Popular Restaurants in Beaufort, NC

Beaufort is a pleasant surprise on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast. Its charming downtown is lined with historic buildings that house various shops and restaurants. The town also sits on the Atlantic Ocean, making it abundant in local seafood that you will surely love. 

If you’re planning to get the most out of visiting Beaufort, North Carolina, here are some of the most popular restaurants that you should consider for a fantastic meal:

  • 34 Degrees North Restaurant
  • Aqua Restaurant
  • Beaufort Grocery Company
  • Black Sheep
  • City Kitchen

And more. 

Of course, when you are looking for a great restaurant to dine in with your friends or family, it’s best that you know first what to expect. We’ll take a look at several factors such as the place, ambiance, and of course, the dishes served on the menu. 

Les Ciseaux

Les Ciseaux is the local French bakery in Beaufort, NC. While not a full-service restaurant, Les Ciseaux is a must-see bakery when you visit Beaufort in North Carolina. It’s tucked away in a historic building on George Street along with other small local businesses. It’s run by two charming French women, both in their 70s, and they’re as sweet as can be.

The limited hours and space mean that you have to get there early if you want to score some of their most popular goods. Thursday and Friday are baguette days, and Saturdays are reserved for Viennoiseries (croissants and other pastries).

The bakery offers a wide assortment of French-inspired desserts. My favorites are the tartes, especially the tarte au citron, also known as the lemon meringue pie. The pain au chocolats have been known to disappear from my house in a matter of minutes.

34 Degrees North Restaurant

Throughout its history, Beaufort’s sailors, shrimpers, and oystermen were always served a hearty meal after a hard day’s work. Today, 34 Degrees North Restaurant and Bar celebrates Beaufort’s maritime history, from its location to its menu.

Local seafood, fresh produce, and farm-raised meats are featured on the menu. Gourmet dishes like The Catch – which changes weekly depending on the catch of the day – and the Carolina Pulled Pork boast a variety of flavors that can only be found along the Crystal Coast. 

Aqua Restaurant

Opened in 2003, Aqua is a tapas restaurant with a unique, informal, fun, and spirited vibe. No wonder it’s become a favorite in Beaufort among locals and visitors. It has been featured in travel and food magazines, television shows, and newspapers across the country. It has received awards from the Washington Post and Conde Nast. If you only have time to dine in one Beaufort restaurant, make it this one.

Beaufort Grocery Company

Beaufort Grocery Co.

The first thing that patrons may notice upon entering the restaurant is the original Beaufort Grocery sign, a relic from the days of yesteryear. Fittingly, the restaurant is also a throwback to the more refined dining of another era. The light fixtures are elegant chandeliers, the floor is hardwood, and the seats are covered in French linen tablecloths. The walls are lined with brick and give it a rustic feel.

Today, Beaufort Grocery is best known for its delicious breakfast, delectable dinner dishes, and their excellent selection of wines. They even have a large, glass front wine cellar that envies all Beaufort restaurants. Customers often comment on how fun it is to hang out at Beaufort Grocery Company while wait for their tables.

Black Sheep

As scenic and charming as Beaufort is, visitors and locals all used to agree that it lacked one thing: a top-notch pizza place. 

The opening of Black Sheep in May 2016 changed that. With restaurants across North Carolina, Black Sheep was only too pleased to bring its signature Neapolitan style pizzas to Beaufort. Today, it’s not unusual to find a crowd waiting for a table outside Black Sheep. If you love really good pizza, though, then it’s worth the wait.  

City Kitchen

Head to City Kitchen on the Town Creek Marina for dinner if you’re searching for one of Beaufort’s spectacular sunsets with a side of delicious seafood meals. The menu, which varies frequently, includes Asian-inspired twists on coastal classics as well as non-seafood staples like burgers and steaks.

You can also have a tropical beverage at City Kitchen’s seasonal shaded outside tiki bar, which is located right next to the water.

What Food is Beaufort, NC Known for?

If there is one thing that you should look forward to in Beaufort is their seafood, which Beaufort, NC is known for. Thanks to its prime location on the Atlantic waterfront, seafood is one of the main delicacies you can find in the area. In fact, there are several restaurants that are known in the city because of the one-of-a-kind seafood dishes. 

Some of the popular restaurants that you can find in Beaufort are right on the water. So you can  enjoy the meal, your time, and the culture of Beaufort. If you are a person who loves trying out different dishes from other places, Beaufort will make sure that you’ll always remember its mouth-watering seafood dishes. 

Does Beaufort, NC Have a Beach?

Beaufort, NC has a lot of beaches! Aside from the food that Beaufort offers, its beaches should not be missed if you’re planning a visit. The town offers plenty of sandy beaches on the Atlantic ocean, so get ready to enjoy some sun and surf.

There are some restaurants near the beach where you can enjoy both the view and the food. Now tell me, who wouldn’t want that? 

If you are planning to stay near these beaches and restaurants, I recommend these rental properties:

Shell Cottage1 bedroom, 1 bathroom
Bridgeview on Broad1 bedroom, 1 bathroom
Coral Cottage1 bedroom, 1 bathroom
No Name Cottage2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom
Anchors Aweigh3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

aaron burden Ouj6btvwyHw unsplash

Is Beaufort, NC Nice?

Beaufort, NC is nice, so if you are planning to be somewhere peaceful for a vacation, the place offers a serene feeling thanks to the presence of the Atlantic Ocean. The people you will meet here are very friendly and down to earth. 

If you are into fishing, swimming, and other water activities, then you’ll get your money’s worth from your Beaufort vacation. 

The area is quiet, relaxing, and the food is simply something you’ll fall in love with. 


Beaufort, NC has indeed many great restaurants and places that you will enjoy with your friends or family. It’s a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the serene vibe, great beaches, and it’s a place that serves good food as well. 

You can check other food places to visit, all depending on your taste and cravings. Just take note that most dishes offered by popular restaurants in Beaufort are seafood. So if you may have some allergy to them, make sure that you talk with the staff upon dining in. 

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