Zip Lining on Catalina Island, California

Everyone loves a great adventure, and zip-lining ranks high for new activities for vacationers to add to their bucket lists.

When it comes to vacation these days, it can be a mixed back of blessings and hurdles, whether air travel delays or deciding to stay closer to home and forgo all the chaos of traveling farther away.

You won’t be disappointed choosing Catalina Island, California, for your next destination and including zip lining into your itinerary.

Best places to zip line on Catalina Island

If you’re looking to go on a ziplining excursion on Catalina Island, check out Catalina Island Tour Company’s Zip Line Eco Tours. They last just over 2 hours and are welcome to anyone over the age of 10 who wants to take in the spectacular natural landscape of Catalina Island.

So, if you happen to be visiting this area and are looking for a great place to go zip lining, these will be a perfect fit for a fun afternoon with the family or a whole day’s adventure with some friends!

Catalina Island Company – Zip Line Eco Tours

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This is the perfect spot to get wild while respecting the environment for travelers who want a bit of eco-friendly with their zip-lining adventure.

The two-hour adventure begins with a quick tutorial on safety and equipment that leads to a shuttle ride up to the 600-foot ridge top, where real excitement occurs.

The tour begins here and transcends through canyons and eucalyptus trees with spectacular views of the ocean and surrounding area at speeds close to forty miles per hour.

Five zip lines carry adventures three hundred feet above the canyon, making it a wonderful experience for a large group.

This eco-friendly zip line tour is educational for everyone as the tour guides explain the natural habitat and wildlife of this unique area. 

The tour is finished at the Descanso Beach Club, where family and friends can enjoy drinks and food to restore the senses and awaken the palate.

Hours of operation vary from season to season, and during peak season, there is a nighttime zip-line experience for those daring enough to give it a try.

A waiver must be signed before participating in this California event. 

Rules and regulations should be read before participating, and the website can offer more details and up-to-date information.

Ziplining isn’t the only thing you can do as there are other adventures to be had, including the experience of watching falconry and participating in the activity yourself, where you wear a glove and learn the art and beauty of being a real-life falconer.

If the zip line tour and falconry adventure are not enough, there is a climbing wall, aerial adventure, and a perfect spot to kick back and enjoy some refreshments and the cool soothing waters of this island.

Everything You Need to Know

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Tour Length

Every zip lining tour company is different; some will offer adventures that last a few hours, others will have those short expeditions and longer all-day adventures. 

As with anything related to travel and travel-related activities, it is best to check the website before booking an adventure for up-to-date information.

The season, time of year, month, or week can affect how often a particular zip line tour establishment is open and the types of tours offered.


Each established zip lining tour company will have its set fee for the various length tours. 

They can vary from one tour company to another, even in the same location. 

Pricing is based on the experience of their guides, length of the zip line adventure, the scenery, how easy or difficult the zip line adventure is, and time of day.

Some zip line tour companies will offer discounts for multiple zip line adventures if you have a large group of people participating. 

They may offer discounts for longer tours which encourages people to participate in the lengthier adventure while getting their full money’s worth of fun.

It is always best to check the website for current pricing and discounts before reserving a zip-lining adventure to get the most up-to-date information.

Weight Restrictions

Depending on the equipment used, each facility will have its weight requirements and restrictions for the safety of all riders. 

Adventure seekers who want to book a zip lining tour should check the individual tour companies’ websites for current rules and restrictions regarding weight.

The weight requirements and restrictions are fully clothed weight of the zip line adventurer.

Age Requirements

Again, it can’t be stated enough that each zip lining establishment will have its own rules about who can and can’t travel alone on a zip line.

This is based on the equipment they use, and the type of zip line tour they are offering, meaning how easy or hard the tour will be for the zip liner.

Some establishments might note that anyone fitting the weight range eight or older can ride alone; others might require riders to be at least ten or twelve.

 Rules can change, and some zip line tour companies have multiple zip-lining adventures, so it is best to consult their website for current information.


The zip-lining participants should wear long shorts or pants and clothing covering their body because the harness will press against them in certain areas. 

These areas should be comfortably covered for protection and enjoyment of the ride.

Zip liners should also wear clothing that fits comfortably, is not too tight, and not too loose for their safety and enjoyment. 

Shoes should be sneakers or something that covers the feet; sandals and flip-flops are not permitted.

There is no other gear that riders need to bring or wear. 

The zip line tour company will provide all other gear for the zip line adventure.

These rules are standard for every zip lining tour company set forth for the participant’s safety and enjoyment during their adventure.

Health and Safety

All riders should be in reasonably good health.  

Suppose there is any question regarding whether or not they should ride due to health issues, pregnancy, or other concerns. 

In that case, the participant should always consult their health care provider before enjoying this adventure for their safety and well-being.

Each zip line tour company reserves the right to restrict a zip line rider during the initial registration on the day of the event. 

Suppose they believe that the rider is unsuitable for the zip line tour; they will not be allowed to participate.

All riders are required to sign a waiver before enjoying this adventure.

Reschedules/Cancellations/Weather/Other Issues

Each established zip lining tour company will have its own rules about cancellations and rescheduling an adventure. 

Their website can give up-to-date information about their policies.

Weather conditions can cause adventures to be canceled or postponed at any time. 

These cancellations, which are done directly by the tour company, will result in rescheduling the zip line adventure for another day or time or refunding the ticket fees if rescheduling is not possible.

Suppose a potential or actual rider appears impaired due to alcohol or other substances or is behaving unacceptably. 

In that case, the tour guides and staff can prevent them from participating in the adventure, and they will also be removed from the premises.

This restriction and removal will include anyone smoking, using vulgar language, or being rude or disruptive in any way that prevents other participants from enjoying their zip lining tour.

In Conclusion

Zip Lining is a great activity for anyone who loves the outdoors or wants to put a little extra fun and nature into their vacation.

Catalina Island is the perfect place to participate in this exciting adventure with all the beautiful scenery the island offers.

The only problem might be how you top such an exciting activity after finally going zip-lining!