3 New Places To Eat Near Emerald Isle, North Carolina

Dining out is a fun way to experience the foods that a new geographical area offers and doing so while on vacation can make the experience all the more enjoyable.

That being said, finding an interesting restaurant to have a meal in may seem difficult when at every turn, there is a fast-food restaurant, pizza place, or another run-of-the-mill eatery.

Despite the sad state of our fast-food industry, there are other unique and interesting spots where you can get a great meal that satisfies all the senses at an affordable price.

What are some new restaurants near Emerald Isle, NC?

Some great new restaurants in the Emerald Isle, NC area include Big Oak Drive-In and Barbeque, Bamboo Asian House, and The Crab Claws Seafood restaurant. These are locally owned restaurants with great reviews that have opened up in the last few years around Emerald Isle.

This article will showcase some of the most interesting eateries this area offers. 

When traveling to the Emerald Isle of North Carolina, don’t forget to include one of them on your list of dining spots.

Big Oak Drive-In and Bar-B-Q

As its name implies, this drive-in eatery might not seem like much at first glance, but the food is interesting and heavenly. 

The atmosphere might take some folks back to their youth and time spent at the beach, but the food really makes this establishment special.

Located not far from the Emerald Isle at the Atlantic Beach, this little gem has unimaginable burgers. 

Such delicacies as the shrimpburger and oyster burger, scallop burger and clamburger combine two of America’s greatest eats, burgers, and seafood.

While their other menu items include traditional offerings of wings, hush puppies, and jalapeño poppers, the stars of the menu include the burgers as mentioned above and the easy-going, laid-back atmosphere that invites diners to eat like they used to back in the day when dinner was served on the side of your vehicles window.

Diners can enjoy outdoor dining with the beautiful water views as the backdrop for their perfect meal. 

Lines of people ordering are common, so visitors who plan on eating here should be prepared to wait during peak busy seasons.

Bamboo Asian House

3 New Places To Eat Near Emerald Isle North Carolina 1

This Asian restaurant in Swansboro is all about sushi which we all know is really cool. 

The succulent dishes will awaken newbie sushi tasters’ taste buds. 

At the same time, seasoned eaters of this exotic delicacy will savor the interesting flavors and sauces that awaken the palette.

They offer lunch and dinner with specials and other Asian fares. 

The sushi appetizers are a great way to try these dishes for the first time without committing to a full plate, in case there is the odd chance that a diner doesn’t love sushi!

Such offerings as Eel cucumber roll, Futo Maki, and Chirashi are just a small sampling of the items offered on this ala carte menu. 

Pricing ranges from modest to expensive depending on what is selected. Still, everything is delectable and a feast for the senses.

They have daily specials and desserts, Mochi and Tempura Ice Cream, to finish an exciting and interesting meal.

While the above-listed restaurants are cool and interesting in atmosphere and food, there are others to choose from on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

The Crabs Claw Restaurant

This Caribbean restaurant offers a wonderful view and atmosphere while serving Caribbean-inspired food alongside traditional standard southern American fare.

Such specials as “create your own” steamers begin with their steamer pot of vegetables and seasonings and are served with cornbread on the side.

Seafood is the star with other entrees, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options available for diners who have certain restrictions.

Outdoor dining, buffet eats, and exceptionally good drinks round out the list of reasons everyone should try this place at least once in the Emerald Isle area.  

The Caribbean spice and exotic flavors are something that not every person has had the chance to sample but should at the first chance they get to do so.

Reservations can be made online but not on the day of dining. 

Pricing is affordable, and the staff is always friendly and helpful, plates are filling, and the food is delectable with such dishes as Caribbean curried shrimp and Caribbean grouper showcasing the island energy this establishment is known for.

What makes these restaurants unique and interesting?

What makes a restaurant cool, unique, or interesting depends on the person and their lifestyle.

t might mean an atmosphere or menu different from what the person usually eats or visits.

It could mean food that has never been tried, such as cultural cuisine, or a restaurant located on a boat or at a winery.  

It can be a hard concept to convey as it is related to the individual preferences, likes, and dislikes of a person.

Each person will have their views on what they find interesting, unique, and cool. 

When traveling with a party of people, it can be helpful if everyone decides on a theme or type of food for a particular meal.

Then everyone in the group can brainstorm a place that they want to try together. 

From one night to the next, this can be the theme.

Suppose the area a group or individual is visiting doesn’t have anything that might be considered cool.

In that case, they can select a place with good reviews and looks to serve excellent food and go there.

To make that dining event more interesting, unique, or cool, the dining party guests could choose something off the menu they have never eaten before, considering any food allergies.

This can create the feel of a cool, interesting, or unique dining experience at a restaurant that lacks that fun vibe or new energy because it is the same as every other restaurant in the area.

Final Thoughts

Searching for an interesting place to eat that is cool, exciting, and unique isn’t as hard as imagined when we open our minds to trying new foods or choosing restaurants outside of our comfort zone.

While everyone loves some burgers and fries or pizza, those things don’t always hit the spot. That’s where cultural cuisine can be the showstopper.

So let go of your fears about different food and get out there and start sampling the flavors these and other restaurants have to offer; you might be surprised!

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