the Nags Head beaches and Kure beaches that are a good choice. Keep in mind that Greensboro is about 200 miles inland, so the beach is still quite far away.

Greensboro is one of the cities in North Carolina that forms the Piedmont Triad Metropolitan Area and is situated midway between the Atlantic Oceana and the mountains.

This medium-sized city might not be super close to any beaches. It isn’t so far away that city dwellers can’t take a break and getaway.

The following beaches are a sampling of some of the beaches city dwellers from Greensboro can access when they need a fun weekend beach getaway.

Atlantic Beach

At just over 200 miles and just under 4 hours, this beach is a great place to take an exciting weekend getaway.

The drive travels southeastward and can go through Raleigh/Durham and towards the ocean rather than straightforwardly.

Atlantic beach is located on a barrier island off the Atlantic Coast. It borders the Atlantic Ocean and Bogue Sound and is separate from the mainland area.

This beach has much to offer in the way of fun and excitement for a quick getaway. There is plenty to fill up a Friday through Sunday with art museums, a pier, various state and local parks, and an assortment of water adventures.

Bike rentals, laser tag, fishing expeditions, and other activities provide a well-rounded experience for adults and children.

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Nags Head Beaches

Nags Head and its beaches are close to 300 hundred miles from Greensboro, North Carolina, but well worth the drive for those city dwellers looking for diversity and excitement.

It may not be for everyone at well over a 4-hour drive as Atlantic Beach is a bit closer. The drive is simple and takes a straightforward path through Raleigh/Durham and continues eastward to the ocean.

With a resort vibe and a rich history, Nags Head will provide an overabundance of adventures as it is located in the middle of the Outer Banks region.

Travelers can visit and explore historical sites, take on a few sporting, outdoor adventures and do a bit of shopping and fine dining while spending time in this area.

There are opportunities to connect with wildlife and many schools for those looking to learn something new, like surf.

Art, brewing, a water adventure park, and dolphin watching round out the series of activities that will keep a weekend getaway lively and enjoyable.

Kure Beach

Kure Beach is another great beach at just over 200 miles, similar to Atlantic beach. The drive is over 3 hours but a direct southeastern road trip.

It passes through Raleigh/Durham and then heads southward to the Atlantic Ocean. Again, the drive is smooth, simple, and easy-going, providing a nice road trip and break from city life.

One of this area’s most popular and exciting attractions is the aquarium, which will intrigue both adults and children. 

Beyond the aquarium, there is a fishing pier, arcade, kayaking, and other outdoor adventures that provide a lovely diversion from city life for a short time.

With great restaurants, comfortable lodging, and unique shops, the weekend will be over before it begins, as travelers will be immersed in entertainment.

How do I plan for a weekend getaway at the beach?

How you plan for a weekend getaway at the beach is simple. First, you investigate your options of where you want to go and book everything online that you can beforehand. This will include lodging, restaurants, and other things like dolphin watching or surf school.

Reserving these things beforehand might seem unusual but having as much organized before you can allow you to have a relaxing adventure while you are at the beach.

There is no worry about where you will eat dinner on Saturday night or if you can go whale watching on Sunday, it’s already booked.

After that, making a list of items you need to bring along and packing as much as possible in advance is helpful. The days before the trip, watching for weather and other road construction that might cause delays is a good idea.

On the day of your road trip, doing a quick check on traffic and making sure everything is packed and that the reservations are secured is a final detail.

When that is done, of course, leave as early as possible, which might end up being after work for those who cannot take Friday off.

Once the road trip has started, it is important not to feel like you have to rush. With everything packed and all the details documented, you should be good to go when you get to your beach destination.

Having some spare cash is also a good idea if unforeseen issues arise with finances, like losing a debit card. This can protect you from having no means of paying for vacation expenses during your getaway.

Toss a few snacks in the car before you head out, get comfortable, and let the journey begin. It’s a weekend getaway. It’s supposed to be fun. If everything doesn’t go off without a hitch, Greensboro is not so far away from the beach that you can’t come back again another time.

In Conclusion

Taking a road trip from Greensboro, North Carolina, to the beach for a weekend can be a fun way to unwind and let go of the daily grind of work life.

Making it a long road trip is not something most of us want to do since time for fun is short. Picking a great beach that is close but has lots to do will make wonderful memories for you and your travel companions during a short period of time.

No matter how far away it is, the beach is one great place to be when you’re in North Carolina!

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