What Is The Least Crowded Beach In North Carolina?

One of the best parts of a beach vacation is that feeling of peaceful tranquility you get from a day at the beach.

Few things burst my peaceful, tranquil bubble like a big crowd of people, so it’s important to me to try to avoid the crowds when I’m on vacation.

If you’re like me and are looking for a crowd-free beach in North Carolina, look no further!

What’s the least crowded beach in North Carolina?

The least crowded beach in North Carolina is either Ocracoke or Frisco Beach.  These two beaches are typically uncrowded year round, so travelers can enjoy a quite, peaceful day at the beach without sacrificing quality or getting too far away from amenities.

The least crowded beach in North Carolina can change from week to week and so forth, depending on the season and time of year.  Certain events like festivals and other outdoor activities can change the busyness and crowd on any day or season which will make a beach area less crowded.

While there are numerous beaches along the North Carolina shoreline, these two beaches offer a less crowded beach experience more often.

Ocracoke Beach

Ocracoke, a beach area just south of Hatteras Island, is accessible by ferry.  Those traveling to this beach area should be prepared to wait a while to get there.

With the oldest lighthouse of this area and the location of Blackbeard’s hiding spot, this beach area is a delight for history enthusiasts.

Visitors can explore using a 4WD vehicle and see the Ocracoke ponies when they need a quick break from sun and sand.

The North beach is the least crowded of the two, and both North and South beaches are great for finding various shells and making sandcastles.

There is a deep tide pool between the sand bar and shore, which is a great place for kids to explore; parents can rest easier knowing they can avoid riptides and the potential for sharks.

If you want to get a good overview of what’s on the island, I really enjoyed watching Corey and Jessie’s adventure on Ocracoke via RV. Here is one of the three episodes they produced on their channel, Finding Our Someday.

Frisco Beach

Frisco beach is easier to access with no ferry, making a trip smoother and less stressful for some travelers.  This beach is great for finding assorted shells like the Ocracoke Beach, relaxing on the sand, and enjoying the water.

There is also a tidepool here which is great for families with children, but it is shallower than Ocracoke’s tidepool.

The water is warmer here because it is a south-facing beach.  While it may lack a lighthouse and Blackbeard’s footprint, this beach is no less enchanting and still equally less crowded than some other beaches.

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Are there other beaches in North Carolina that are less crowded?

Yes, many other beaches in North Carolina are less crowded than Corolla, Nags Head, Atlantic, Wrightsville, and Carolina Beaches.

One such beach is less crowded than other beaches but still close to the action and amusements of other beaches in the Indian Beach.

Indian Beach

Located between Emerald Isle and Atlantic Beaches, this little gem has an upscale vibe, with lush forests, beachside homes, white sandy beaches, and green-hued waters, named after discovering burial grounds before its inception.

Other great beaches that are less crowded than some more popular locations are Holden, Topsail, and Ocean Isle Beaches.  These beaches offer a different atmosphere, with a more resort or home-like feel to the environment that surrounds them.

They have beach rental homes versus large resorts and hotels and less shopping, dining, and other activities for travelers to explore. 

Holden Beach

This beach town is the perfect spot for travelers looking to make special memories while having an uncrowded beach vacation.  It offers that small-town feel combined with the beauty of a beach vacation.

Holden Beach is less crowded than other beach areas in North Carolina and offers other activities for when the beach funs wear off for a while.

As a Sea Turtle Habitat, there are unique shops and dining to explore on the way to this beach, as commercial establishments are few and far between in this beach area.

With a fishing pier, boating and surfing, and hiking, there is plenty to do when you need a break from the uncrowded sandy beach.

Topsail Beach

This beach area is great for families that want to take their dogs along on their vacation with them.  The Topsail beach area is less crowded than other more popular destinations along the North Carolina coast as it has that comfy coastal vacay feel.

With a maritime forest and plenty of outdoor activities for connecting with nature, it makes a great place to stay for a while, where you can enjoy some peace and solitude while visiting a less crowded beach area.

Surf City, which is in the middle, has all the entertainment of dining, shopping, and other activities.  The beaches of this area are uncrowded and stunningly beautiful, which makes it a great choice for a larger travel group.

Ocean Isle Beach

This sleepy seaside beach town has many things to do for travelers and offers less crowded beaches making it a great place for a quick weekend getaway.   While most of the sports are geared towards the water, other activities are available.

Adventure tours, shopping, taking a break for a massage, and visiting a park or winery are just a few things the Ocean Isle Beach area has to offer.

The island offers diverse dining options, great fishing, and local shops that offer some interesting gifts.

The Ocean Isle Beach area is less crowded, allowing travelers room to breathe and do what they want to do, but still enough liveliness that things don’t get boring or too quiet.

Are there any completely secluded beaches in North Carolina?

Yes, there are some completely secluded beaches in North Carolina, located in the Cape Lookout National Seashore.  These beaches comprise over 50 miles of uninhabited, pristine, clean, and unspoiled by development and modernization.

To the North of this area, you will find the Portsmouth Village, which offers vacationers a chance to explore and learn about the history of this area when they don’t have their feet entrenched in the sand.

To the South of this area is Cape Lookout Lighthouse, which touches again on this area’s rich history.

In between these two historic spots, vacationers can enjoy the beauty of the beaches of this area.  This area is in the middle of the Outer Banks and all the adventures and activities it offers.

It makes a great place to find peace and solitude away from the busyness of these beach towns, but it is still close enough that you can return to the hustle and excitement when you want company and crowds again.

Final Points

The least crowded beaches in North Carolina usually have the least amount of entertainment and modernization around them.

The towns they are a part of are often more relaxing, offering a more laid-back beach vibe without sights and sounds.

They are perfect for those vacationers that need a break from the chaos of daily life, who want to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the beach and the Atlantic Ocean.

Thankfully, North Carolina has enough beach and sand for everyone.  With so many beaches to explore, you are bound to find the perfect spot to toss up your umbrella and kick back for a relaxing break!

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