The Best Bed and Breakfasts Near Corolla, North Carolina

If you’ve never stayed in a bed and breakfast before, you really are missing out. You get a much more intimate, cozy feeling being in a home run by locals and eating food prepared specially for you.

Finding a great B&B can be hard, though, if you’re unfamiliar with your destination. Many vacations are flocking to Corolla, North Carolina these days, but are there any B&Bs in Corolla (and if so, are they any good?)

Are There Any B&Bs Near Corolla, North Carolina?

There are no accommodations in Corolla that market themselves as “bed and breakfasts,” but there are options with the atmosphere and lodging experience of a B&B. The Inn at Corolla and The Corolla Village Inn. Just outside of Corolla is The Cypress Moon Inn B&B in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

Corolla Beach, located just south of the Currituck Banks Nature Reserve in Corolla, North Carolina, has its share of history and modern amenities.

Of those modern amenities, it offers lodging and dining facilities that fit into various price points for diverse travelers.

Be it for a quick overnight stay before continuing or an extended week or month-long visit, this area has plenty to offer in town and beyond its perimeters.

In the town and close to Corolla Beach are two different properties. Both properties have their unique feel and atmosphere, as well as amenities.

Inn at Corolla

The first, the Inn at Corolla, is a waterfront lodging facility that will help every guest recharge their batteries while connecting with the beauty of the natural setting around them. 

A larger Inn with forty-two rooms and suites, it offers something for every traveler.

The Corolla Village Inn

The Corolla Village Inn offers the same beauty and ambiance with a slightly more rustic and secluded but no less welcoming feel. 

This facility is smaller with only twelve rooms available. There is no elevator for this two-story establishment, but each room has its own private entrance.

The Cypress Moon Inn, Bed and Breakfast

The Best Bed and Breakfasts Near Corolla North Carolina

If you travel just outside of town, just south to Kitty Hawk, there is another charming Inn called the Cypress Moon Inn, Bed and Breakfast. 

This is the only noted Bed and Breakfast near Corolla unless traveling further away from the area.

This property offers a continental breakfast to the guests that stay in their three rooms with private bathrooms. The property itself is secluded, not far from the beach, but is not suitable for children. 

It is surrounded by stunning Cypress Woods and offers the tired traveler a place to reflect and recharge.

Aside from these locations, other lodging accommodations can fit a traveler’s budget and needs. 

From the resort to the hotel and rental homes, Corolla Beach and its extended surrounding areas have much to offer in the way of overnight lodging.

Rental Properties

An excellent option for travelers that will be staying for a few nights, or more is to secure a rental home. 

The perks of choosing to do this are more privacy and a home-like atmosphere away from others. 

This can also be huge savings because meals can be prepared in the home when necessary.

Windhaven by VRBO

This property offers everything the traveling family is looking for in a rental.

If they should bring one, five bedrooms and four baths are more than enough to accommodate any family and their dog. Pets are welcome.

There is a private pool, hot tub, and tiki bar for the adults and an entertainment area complete with video games for the kids. 

Beach access is less than five hundred feet away, which is a plus for families who want to spend all day enjoying the sun, sand, and all the beach has to offer.

With a great view, parking for three vehicles, and a screened-in porch, this property is a must for travelers who want more privacy but no less fun!

What is the difference between a Bed and Breakfast and an Inn?

The difference between a Bed and Breakfast and an Inn is the size of the establishment. Often Bed and Breakfasts are smaller, with fewer rooms available. 

They are often a home or home that lacks facilities with bathrooms that are often shared amongst guests.

As the name implies, bed and Breakfasts offer breakfast, but this breakfast can vary in size from continental to full service. 

Continental breakfast is simple, juice, coffee, toast, a muffin as there is less work to prepare it.

Full-service breakfast is usually what a Bed and Breakfast service is served family-style in the house dining room. It might include eggs, bacon, pancakes, or other specialties that are unique to the establishment.

Bed and Breakfasts are usually limited in amenities. They don’t usually offer indoor pools, tennis courts, or spa facilities, but each is unique, and there are likely some that do offer a few of these. 

What they lack in amenities, they gain in staff services.

Bed and Breakfasts will often be run by locals that know the area well. They will know the best time for dinner at a particular restaurant and where the best spot is for viewing the sunset at a specific beach.

An Inn offers that same cozy home-like feel on a larger scale, with more rooms available. 

Rooms will have their bathroom and sometimes other amenities.

The Inn doesn’t have to offer breakfast, but they sometimes do, and it is usually a continental-style breakfast. Sometimes, they will have added amenities like an outdoor pool, spa, or tennis courts, with each establishment being unique.

An Inn will also offer guest services, but staff may or may not be as informed of local happenings or unique tips for a particular area.

Traditionally an Inn not as small or homey as a B & B but not as big as a motel or hotel. This is a guide, as some B & Bs are slightly bigger, and some have individual bathrooms for guests. 

Inns can be small, too, offering that same comfortable, home-like feeling.

Are pets allowed at a Bed and Breakfast or Inn in Corolla, North Carolina?

Yes, pets are allowed at two of the listed establishments.

The Inn at Corolla and the Corolla Village Inn both allow dogs for an additional fee. The Cypress Moon Inn does not allow pets.

When making your reservation at any of these establishments, they must be informed of pets staying in the room at that time.

What should I look for when choosing a Bed and Breakfast or Inn when traveling to the Outer Banks?

What you should look for in a Bed and Breakfast or Inn when traveling to the Outer Banks is cleanliness and amenities. Cleanliness is a huge concern these days for travelers, wherever they go as some establishments may need to brush up on cleaning tidiness management.

Using the internet, reviews and ratings can be a big help in this area when deciding which establishment is right for you and your travel companions.

Aside from that, amenities are the most important and not just the fun amenities. If having a private bathroom is important, obviously select a facility that offers that to guests. 

If in-room dining is desired, that should be at the top of your list as well. 

Rooms with a view, king size bed and other comforts should be on the list based on your wishes.

How long the establishment has been in business should be taken into consideration. 

Establishments that have a long history in the business and the Outer Banks area show substance, and quality.

Of course, no one can be completely certain of what they are going to get when staying at any lodging facility but these ideas will help ensure that you have the best chance possible for getting a great nights rest and good service after a fun-filled day in the Outer Banks, North Carolina.

Closing Points

Staying at a Bed and Breakfast or Inn in Corolla, North Carolina, can be a great way to soak up that cozy, comfortable feel that can be lacking in some larger establishments.

While not for everyone, these places can make you feel at home while being away from home.

After a fun-filled, exciting day out in this area, a comfy bed and some well-deserved breakfasts are just the things any travel needs to bring them back to life for the next adventure!

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