Boat Tour Companies In Nashville

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Exploring Nashville is loads of fun, with many amazing sights to see. At the top of the list is spending time on the Cumberland river on a boat tour.

What are the best companies to get a boat tour from in Nashville?

Many companies offer grand Nashville boat tours such as High Tide Rides, Delta River Boat Company, and Pontoon Saloon. General Jackson Showboat, River Queen Voyages, and Nashville Toons are other exciting places you can visit.

We spoke with expert tour guides and boat tour company owners in Nashville. Here is a compilation of the best Nashville boat tours that guests can enjoy.

Which Are the Best Boat Tours in Nashville?

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High Tide Rides

High Tide Rides is one of the best Nashville boat tours you can enjoy. This is the place to be if you want to enjoy thrilling party life during a cruise.

It’s a fun, and memorable experience topped off by excellent staff.

Enjoy a Party Pontoon boat like no other in the whole of Nashville. The tours are amazing, and everyone on board gets the best care. A licensed captain is always on board to take you safely around the lake.

Book the amazing High Tide Ride boat tours if you want to enjoy a corporate outing, bachelor or bachelorette party, birthday or anniversary, or have fun with others.

There are loads of water activities, including water tubing, Zup, and a water pad.  

Delta River Boat Company

The Delta River Boat Company offers some of the best boat tours in Nashville. A good example is the ‘12 Days A Country Christmas’.

They offer a fantastic cruise line experience for visitors on a ¼ mile river for families and friends.

Buy tickets in advance if you want to be part of these Nashville tours. These are available online, and kids under a certain age may enter for free.

Boat tours are a great way to get the lay of the land. You experience life riding down the river to the Gaylord Opryland Resort. 

This magnificent place has a delta atrium that’s 4.5 acres and has lovely natural beauty to behold.

The entire experience is meant to take visitors on a magical ride. Food and entertainment are available on the vessels. There are also tour guides who ensure you learn all you need to during each tour.

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Pontoon Saloon

Have you ever been to a party on a barge? Nashville boat tours are a must if you want the best experience on the water.

All you need is to plan to attend the amazing Pontoon Saloon parties.

The barge sails down the Cumberland River. It’s about 50 meters long, and there’s always a party taking place. 

This can be a private event for your family and friends or a public one organized by the crew. Either way, this is one of the best experiences ever.

This barge has a vast saloon that can hold up to 40 guests at a time. The crew offers tabletop seating for guests, and there’s even an open-top bow. 

There are special BYOB parties that you can attend and have loads of fun for a maximum of 2 hours.

To top that off, super friendly staff are ready to help. When the weather is beautiful, the cruise is magical and memorable.

General Jackson Showboat

Nashville river cruises are a wonderful experience. Check out the General Jackson Showboat when you want the best boat tours.

This is the best place for that memorable southern hospitality and cuisine. Aboard the General Jackson Showboat, guests are in for a treat. And there’s always a live show providing top-notch entertainment for guests.

The experience takes place on a river, and you have loads of fun while cruising. The evenings are magical as you watch the sun go down and the nightlife come alive. All meals on this showboat are made fresh, and there’s even live music.

In 1817, the Cumberland River got to host its first-ever steamboat. The General Jackson Showboat shares the same name as this majestic boat. It’s been on these waters since its launch on 20th April 1985.

Now, the showboat is a part of Nashville tour boats and can host 1000 passengers. Individuals and groups are welcome.

River Queen Voyages

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Be sure to experience the fantastic River Cruise Voyages when touring Nashville. Go up and down the Cumberland River and experience a Nashville boat tour.

The River Queen Voyages offers the city’s best view when on the river. And all this is possible from a boat with pedals that you can steer.

The one-of-a-kind pedal boat holds 16 passengers and loads of activities.

A good example is the 6-person scavenger hunt. Guests get to scour the shores for different finds before returning to the pontoon.

Next, you can rent kayaks and have loads of fun on the water. A crew’s always available to serve the meals and offer help.

Captain Quarters Adventures

Get on board the 30’ Offshore Weekend Cruiser when looking for fun on the water in Nashville. And the weekend is the best time to enjoy this amazing experience.

Captain Quarter Adventures hosts memorable Nashville boat tours for their guests. It all begins when friends and families meet on the boat for a spending vacation.

This boat docks at Old Hickory Lane and includes a fantastic water tour experience. There’s a spacious deck for the guests with teakwood benches.

Get on the front bow if you want to sunbathe and enjoy excellent meals in the marinas.

Nashville Toons

Escape the hustle and bustle of Nashville and head to the water. Get to spend a day on the lovely pontoons under the Nashville Toons.

Guests get a shuttle bus ride back and forth, and you can bring coolers for a better experience. These pontoons are well-built and even feature speaker systems for blasting music. Groups have the best experience since each pontoon can hold many people simultaneously.

You can book an entire boat for one person or 14 guests. After that, spend 3 full hours enjoying the water and the lovely views from the boat.

All guests must be above 21 years to have alcohol on the boats. Kids under 18 must be in the company of an adult. If you want to get into the water, wear the appropriate swimwear.

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Key Takeaways

  • There are many Nashville boat tours visitors can experience.
  • Always ensure you book the boat tour and activities in advance.
  • Cruise experiences take place from morning to evening.
  • Guests get to go up and down the Cumberland River in Nashville.