How Good Are The Beaches In North Carolina?

If you’re planning your next beach vacation, it can be tempting to skip the passports, plane tickets, and bustle and stay close to home and hit up a beach in North Carolina.

It’s true that there are tons of beachside towns peppering the North Carolina coastline, from tourist traps to sleepy towns, but how are the beaches in North Carolina? Are they worth visiting?

How Good Are The Beaches In North Carolina?

North Carolina has an extensive coastline offering both tranquil intercoastal waterways as well as oceanside surf. The sand is brown, not white, so don’t expect the pristine scenery of a Caribbean island, but the coastline offers a huge variety of beachside towns. North Carolina beaches are a great destination for the whole family.

The beaches in North Carolina are exceptionally good for making sandcastles, soaking up the warm sun, splashing around in the Atlantic Ocean, and shaking off the stress of life while you are on vacation.

The beaches of North Carolina are also exceedingly good for other entertainments like taking an evening walk, enjoying a lovely sunset or sunrise and surfing, shell collecting, and watching wildlife.

Beaches in North Carolina are clean and safe, giving vacationers peace of mind when they slip their flip flops or toes into the sand and water.

North Carolina beaches are very good for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy water sports and outdoor amusements.

These beaches offer more than just sun, sand, and surf, with snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, fishing, sailing, and an amusement park and boardwalk as a small portion of the activities offered here.

How Good Are The Beaches In North Carolina

All the beaches in North Carolina offer a wide range of activities that vary by the beach and different atmospheres for diverse travelers.

Some beaches will be tranquil, uncrowded, and help reconnect with nature and themselves as they forget about work and responsibilities.

Other beaches will be bustling with noise, action, and activities that will keep the fun going morning, noon, and night for those who love action-packed vacations.

There are popular beaches that many people flock to year after year, like Carolina Beach and Nags Head Beach. Some beaches are little gems that might not be as popular but also offer a great home-like comfortable feel, where one can kick back and relax.

North Carolina beaches are good for everyone who wants to get away, be close to the Atlantic Ocean, and enjoy the sand, sun, and surf.

Some beaches are good for certain activities like walking a boardwalk, kicking back with a fishing pole, sampling one of a kind local eats or learning to surf. These include Carolina Beach, Emerald Isle, Avon, and Kill Devil Hills Beaches.

Carolina Beach

This beach area is great for families, and it has a lot to offer travelers that want nonstop fun. With a boardwalk, amusements, and an assortment of dining, shopping, and other activities, this beach area will keep everyone busy when they visit.

This beach is perfect for families or larger traveling parties where there is an assortment of vacationers with various ideas of what they want to do and what’s considered fun.

There won’t be a free moment for boredom during a vacation to this beach area, from water and other sporting activities to parks and amusements.

For those looking for some solitude and quiet that can also be found here, there are quiet, peaceful spots to be found away from the boardwalk and amusements. With various lodging and dining options, there is something for everyone.

Emerald Isle Beach

This beach area is perfect for those travelers that want to feel at home during their vacation. 

With that home-like coastal vibe and beautiful crystal-clear waters, travelers will be able to get comfortable and chase away all the stress of daily life.

Fishing is a favored pastime in this area, and jet skiing and other water sports. There is also a state park and water park for families to enjoy and various bar and dining options for the adults to explore.

Lodging in this area is geared more towards rental homes, but other options are also available.

Avon Beach

This beach area is good because it is a quiet, less crowded location in the heart of the Outer Banks. 

It offers peace and gorgeous beaches that are less crowded but a great location for heading north or south to explore and seek out new adventures.

With various outdoor water sports, a fishing pier, and a spa, adults and young people will enjoy all the adventures they can have while visiting this beach location.

Various gift shops, dining options, a comedy club are all nearby. This beach area is near other beaches with unique offerings, making Avon beach convenient and comfortable.

Close to the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, travelers can easily make a day of exploring the site and having fun at a local arcade, gift shop, or art museum.

Kill Devil Hills Beach

This beach area is in the heart of the fun. Travelers who want to enjoy a mixture of nonstop daytime and nighttime fun will enjoy this area as Kitty Hawk is just to the North and Nags Head is just to the South.

If you can think of it, this and the surrounding beach areas will have it, from outdoor sports geared towards water or land to shopping, dining, museums, parks, and other amusements.

This area bursting with life and entertainment for every age group and has various lodging options to suit everyone’s preference.

For the adults, there are various tours to be taken and a spa, yoga retreat, comedy club, and mystery dinner theater. Families might enjoy the open-air theater, disc golf, the wildlife refuge, or the museums, including the Wright Brothers Museum.

Other museums, state parks, and memorial sites are also to be explored, a Destination Fun kids amusement center, racetrack, and dune buggy rentals for added inside and outdoor adventures.

This area has so much to offer; travelers will have difficulty choosing what to do first. This area is in the heart of it all, making it a perfect spot for travelers or those who appreciate diversity and abundance.

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Boasting an outdoor entertainment space, outdoor shower, and convenient location with air conditioning, internet, and cable as well as a large deck and porch, it has everything vacationers could ask for in this area.

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In Conclusion

Almost everyone can agree, all beaches are good for sun, surf, and sand if they are clean and not too crowded.

North Carolina has an abundance of public access beaches that fit that ideal, but the beaches of this area have so much more that make them good and even exceptionally great for a vacation.

Whatever your pleasure, North Carolina beaches are good for the mind, body, and spirit.

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