3 Best Ziplining Tours in Las Vegas and Our Best Advice

Las Vegas has a reputation for many things, including the exotic nightlife that isn’t limited to the glimmering lights, exciting shows, and roaring of the casinos. 

Known as Sin City, it is the one area of the United States where almost anything goes creating an enchanting playground for adults from twenty-one to one hundred plus.

With so much to do in this area, one might wonder how they could fit anything else into and around The Strip that hosts all the major casinos and other elaborately famous attractions. 

Thankfully, people around these parts also enjoy the thrill of outdoor activities that get their blood pumping and hearts racing like those famous casinos.

Ziplining is one of those adventures. 

Where are the best places to zipline in Las Vegas?

The best ziplining excursions in Las Vegas can be had at Slotzilla on  Fremont Street, Rio/Voodoo Zip Line at the Rio Hotel, and Fly LINQ Zip Line in Las Vegas

There are many places visitors to this area can enjoy this outdoor sporting activity that allows them to have fun and forget about the nightlife for a while, well, at least until the sun sets anyway!

Slotzilla – Fremont Street – Las Vegas

Leave it to someone in Las Vegas to combine the thrills of ziplining and the adventures and wild side of Las Vegas into one amazing adventure.

This adventure has flyers up seven or eleven stories high. Visitors zip line either traditional seated or superhero styles for a different view and feel.

Designed and inspired by the casino slot machine, this casino decorated adventure is the largest slot machine in the world, located on Freemont Street in downtown Las Vegas.

The traditional zip line adventure at seventy-seven feet in the air takes flyers on a seated journey that ends at the pedestrian promenade. 

The superhero-style zip line is one hundred and fourteen feet in the air and carries Zoomers seventeen hundred and fifty feet to the Golden Gate Casino platform.

The superhero-style is an adventure that thrill-seekers won’t ever forget as they fly and soar at close to forty miles per hour.

What makes this zip line adventure so exciting is its location and Vegas-style appearance.

What can be more exciting than flying superhero style through Las Vegas while onlookers glimpse your high-flying antics and you are rewarded with an amazing view?

3 Best ZipLining Tours in Las Vegas and Our Best Advice 1 1

Rio/Voodoo Zip Line

This zip line located at the Rio Hotel and Casino is the tallest in the Las Vegas area. 

Rising five hundred feet in the air, this zip line will not disappoint flyers as they soar from the 51st story of the Masquerade tower, which is also home to the Voodoo Rooftop Nightclub.

The flying takes two people together at up to thirty-five miles per hour on an open-air ride between two towers of the Rio Hotel. 

The flyers get an amazing view of the Las Vegas Strip as they fly through the air and complete the ride in under two minutes.

While this ride seems short, flyers are gifted with an amazing ride, splendid view, and major thrill in that short amount of time. 

They also can ride backward as they return to the starting tower.

Since this is Las Vegas, visitors can fly on this zip line until midnight before heading back downstairs to the strip and all its entertainments, making it a wonderful break in the action for a late-night view of the area that is unforgettable.

As with any zip line ride, there are restrictions on age, height, and weight when flying threw the air on this zip line.

Fly LINQ Zip Line – Las Vegas

With the experienced and knowledgeable staff in all things zip line, this facility will be a perfect spot for those who want to try out zip lining without getting too crazy in height or speed.

The zip line experience is great for families with kids who are old enough to participate or individuals who might fear heights or reservations due to its short run, easy ride, and slower speeds.

Despite being in Las Vegas, the wait is short, and the process is efficient and simple.

The ride is likened to a relaxing and calm trip rather than a thrill-seeking experience. 

Pricing is affordable, making it a great ride to repeat repeatedly.

The best part of this particular zip line ride is that it is great for beginners or those who are fearful. Thanks to the trained and friendly staff members, it is also exceptionally good. 

They ensure everyone has the best time they possibly came while flying on this zip line.

Are there any restrictions when riding on a zip line?

Yes, there are some restrictions when riding on a zip line.

Each establishment will have its own rules and restrictions for riders based on the zip line, how high or fast the ride goes, and other factors like terrain and gear.

Many have restrictions based on age, weight, and height as well.

It is always best to check individual websites or contact the zip line company via phone or email to get a listing of restrictions and rules that must be followed.

Individuals that have severe health issues that may be affected by this activity, such as heart problems, neurological problems, or pregnancy, should consult their doctor before participating or not riding.

It is always best to consider your own personal health and how your body, mind, and emotions might handle any zip line ride.

If one isn’t for you, there may be another tour operation close by that is better suited to your own personal needs.

It is a good idea to thoroughly read through the established restrictions as they are not liable for any injuries or illnesses that occur due to you making the individual choice to ride anyway. 

Many zip line tour companies require each rider to sign a waiver before riding. 

Our Best Advice

Our best advice for vacationers who want to go zip lining while visiting Las Vegas is to plan ahead and be patient. With so many people in one area that are set on exploring every possible adventure available to them in a short time, it is helpful to be patient.

You may stand online; there may be delays or issues that can arise with the equipment or ride due to various riders of different skill levels and other issues. 

Children, seniors, and people from all walks of life will participate in these adventures.

Planning ahead is another bit of helpful advice. 

This planning can mean making a reservation in advance or changing plans at a moment’s notice if a zip line is free or has fewer people.

Lastly, it is a good idea to dress appropriately for the ride. 

Clothing that is comfortable but not too tight or loose and shoes that are comfortable and closed should be worn for this adventure.

In Conclusion

Ziplining is a great adventure, no matter where you are vacationing. 

While it may not be the first thought when visiting Nevada’s famous Las Vegas strip, it certainly should be.

A great diversion from the adult thrills and fun in this famous desert city will get the heart racing with the excitement and adventure that only zip lining can do.

What better way to enjoy a view of the Vegas Strip than while ziplining through the skies above!