6 Best Places To Eat In Swansboro, North Carolina

Swansboro, North Carolina, is known for being the “friendly city by the sea” and with good reason due to the friendly and pleasant locals and beautiful atmosphere that openly welcomes visitors to explore and stay awhile.

Water sports and activities are the most popular themes in this water-surrounded town, bordering the Intercoastal Waterway, and the White Oak River. 

There is no shortage of things to do while fishing, kayaking, and every other outdoor water sport imaginable while visiting this lovely and historic town.

This cozy little town is perfect for families or groups of individuals who like exploring a bit of local history, which the town is rich in, or getting out on the water.

When it comes to dining, this sleepy little town has a lot to offer in the way of good eats. 

6 Best Places To Eat In Swansboro, North Carolina

The six best places to eat in Swansboro, NC are:

  • Kathryn’s Bistro and Martini Bar
  • Sharks Den Sports Bar
  • The Trading Post – Southern Food and Spirits
  • The Village Market – Sandwiches
  • Plaza Mexican Restaurant Bar and Grill
  • Flippers Family Bar and Grill

The list below provides a small sampling of the dining options available to visitors and locals. Some require reservations while others do not, and each has its unique atmosphere, menu items, and style.

Many of the dining options are your typical run-of-the-mill fast-food chains. Still, other options can take a visitor or local away from those common choices.

Kathryn’s Bistro and Martini Bar

6 Best Places To Eat In Swansboro North Carolina 1

This American seafood restaurant offers menu items inspired by the water around it. 

Such offerings as Seafood Coquina and Oyster Decadence will delight diners that love food from the sea. 

Other offerings of meat, pasta, and a lovely vegetable Napoleon cater to diners that prefer something other than seafood.

For diners looking for a fine dining experience that offers large plates of expertly prepared foods at moderate prices, this is the perfect break for a bite to eat.

The atmosphere and vibe are elegantly laid back and easy, with tons of martini choices from traditional to exotic. 

This establishment may be best suited to adults’ parties but also offers desserts to round out a delightfully filling dinner shared with friends.

Sharks Den Sports Bar

This local pub serves up lunch and dinner satisfying to the senses and value. 

A great place to grab a bite to eat with a few friends and some drinks while enjoying the sports on the numerous TVs.

Appetizers like Rhode Island Calamari and Gail’s Mahi Bites are a great way to start the party. 

Menu items like wings, burgers, and salads offer diners a good range of choices to meet everyone’s tastes and dietary needs.

This sports bar offers weekly special drinks and game nights for the locals and visitors to enjoy. 

The menu is simple, the food tasty, and the staff helpful and fun.

The Trading Post – Southern Food and Spirits

This restaurant and bar offer traditional southern delicacies like grits with a twist like fried chicken on the breakfast menu. Vegetarian and gluten-free friendly, this establishment serves up breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the spot as reservations are not accepted.

Their outdoor space is cozy and fun, with games and fireplaces. Family-friendly with live music and southern comfort foods, this place will become a home away from home for a perfect dining experience while visiting this area.

Breakfast offers southern favorites like shrimp and grits, chicken and biscuits, and a full-on breakfast of the Local Post Breakfast that covers all the bases. Fried green tomatoes on the lunch menu and Whiskey Butter Ribeye round out the southern specialties for lunch and dinner.

The Village Market

6 Best Places To Eat In Swansboro North Carolina 2

This local eatery offers specialty crafted sandwiches from the deli for a quick bite to eat at lunch with a fountain drink to complete the meal. 

While it is technically a deli, diners can grab a quick bagel for breakfast with a fruit salad and finish it with some unique shopping.

The offerings include breakfast, lunch, and brunch items, some of which are vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. The staff is friendly and the service quick and pleasant. 

The atmosphere is fun and eclectic with the wide range of shopping options surrounding diners at the deli and café.

Seating is available inside and outside, and desserts like ice cream will have young visitors happy and smiling. 

From the outside, this establishment may not seem like much, but the food is the shining star and what brings patrons back repeatedly.

Plaza Mexican Restaurant Bar and Grill

This classic Mexican Restaurant offers great food at affordable prices for lunch and dinner. 

Part of a small chain of local Mexican Restaurants, their food is authentic and delicious with appetizers, soups, salads, specialty drinks, and traditional fares like fajitas and quesadillas.

The menu is large and offers diners the chance to explore authentic Mexican food in a comfortable atmosphere. The staff is friendly and the service is fast and friendly, the plates of food are plentiful, so diners will want to make sure they are good and hungry.

Each day offers specialty drinks and dining options and local catering for parties and other events.

Flippers Family Bar and Grill

This restaurant has an extensive menu that serves up value-friendly fare from sandwiches like the oyster po’boy and crab cakes in a cozy environment.

A popular eatery with locals, visitors will enjoy the fresh offerings from friendly staff quickly.

The atmosphere is warm and rustic, with a welcoming vibe for all age groups. 

Cheesecake, candy, and fudge can make a great ending to a perfectly simple but tasty meal at this local eatery.

While these dining options are only a small sampling of what is available to eat in this area of North Carolina, there are plenty more to choose from for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Using the internet and local word of mouth while visiting can provide further details of new hidden gems in this beautiful seaside place.

Closing Points

Swansboro has so much to offer in entertainment, whether outdoor sports, shopping, or dining.

While grabbing a quick bite might be the order of the day, slowing down and sampling some of the best food this area has to offer will inspire visitors to take on the next fun adventure when they leave with energy.

Just don’t forget about the dessert; everything is better with a few bites of dessert!

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