How Far is the University of North Carolina at Wilmington From The Beach?

Considering becoming a Seahawk? The University of North Carolina at Wilmington is a fantastic school with an awesome location where you’re sure to get a great education.

And while yes, getting an education may be priority #1, but a close #2 is hitting the beach!

While it’s true that UNC at Wilmington is not “on” the beach, it is very close.

How Close is The University of North Carolina At Wilmington to the Beach?

The University in North Carolina at Wilmington Main Campus is 10-15 miles or more from the beach, and it is 10 miles from Wrightsville Beach and 15 miles from Carolina Beach. The distance will vary from the Main Campus to other beaches along the North Carolina Coast.

How far the Wilmington University-Main Campus is from the beach depends on the chosen route as some are more direct than others and which beach is chosen.

Distance in miles from the Wilmington University-Main Campus to any beach does not determine how long it will take in driving time from point A to point B as traffic, speed, and route chosen will factor into the length of driving time.

For those University-Main Campus students who want to take a quick afternoon or day trip to the beach, Wrightsville Beach is the closest access point along the Atlantic Ocean and the most convenient as the drive is fairly straightforward.

The University of North Carolina Main Campus at Wilmington is located in the Southeastern part of North Carolina. It is located halfway between the expansive Atlantic Ocean and the Cape Fear River.

The Wilmington Main Campus is nestled along the eastern edge of the Cape Fear River and provides a perfect spot for those students and faculty who need a quick break from schoolwork and education at the beach.

For students of this University looking for a great place to have fun on the beach and other things to do, both Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach will suit them well.

Carolina Beach

Carolina Beach is loaded with amusements and exciting activities that college students will enjoy doing.

From walking along with the boardwalk and sampling games, food, and rides, they will easily forget about the stresses of campus life for a while.

With clean, inviting beaches and an ample selection of outdoor sports and activities beyond the boardwalk, they won’t get bored. Taking a quick break for a few hours, a day, or a weekend will be easy from the Main Campus to Carolina Beach.

Wrightsville Beach

Wrightsville Beach has much to do in outdoor and indoor activities. There is surfing, kayaking, fishing, swimming, hiking, biking, and paddleboarding for the sports-minded college students.

For those college students that want something different, there are museums, parks to explore, galleries, gift shops and gardens, and tours to enjoy. 

Shopping, dining, and nightlife in this area are especially exciting, with the beaches near Wilmington.

They can take a trolley ride, go on a ghost walk, watch planned events like fireworks and visit the state’s Aquarium to learn about marine life.

The possibilities for endless adventures abound, and events change seasonally and during certain holidays.

unc wilmington to the beach

Other Beaches

For those college students or faculty looking for a bit longer of a beach adventure and don’t mind the drive, the more Northern location of the Outer Banks will fit nicely into a weekend.

From the North Carolina University-Main Campus at Wilmington, it will take just over 4 hours and 230 miles of driving to get to Nags Head Beaches. 

Corolla Beach will take close to 5 hours with a total of 260 miles of road driving from the Campus.

If faculty or students from this Campus want to venture more South and head to the Holden Beach area, it will take about an hour and fifteen minutes and just under 60 miles of driving to reach their destination.

Depending on what the college students are looking for in a beach getaway, how much time they have, and their finances will determine how far they can travel and where they will go.

Nags Head Beach and Corolla Beach

These beach locations are a bit of a drive from the Main Campus but certainly possible for a quick weekend getaway.

Activities in these beach areas will be similar to the Wrightsville Beach location but unique to the area. Outdoor sports and excursions, history, art, shopping, and dining will provide lively diversions from every day of college life.

While the driving distance and cost to do so might not make it worth the trip, the change of scenery will inspire and likely bring creativity and greater learning capabilities when the vacationing students return to college.

Holden Beach

Those students who want a break from learning that leans more towards sitting in the sun and collecting shells or watching the waves of Holden Beach to the Southwest will be more suited to their liking.

Rich in activities but more low-key than Wrightsville and Carolina Beaches, Holden Beach has a fun park, fishing pier, unique Folk Art and Doll Museum, and other activities.

Miniature golf, surfing, yoga and wellness, and a wine shop round out the activities that will help students forget their workload back at college for just a moment.

Can I go snorkeling or Scuba Diving in near Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina?

Yes, you can go scuba diving or snorkeling through a local charter company, Wrightsville Beach Diving Charters. You can easily book online or use the website to contact them and get information on making a reservation.

There are also other beaches along the North Carolina Coast that offer scuba diving and snorkeling for those want to explore this water sport.

Wrightsville Beach offers them a wide variety of entertainment during the day and in the evening. There is much to do, and it is close to the Campus that if they need to go back, they can easily do it quickly.

The Wrightsville Beach and the Carolina Beach offer the closest proximity so that college students can visit the beach as often as their free time allows. A short drive, and they are at the beach, soaking up the sunshine and crashing in the waves.

Closing Points

University life isn’t easy, and dedicated students and faculty may need a break from time to time.

The beach is the perfect place to escape the heavy workload and stress that education brings and restore a sense of balance.

While any beach would be great to visit when leaving the University for a short time, North Carolina has an abundance of local beaches that are close and convenient for a quick break!

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