What Are The “Must See” Attractions In Carolina Beach, NC?

Planning a vacation to a city you’ve never been to before can be anxiety provoking. 

Not only do you want everything you do to be perfect, but you don’t want to miss out on anything exciting just because you missed it!

Carolina Beach, NC has a wonderful beach (obviously), but what are some of the other “must see” attractions in Carolina Beach?

What Are The “Must See” Attractions in Carolina Beach, NC?

While visiting Carolina Beach, North Carolina, you absolutely must spend a day at the beach and at least a full second day at the boardwalk. The historic Carolina Beach boardwalk offers both the expected amusement park attractions of a boardwalk but also its historic significance.

Therefore, no Carolina beach experience would be complete without visiting the boardwalk and amusement area, at least for a short time.

Once the enthusiasm for this fun has worn off, there are still a great number of “must see” attractions in this area.

Parks offer a great respite between the beach and amusements. 

They offer a time to reconnect with nature and wildlife while letting go of all the noise and fun chaos that a boardwalk and amusements bring.

Not to mention a break from all the crazy spending that likely happened at the boardwalk and amusements.

Each park will have its unique features that make them special, one from the other. Each is memorable and suited to specific tastes and preferences.

Another “must see’ when visiting Carolina Beach, North Carolina is a historic site. 

Nothing helps a traveler connect more with an area and the people who live there than learning a bit about that region’s rich history and past.

Most importantly, a “must see and do” while visiting Carolina Beach, North Carolina, is to eat, drink, and be entertained. 

While tastes and preferences will reflect on what is chosen, sampling the food that is deeply connected to this area is necessary.

Finally, to round out the list of “must see and do” is some shopping. No trip is complete without a bit of a souvenir to take home after your trip. And what better way to remember the Carolina beach, North Carolina area than to choose items connected to this area.

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The boardwalk and amusements of the Carolina beach are a “must see” for anyone traveling to this area. 

Whether it is your first Ferris wheel ride or your hundredth, the amusements and games will have you laughing and living in the moment.

With so many things for kids and the kids’ at  heart to do on the boardwalk, it can be hard to know what is a “must-see.”

While kids will want to explore every ride and amusement that this boardwalk offers, some things bring back childhood memories for adults better than others.

No trip to a boardwalk with the family would be complete without a trip to the aquarium, and a ride on the colorful carousel provided your stomach and head can handle the spinning, of course.

The aquarium is one of the most visited attractions in this area beyond the amusements of the boardwalk. It allows travelers to get up close and personal with and learn about the creatures of the deep.

While this might seem strange to visit an aquarium while you’re visiting the beach, it is a safe way for everyone to learn about and explore marine wildlife.

The aquarium is open from 9 am – 5 pm daily and connects humans to nature through exhibits, shows, and hands-on exploring. Memorable and enriching, a must-see for everyone traveling to this area.

Park/Historic Sites

Carolina Beach State Park offers travelers the ability to hike, bike, and explore this area via boat and learn about the rich history and ecology. There are easy and handicapped trails that are also properly and marked. A “must see” is the Venus flytraps.

Freeman Park is another great park that offers travelers a unique way to reconnect with nature while exploring this area.

The park allows those travelers who have 4wd to explore the beach that way for a fee. If Fido is traveling with, they can happily join the 4wd party for a great family experience.

Eat/Drink/Be Merry

Good Hops Brewing is a great place to stop and sample some craft brews from North Carolina. 

If the kids are to have their endless fun at the boardwalk and amusements, the adults in the party might enjoy sampling an adult beverage crafted in North Carolina while visiting this area.

If this is too hard of a task to complete with children, as if the sweets and treats from the boardwalk itself weren’t enough, the Celtic Creamery might be just the perfect ending to a busy day in Carolina Beach.

This ice cream shop churns its ice creams directly on the premises and will touch every traveler’s sweet tooth and make it tingle.

They offer seasonal varieties and make their ice cream in small batches ensuring the best possible flavor and experience for locals and travelers alike.

What should make a travel “must see” list when visiting Carolina Beach, North Carolina?

The things that should make a travel “must see” list when visiting the Carolina beach, North Carolina area, including activities and things that suit who the travel guests are and what their interests are.

While it may be a “must see” for travelers to visit the boardwalk and amusements area, how they do it and what their experience is while doing say can vary from one set of travelers to another.

Regardless of the current trends and what seems to be the most exciting about an area, it is always fun to aim for a well-rounded vacation experience that covers all the bases.

This can offer a sampling of everything that a particular area has to offer, like a bit of history, a grand outdoor adventure, a sprinkling of some time spent reconnecting with nature and self, a sampling of great food and drink.

There are a whole lot of local amusements whether kid-friendly or not and some shopping and plain old indulging relaxation time to finish it all off.

In Conclusion

Whether local or seasoned traveler, there is always a list of “must see and do” items wherever you are.

Many people think it’s all about the boardwalk and amusements in the Carolina beach, North Carolina area.

Well, we won’t kid you it is, but there is so much more to see and do that your “must see and do” list might fill up quickly.

If it does, and you miss out, it’s just an excuse to come back again, real soon!

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