Zip Lining Adventures Near Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee, the music capital of the United States, has long been a destination for vacationers to get up close and personal with up-and-coming musical artists and enjoy the music of our country’s roots.

Known as the “Music City” and home to country music, it is the location where a musical artist goes when they are hoping for a “big break” into the music industry to become famous.

Many people may not realize that Nashville is also known for many things, great food, diverse culture, unique art, and a multitude of sporting events for enthusiasts to enjoy.

Suppose all that isn’t enough for a vacation. 

In that case, the fun doesn’t stop there with magnificent outdoor beauty and many activities to delight local and out-of-town enthusiasts in the area for a new adventure.

Where can I zipline in Nashville?

The best places to go ziplining while in Nashville, Tennessee, are at AdventureWorks, which has two different locations and even offers night zips during firefly season, and Treetop Adventure Park, a lakeside resort that also boasts a waterpark and lodging.

Deciding to zip line near Nashville, Tennessee, may be the furthest thing from a vacationer’s mind with so many other things to do. 

Regardless they should take a morning or afternoon and explore the outdoor scenery and reconnect with nature on a zip lining adventure; they won’t be disappointed!

AdventureWorks – Nashville

Zip Lining Adventures near Nashville Tennessee 1

With two locations in Nashville, this tour company offers zip-lining adventures from mid-February through December. 

Each location (North and West) has a distinct outdoor atmosphere that will delight visitors as they travel through old-growth forests or beautiful hills that will take their breath away.

The North Location is at Fontanel and offers a stunning bird’s eye view for newbie and seasoned riders, from couples to families and groups of all sizes.

Fontanel is located in the White Creek Valley of Nashville.

It combines the beauty of this area with the adventure of zip lining and the peace and sanctity of the nature that surrounds the riders.

The West Location has many other adventures for newbies and seasoned zippers to explore once their tree-top zip lining adventure has ended. 

There is an aerial adventure course with various obstacles like swinging bridges to challenge everyone in the group.

The zip line adventure is about one and a half miles long. 

The staff and guides are experienced, knowledgeable, and devoted to making every rider’s experience unforgettable!

One amazing adventure that this zip lining adventure company offers is an evening ride at twilight to enjoy the beauty and spectacular lights show of the fireflies!

Everyone that participates in this adventure will need to sign a waiver before enjoying the event.

Treetop Adventure Park 

This zip line adventure park is loaded with things for the whole family or group to do. With the beauty of the Tennessee woods as a backdrop for a zip-line adventure, everyone will soak up the connection with nature and the fun to be had along the way.

This adventure park has an adult course with four specifically colored-coded courses for adults to challenge themselves or enjoy some easy-going fun! This course is designed for kids twelve and up, provided they meet the height restrictions. 

The course includes ten zip lines, two of them being over six hundred feet high.

The beauty of this facility is that they have multiple courses, an adult course, a junior course, and a kid’s course. 

There are two color-coordinated courses for juniors between nine and eleven where they can challenge and explore as long as an adult is present.

There are height restrictions for this course as well. 

Kids taller may be advised to try the adult course, and kids smaller may be encouraged to try the smaller kids’ course.

The kids’ course for ages seven through nine years old is a fun way to introduce this exciting activity to young kids. 

It is simple enough to complete but challenging for some kids, depending on their skill and maturity level.

A parent must be present and on the ground when each kid goes around the course two times. 

Kids that do not meet certain height restrictions may not be allowed to participate if safety is an issue.

Participants or participants’ parents will be required to sign a waiver before enjoying their zip line adventure.

Zip Lining Adventures near Nashville Tennessee 2

Our Best Advice!

The best advice we can give you is to book your zip line adventure online as early as possible. 

Wear clothing covering your body to protect where the harness belongs and travel light as you don’t want to bring things with you on your zip line adventure that are unnecessary.

The tour company and guides will provide everything else needed, including a helmet, harness, and safety equipment.

Before arrival, it is a good idea to check the weather and note if they have changed or canceled the zip line adventures if there is adverse weather. 

It is also good to arrive early and inform the tour company and guide of any health issues that may affect the zip line adventure.

How much does it cost to zip line in Tennessee?

The price for a zip-line adventure in Tennessee can vary from one location to the next. 

Many factors affect the price, such as season, time of week and day, and how many people are in the group.

Packages that include other activities available can reduce the price for the zip line portion of the adventure. 

Junior courses may cost more money than an adult but not always. 

The kid’s courses may cost less money due to the nature and simplicity of their adventure.

At select times any established zip line tour company may offer discounts for booking online, early, or if it’s the beginning of a new season. 

Depending on how challenging the course is, the view and how long the ride is will also change the price.

For instance, using an online coupon, there might be savings at the beginning of Spring that must be used before a certain time. 

Generally speaking, it can cost anywhere from twenty dollars to eighty dollars for a zip line tour in the Nashville area.

What is the highest zip line in Tennessee?

The highest and longest, and fastest zip line adventure in Tennessee is in the Foxfire Adventure Park located outside Pigeon Forge at Foxfire Mountain in Sevierville, Tennessee.

Known as the “Goliath,” the zip line is almost five hundred feet high and travels just over half a mile at nearly fifty-five miles per hour through the gorgeous smokey mountains.

Goliath is an unforgettable adventure for those daring enough to give it a try! Not for the faint of heart or those easily troubled by height and speed, this zipline adventure will be hard to top!

Five zip lines make for a great group daredevil experience for a birthday celebration, anniversary gift, or fun weekend adventure for the guys and gals to enjoy together!

If that isn’t exciting enough, this adventure park also has a two-hour zip line adventure that takes visitors on seven zip lines through beautiful scenery, including lost my falls. 

This adventure is appropriate for kids seven and older. There are weight and height restrictions for riders, and they need to be followed.

Final Thoughts

Zip Lining may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Nashville or Tennessee. With all the exceptional natural beauty that runs through this state, it should be a top choice for a new adventure.

Once vacationers need a break from the music scene, culture, and arts, zip lining is a great way to enjoy outdoor fun with family and friends!