Where To Have A Beach Wedding In Corolla, North Carolina

Few wedding venues are as picturesque as the beach, and Corolla Beach in North Carolina is among the most beautiful beaches in the area.

Planning a beach wedding has tons of variables, and finding the right location can be challenging, especially if you don’t know the area.

Corolla is a fantastic place to have a beach wedding, but where exactly is the best spot in Corolla for a beach wedding?

Where Can You Have A Beach Wedding In Corolla, North Carolina? 

The best places to throw a wedding on the beach in Corolla, North Carolina are Village Road Beach Yaupon Lane Beach. While Corolla has fifteen beaches, these are the only two that have parking, bathrooms, and washhouses. Several oceanfront resorts are available too, including the Inn at Corolla.

Whatever length the wedding event is, parking, a bathroom, and a washhouse are necessary for the guests and the wedding party, bride and groom. 

Unforeseen issues or problems can arise, like a sudden case of cold feet that requires a quick trip to the bathroom might be necessary.

Everyone at the wedding will also find comfort in knowing that there is a bathroom nearby and park and be a bit closer to the event.

While it may seem insignificant if the guests walk from their hotel or rental house to the beach, this should never be a must. 

Certain guests may have physical limitations that make this problematic, therefore having a parking lot nearby is necessary.

Having a bathroom and washhouse close by adds comfort and peace of mind for everyone and should be at the top of the list.

Saying the wedding vows with the glorious backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean behind you is breathtaking. 

This beauty will be the star of the show after the lovely couple, but creature comforts make the event more enjoyable for everyone.

Of the fifteen beaches in Corolla, two beaches have all of the above necessary comforts. 

The first is the Corolla Village Road Beach, and the second is the Yaupon Lane Beach. 

Many other beaches can be used in this area, but these two are the only two that offer those comforts that everyone will appreciate. 

Another alternative is thinking outside the box and using a wedding coordinator or using a resort, hotel or club and their staff to arrange the wedding.

All fifteen beaches are public. Therefore, this will need to be considered by the bride and groom and the wedding coordinator.

For weddings that will host more than one hundred people that day, a local permit will be required to use the beach space. This should be the first step in securing the beach wedding location in Corolla, North Carolina.

Where To Have A Beach Wedding In Corolla North Carolina 1

Corolla Village Road Access Point Beach

.The best beach for hosting a wedding with creature comforts is the Corolla Village Road Access Point. This beach is in the heart of Corolla, North Carolina, close to the lighthouse. 

It is also known as the Currituck Village Road Access Point. It has gravel parking lots that offer handicapped access for those guests that will need this feature.

There is the bathroom and washhouse, as noted above, and a lovely view of the lighthouse in the other direction.

It is a bit of a walk from the parking lot to the beach itself, but there is a boardwalk. This boardwalk is a bonus for the bride, groom, wedding party, and guests.

Yaupon Lane Access Point Beach

The other beach that makes a great spot for a wedding is the Yaupon Lane Access Point, also known as the Southern Access Point.

This beach and area of Corolla offer the same amenities as the Northern Beaches Access Point only in the Southern part of Corolla, North Carolina.

The parking and walking areas appear to be more level and less beachy for guests with physical limitations.

Hiring an Event Coordinator

If the happy couple is hiring an event or wedding coordinator, they can find solutions for lack of a bathroom, wash house, and parking if a different beach is desired.

Limousine services can be hired to transport guests to and from the beach area, making the beach wedding less stressful but no less memorable.

Other ideas for a beach wedding in Corolla, North Carolina, including utilizing the local restaurants and lodging facilities. These facilities often have in-house event coordinators and access to specific locations on the beach.

The coordinator can ensure that all the necessary comforts are in place for the event, like transportation to and from the beach location and providing bathroom facilities. The coordinator will work for hand in hand with the bride and groom to ensure their dreams become a reality.

Hiring an event coordinator or using the event coordinator for your hotel or restaurant will make the beach wedding event less stressful at a cost. Therefore, the happy couple should plan for the additional expense in their budget.

Having your wedding on a beach need not be complicated, but it must be well thought out. Regardless of who is planning the event or how many guests are attending, the guests’ and wedding parties’ needs must be considered.

Resorts, Hotels, and Clubs

For those couples that don’t want to worry about all the details, there are some great resorts, inns, and clubs that can relieve them of this stress.

One of the many resorts, hotels, and clubs offer excellent facilities where a bride and groom can make all their wedding dreams come true. With a knowledgeable, trained, and skilled team of event planners on hand, the bride and groom only need to ask, and they shall make it happen.

They will assist with every aspect of the ceremony and reception, ensuring that all the details are handled with care, as if it were their wedding.

The numerous Clubs which often require memberships offer such sporting amenities as golf, tennis, volleyball, and a fitness center.

Their trained event team will assist in every phase of the wedding process, pointing out local vendors for flowers, a wedding dress, and every need or want for the bride, groom, and guests.

Each Club will have its own set of trained event coordinators and other staff. They will each have their unique amenities and recommendations; therefore, a bride and groom should research which best fits their needs.

In Conclusion

Getting married is meant to be a happy time, where the bride, groom, and guests focus on the love shared between two people.

Whether formal or informal, having a beach wedding allows everyone to experience that love in a beautiful setting.

When this is combined with “love eternal,” nothing can be more perfect!

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