Best Golf Courses Near Corolla Beach, North Carolina

Who doesn’t love a good round of golf, right? For some of us, golf is as much a part of our daily ritual as brushing our teeth or drinking our morning coffee.

While we could leave the game of golf behind while we take a quick vacay most enthusiasts wouldn’t want to.

When traveling to and around Corolla, North Carolina, we may find ourselves longing for a few rounds of golf while soaking up the sights.

What Are The Best Golf Courses Near Corolla Beach, North Carolina?

If you’re looking to golf while staying in Corolla Beach, North Carolina, The Currituck Club should be first on your list as it’s located right in Corolla. The Carolina Club and Sea Scape Golf Links are located just outside of Corolla but offer gorgeous views and challenging layouts that are sure to please an avid golfer.

Below is a list of three golf courses that will satisfy our urge to swing a nine iron while we visit the area, in between seeing the sights, of course!

The Currituck Club

Located right in Corolla, the Currituck Club is a semi-private eighteen-hole golf course with enough challenge to excite the experienced player but offers a little simplicity to elicit determination from the beginner.

It makes a great place to enjoy the wildlife of this area while swinging a golf club at an exciting course. The grounds are in good condition, and it offers a decent layout.

Many who play this championship golf course enjoy its design, challenges, and appealing atmosphere. What is most enjoyable about this golf course is the convenience of location and the beauty of its surroundings.

The Carolina Club

This eighteen-hole public golf course is located outside of Corolla, North Carolina, but still close for a quick break from the excitement of a family vacay. 

A great golf course for various levels of experienced players. With a challenging layout for those who seek it and friendly staff members to make visitors feel welcome. It is a great place for a round or two while escaping the sand and surf.

Many esteem this public golf course as fun to play, but the drive can be a bit far at just over forty-five minutes away from Corolla, North Carolina.

Sea Scape Golf Links

Located to the South of Corolla, this eighteen-hole public golf course has friendly staff and is close enough for a break from the water sports and fund. It will have enthusiasts coming back for more.

With an adventurous back nine and well-groomed greens, tees, and fairways, this golf course will have travelers returning again and again for a quick round when they make a vacation stop to the Outer Banks again.

By no means a beginner’s course, it offers some challenges for more experienced players while providing a comfortably secluded location despite its surroundings.

What makes this golf course so inspiring is its location, right in the heart of the Outer Banks. It is convenient for those staying and playing in Corolla or anywhere North or South in the Outer Banks.

Best Golf Courses Near Corolla Beach North Carolina

What golf communities are close to Corolla, North Carolina?

There is one golf community close to Corolla, North Carolina, and that is the Currituck Club. This gated golf community is the only private golf community in this area.

Situated between the Currituck Sound and the Atlantic Ocean, it boasts gorgeous resort-style living beside an eighteen-hole championship golf course filled with many challenges for the experienced player.

It offers a Pro Shop, clubhouse, grille and bistro, family recreational activities like tennis, pools, and picnic areas. 

With a jogging and bicycle path, basketball, horseshoes, and a free community trolley system, to name a few, it is a delight for the residents.

Safe and secure with security patrols and a guardhouse, residents can rest easy knowing they are watched and well cared for in this gated community.

This five-hundred-acre golf community offers a mixture of real estate for year-round use or vacation rentals for those travelers wanting a more home-like atmosphere while staying in the area.

The Real Escape

This property in this gated golf community offers four bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate a larger family with a pool and hot tub. 

Decks that provide fabulous views of the surrounding area. Cool coastal-themed décor and a relaxed atmosphere, it is the perfect place to unwind after an exciting day of endless adventures.

What is the difference between a public and private golf course?

The difference between a public and private golf course is that public golf courses are open to anyone. In contrast, private golf courses are only available to members who are often chosen via application or by knowing an existing member. 

Semi-private, which is a mix of public and private, offers memberships but allows the public to book tee times and utilize the golf course.

Where can I plan a golf vacation to or near the Outer Banks of North Carolina?

The best place to plan a golf vacation to or near the Outer Banks of North Carolina is by going to This is precisely what they do, plan golf-specific travel vacations to the Outer Banks.

Each package is tailored to the client’s needs utilizing the six golf courses of this area. They have player-favorite packages but can also design one suited to your specifications based on how many people are in your group and so forth.

The package will offer lodging and other amenities like dining based on your preference when you create and book the trip.

With excellent customer service and a user-friendly website, you can have your golf vacation packaged designed quickly and start packing for your fun getaway.

Prices will vary for the different packages as they are mostly customized by individual client. 

There are rules, but the packages are all-inclusive, meaning all golf fees and taxes are included. A credit card is necessary to book the reservation, and it must be paid in full within thirty days of arrival.

If a refund is needed, the request must be made thirty days before the arrival date. 

Their website offers a more in-depth listing of the rules and policies for booking a golf package and should be read before securing this vacation getaway.

Closing Points

Golf is a unique sports experience that many people enjoy immensely. Those who seek to interweave it with their travel to the Corolla, North Carolina area, will be amazed at what they find.

With six golf courses in the immediate area and numerous others surrounding the area, there will be no shortage of choices for scheduling a tee time. After all, sometimes we all need a break from the beauty this area has to offer, if only to hit a few golf balls!

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