How Did Emerald Isle North Carolina Get Its Name? Answered!

Emerald Isle, North Carolina, got its name from a consultant who was hired from Florida to survey the land and consult with the developers before development began.  He asked to get an aerial view at the time, and when he was flown over the area, he was shocked at how green it looked and stated that it would be called the Emerald Isle.

For those who are wondering how Emerald Isle, North Carolina got its name, originally, back in the 1950s, Anita Fort Maulik owned the property and was a resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

When the seven developers purchased the land from her, it was purchased for $350,000.00 for the modest amount of thirteen miles of land.

At the time, this was a lot of money for purchasing land in Carteret County, which was in the Westernmost region of the Bogue Banks Barrier Island.  The seven developers who hailed from the Red Springs area of North Carolina named it Emerald Isle after that time.

What was once an undeveloped half of Bogue Banks Barrier Island is now a sleepy little hamlet beachside town that boasts unique character, southern charm, and a casual and warm friendliness that will have anyone who visits wishing they could stay forever.

The beach itself received the prestigious honor of being named the best beach in North Carolina in 2018 by the USA Reader’s Choice Awards which says a lot about how people feel when they visit the beaches.

What is there to do with Emerald Isle, North Carolina?

When visiting Emerald Isle, North Carolina, there are many things to do that go beyond sunbathing, sandcastles, and swimming.

Water-themed adventures are the focus, but possibilities are still numerous for exciting and new pleasures.

Snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, boating, fishing, kayaking, windsurfing are a few other water activities that are the primary reason many of us vacation in this area.

Beyond that, some great shells and ducks are hunting for those seeking new adventures.

Those who want something completely different or familiar that reminds them of their favorite hobby at home, golfing, shopping, and free time exploring, will easily entertain.

With great shops, exquisite dining the breathtaking beauty of the outdoors, there won’t likely be any free time in the schedule for boredom.

Is it expensive to stay in Emerald Isle, North Carolina?

No, it is not necessarily expensive to stay in Emerald Isle, North Carolina.  There are many vacation rentals in this area that can be found on in every price range.

Amenities will vary from one rental to another, but all will have that warm coastal feel that beacons people to kick back and relax because they are on vacation.  Some will have game rooms, pools, hot tubs, fireplaces, or any number of amenities.

All will have that seal of approval that comes with VRBO, which allows travel guests know that they are getting a quality rental for the best price possible.  A few rental properties include the Self Sea Esta and 3 Bedroom Cottage.

Self Sea Esta

This rental property is affordable and boasts one bedroom but sleeps up to four people. With a big backyard and beautiful views and all the modern conveniences one would expect in a modern home, this cottage will WOW you!

The cottage has an open floor plan and is but seconds to the beach and ocean.

3 Bedroom Cottage

This cottage sleeps six in three bedrooms and is in the heart of the Emerald Isle.  With a rooftop deck, outdoor shower, and modern coastal décor, as well as wi-fi and a fresh paint job, it’s a great place to have a wonderful beach getaway on the Emerald Isle of North Carolina.

For those who are not interested in staying in a rental home, there is the possibility of bed and breakfasts, inns, and hotels.

The Bogue Inlet Motel, located right in Emerald Isle, North Carolina, is located conveniently close to everything while being a smaller property with less than twenty clean and affordable rooms.

What makes Emerald Isle, North Carolina, so unique today?

While the Emerald Isle uniquely got its name, there is also a lot that makes this Outer Banks area special.

For starters, or what should probably be last on the list, is the breathtaking sunsets that will forever stay etched in your memory long after you have returned home.

Another thing that makes Emerald Isle special is its family-friendly destination that maintains a quaint, cozy, and friendly vibe that has something to offer to everyone, from the littlest of toddlers to the wisest of seniors.

How Did Emerald Isle North Carolina Get Its Name? Answered!

One great feature of this area is its pristinely clean beaches.  Who doesn’t appreciate a sparkly clean sandy beach to set their blanket or towel upon and enjoy the view while sunning themselves and watching their children play right?

Untouched natural areas are also a part of this area.  For those who grow tired of the beach but want to continue their exploration of the outdoors that surround them, they will find Emerald Isle to be clean, quiet, and unspoiled by the ravages of our modern world.

Therefore, if the family wants to take a nature walk or sit out and enjoy its view, it will be perfectly memorial restore faith in time spent just being and recharging for five minutes.

One of the unique aspects of this area is the atmosphere, which doesn’t just mean the sunsets and natural beauty.  Life in Emerald Isle beats to a different drum.  Some might call it a slower pace. Others might see it other way of life.

Whatever the case, the energy of the people here, and the way they view the area, and the people who visit as well as how things are done on the Emerald Isle will make it hard for anyone to leave and return to the daily grind of their life after the vacation is over.

Does Emerald Isle, North Carolina, have good fishing?

Yes, Emerald Isle, North Carolina, has good fishing.  You can cast a line out from practically anywhere, on a pier, while wading in some water, from a boat or kayaking, or even deep out in the big blue.

The variety of fish is a huge inspiration for the fisherman who visits this area too.

From sea mullet to trout, flounder to bass, and numerous other possibilities that change from different seasons and depending on where the fisherman is fishing, this is relaxation and reconnection with nature at its best.

Fishing need not be limited to enthusiasts as many newbies will enjoy this pastime while visiting this area. It is a family-friendly pastime, which is what Emerald Isle is all about.

Closing Points

Emerald Isle, North Carolina, is unique and almost otherworldly.  With pristine beaches, stunning sunsets, and a vibe that beats to a completely different drum, visitors will be delighted by everything that this town has to offer.

How it got its name and the history behind its origins are as special and memorable as the area itself!

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