Pet Friendly Hotels Near Kitty Hawk (3 places to stay!)

Yes, there are two hotel properties within ten miles of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina that are pet friendly.

These two properties are the Travelodge by Wyndham and the Quality Inn Carolina Oceanfront.  These properties put travelers right in the heart of the Outer Banks’ excitement and fun.

There are additional pet-friendly properties not far from the Kitty Hawk area as well.  Depending on what the vacationers are looking for and can afford they will find a diverse variety of choices from inexpensive and simple to elaborate and expensive.

Another option is renting a house that can offer privacy and a more relaxing experience that will likely keep fido happy and content.

These properties as well as rental homes will offer a comfortable environment that can give pet parents peace of mind knowing their dog is welcome.

They will also make your dog feel good because hotels and rental houses that cater to vacationers with dogs sometimes have special activities or areas that make a fur baby feel special like a fenced-in outdoor dog area or even special play areas for the fur baby.

When selecting a hotel or other property for traveling with fido, there are many things to consider, and the hotel property you choose is just one of them.

Travelodge by WyndhamA Pet Friendly Hotel Near Kitty Hawk

This hotel offers a casual experience for travelers who like to be close to the beach and excitement of this area without all the fuss that a larger property will offer.

It offers a business center, free parking, and wi-fi, as well as an outdoor pool for guests while catering to their need for traveling with their fur baby.

With balconies and a twenty-four-hour front desk to meet your travel needs, this hotel offers simple creature comforts for both human and furry travelers.

Quality Inn Carolina Oceanfront A Pet Friendly Hotel Near Kitty Hawk

This hotel offers the usual creature comforts typical of any hotel chain with the added benefit of being pet friendly.

Located in the heart of all the local entertainment and adventures, it will give guests peace of mind when leaving fido behind for a short break to go have some fun.

This hotel property caters to both business-minded and leisure travelers.  With copier, fax machine and internet this beachside property isn’t short of features.

It offers a sun deck and outdoor pool open during peak season and provides a complimentary hot breakfast to guests.

Rooms have a full or partial ocean view, dune view, or no view, as well as in-room whirlpool baths, pillow-top mattresses, and microwaves in the rooms.

With reasonable rates and comfortable floor plans, this property caters to both pet-friendly travelers and those without pets.

For those that decide to take another route for them and their pet, rental homes are a great option through VRBO.  Here is a listing that is unique that caters to pet parents. 

The Pirate’s Lair

This house rental property is in Kitty Hawk with two bedrooms and one bathroom for guests.  The property is mere steps from an exceptional beach.

The property has air conditioning, a washer and dryer, wi-fi, and off-street parking.  Its wood design elements harken back to a time gone by, while it offers amenities that keep it modern, fresh, and inviting.

With a great location and comfortable but clean feel, it will have you and your loveable dog snuggled up for a rest after a fun-filled day.

It can accommodate up to six guests and offers a great outdoor space for everyone to enjoy!  This property offers that rustic, warm feel that welcomes guests back to a simpler time when a beach vacation was all about reconnecting with nature and those we love most.

What are some things to consider when deciding to travel with your pet?

There are many things to consider when traveling with your pet.  The first is the temperament and personality of your pet.

How they handle diverse situations, and their training and social skills must be thought about before travel plans are secured.

Your dog’s emotional state, as well as physical, must be considered as well.  It is essential to know how they will handle the physical travel and how they will handle being in the hotel room when the pet parents are away.

Your dog must travel well, or at least be of a good temperament so that they can endure travel without much trouble for yourself and others that you may be traveling with.

They should well mannered, behaved and have good training and social skills.  You must also consider their physical needs while you take them with you on your journey.

It is important to consider how your dog will feel emotionally.  For instance, what your schedule will be while on vacation matters.

If you are doing many things that fido cannot do and they spend most of the trip in the hotel room, it might be better to leave them home.

If it is decided that your dog will travel with you, properly packing for their trip is essential no matter where you stay.

Aside from that, looking at options for boarding in the Kitty Hawk area might be a good idea as a backup plan B.

Having this backup plan can be a good way to plan for issues that may arise, like fido, acting up in the room, or you find that you are spending too much time away from him or her.

Provided your dog is up to date on shots and health care needs, local kennels and doggie daycare facilities can cater to the needs of travelers coming to the area with their dog.

Pet Friendly Hotels Near Kitty Hawk

These facilities offer the right environment as well as activities that are geared towards your dog’s needs.  They can socialize, have a snack, take a nap, go for a walk and enjoy a vacation away from their loved ones.

Doggie daycare is a great option that allows everyone to come together again after a day of fun while apart.

Each location will have different amenities and pricing as well as rules and policies.  The internet can be a great resource for finding such facilities in or around Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

Travelers need to remember that their pets can not always be taken with them on every adventure.   Depending on the individual dog, it can be detrimental to their health and emotional well-being if they are left alone for a time so vacationers must consider this very important.

You want a vacation to be about having fun, reconnecting, and spending time together.  If that is not possible with fido, it is best to leave them at home with a trusted friend, family member, or neighbor.

If that is not something a pet parent wants to do, they can investigate facilities close to the Kitty Hawk area so their fur baby can still share in the travel experience.

Closing Points

Traveling with a dog can be an exciting experience where memories are made at every turn.

Proper preparation beforehand as well as considering their needs, is essential.

Whatever decision is made, spending the night in a hotel, resort, inn, or house rental is possible with your pet in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina!

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