Eloping In Corolla, North Carolina

Eloping is a wonderful way for a couple to skip all the hustle and bustle of a traditional wedding, but not everyone who elopes just wants to get married at the courthouse.

Did you know that there are some hotels and venues that offer elopement packages for couples looking for a smaller, more intimate elopement ceremony?

And Corolla, North Carolina is such a gorgeous place to run off to, why not consider looking into one of the elopement packages offered by a Corolla resort?

Do any resorts near Corolla Beach, North Carolina, offer elopement packages?

Both the Sanderling Resort and also the Sea Ranch Resort are just outside of Corolla and offer either read-made elopement packages or customizable ones to meet the couple’s exact needs. While not in Corolla proper, these are the only two resorts in the Corolla area that offer elopement packages.

Both establishments offer packages that are ready-made or they also can tailor-make elopement packages that are designed to suit the individual bride and groom’s needs.

Sanderling Resort

The Sanderling Resort offers a Keepers Loft Elopement Package, which is for up to fifteen guests. At just five thousand dollars, it is inexpensive without sacrificing taste, luxury, and beauty.

The package offers a beautiful night’s stay in an ocean view room with breakfast the morning after the ceremony.

It is held for up to fifteen guests in the Keepers Loft and includes a three-course meal with wine and a two-tiered cake as well as the officiant and ceremony itself.

This package is offered year-round and can be increased to accommodate more than fifteen people at a higher price point.

If that package doesn’t suit the happy couple, the Ocean Deck Elopement comes in at seven thousand dollars for fifteen guests. 

It includes everything from the package above but is located outdoors and includes outdoor lighting and décor.

The bride and groom who want something different than either of these can contact the wedding planner listed on the resort’s website via email or phone to design their own specific elopement package.

Both packages host the ceremony for the happy couple on the beach. Taxes and service charges are not included in either package.

Sea Ranch Resort

The Sea Ranch Resort caters to guests searching for the perfect spot for their beach wedding but don’t want the hassle of planning all the details.

Whether hosting a wedding for under ten guests or an elaborate affair for one hundred fifty, they are there to assist each bride and groom every step of the way.

They offer a simple package for just the bride and groom to get married by the officiant, have some beautiful photographs taken, and then share a tasteful four-course meal to celebrate the event.

This simple package costs a reasonable two thousand dollars and makes for a very memorable experience for the happy couple that wants to celebrate their day alone together.

The elopement package they offer is tailored to include any number of guests, extended nights of stay, which will consist of sumptuous breakfast each morning for the happy couple. 

The price point will be higher for tailor made packages.

Eloping In Corolla North Carolina

What is an elopement package?

An elopement package is a readymade event package that a hotel, resort, or inn offers to a bride and groom that want to get married a bit more intimately. 

The elopement package is for quick spontaneous weddings and are as individual as the bride and groom.

They are also for weddings where the bride and groom want a private, intimate wedding shared with a minimum number of guests.

They are often for couples who want to have a private wedding shared by a few people attending the wedding and can be put together very quickly.

Destination wedding venues will often offer these packages for those spontaneous moments when a bride and groom suddenly decide they want to get hitched.

Everything is included in these packages package where the bride and groom need only show up and get married. There is no planning involved, stress, or issues as all planning is done for them.

These packages will include an officiant to conduct the ceremony and may consist of a cake, flowers, music, and other mini ceremony and reception perks for a small guest list.

Each establishment will have its unique elopement package individual to their establishment. This includes location of the ceremony and reception or dinner and décor.

An elopement package can be perfect for the wild at heart who want to say their vows as soon as possible without sacrificing luxury.

Many areas like big cities, beach areas, the mountains, and everything in between cater to such star-crossed lovers. 

These facilities, including hotels, inns, resorts, and restaurants, ensure that even though the wedding is quick, intimate, private, or simple, it will be spectacular and memorable for everyone involved.

Does every resort or hotel in or near Corolla, North Carolina, offer an elopement package?

Most resorts or hotels will tailor a wedding or event package to suit the potential bride and groom’s needs regardless of how small or sudden the wedding may be. 

Many facilities that are large scale also have smaller rooms or intimate settings where a ceremony and reception can be happily held.

Getting married need not be complicated, grandiose, or expensive, and most venues have multiple packages available to suit everyone’s taste and preference. 

Those who do not offer a specific elopement package will tailor a suitable package to any bride and groom’s desire.

Venues that cater to any event, including weddings, have trained and knowledgeable coordinators who know how to make the most out of any event regardless of size or how quickly it might happen.

Another great alternative for an elopement package is the many local officiants in this area. 

These officiants will offer their services and sometimes include other packages on their website for potential brides and grooms to choose from.

They are often more reasonable and can be short and straightforward, poetic, and heartfelt, or anything in between. The internet offers a plethora of resources for finding local officiants that cater to this area of North Carolina.

In Conclusion

Getting married is a big deal, but the big day need not be so. Elopement weddings are a perfect choice for those seeking an intimate yet affordable alternative to an elaborate celebration.

When searching out a venue that will cater to your needs, remember that most have onsite staff that can help tailor a package to suit you. 

Whatever the size or style, they have a package for you. You need only ask to receive!

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