6 Best Places To Eat In Nags Head, North Carolina


Even when we are on vacation, we can sometimes choose a quick burger and fries or slice of pizza over more healthy fare to keep the fun going without skipping a beat.

While this may not always be the best choice, the good news is that we can still enjoy great food at reasonable prices that delight our tastebuds and all our senses, whether on a beach vacation or a business trip.

It takes a little thoughtful planning and a reservation, and the fun can begin.

Vacations are all about fun and a break from the ordinary, and that should include your food choices too. At least some of the time, anyway.

6 Best Places To Eat In Nags Head, North Carolina

The best places to eat in Nags Head, North Carolina, are:

  • Sooey BBQ and Rib Shack
  • Miller’s Waterfront Restaurant
  • Sam and Omie’s – a local favorite
  • Kill Devil Grill
  • Yellow Submarine – pizza
  • Jolly Roger Restaurant and Pirate Bar

Below you will find an assortment of restaurants and dining establishments that are the best at what they do, create meals and serve food to hungry patrons who visit the Nags Head, North Carolina area. 

Before you settle for another burger or pizza, give these restaurants a try, they won’t disappoint.

Sooey BBQ and Rib Shack

What can be just as quick and enjoyable as a burger and fries but more inviting to the senses? 

Well, barbeque and ribs, of course. 

This establishment will not disappoint with ribs and Carolina Barbeque that will have guests coming back for seconds.

From beef brisket to pulled chicken and pork, it will be hard to decide which to sample, and in all honesty, it might be best to get two and try them both!

Crabcakes are another hit at this casual outer bank’s coastal eatery so save room for a nibble of those too.

Pricing is reasonable, the food is fun, the staff friendly, and the atmosphere casual, the perfect place to dig into a hearty set of ribs before heading back out there for some fun!

Miller’s Waterfront Restaurant

Nothing compares to a great view while your dining, especially when it’s on the outer banks of North Carolina.

The breathtaking view of the ocean and beach and the outstanding performances of the windsurfers that might be frequenting the waters while you are dining.

The atmosphere is transformative, connecting diners with the outside through a wall of roll-up glass at the bar area to bring the glory of the outside in for a deeper connection while diners relax.

This restaurant offers a large selection of drinks and menu items for guests to choose from.

The energy and atmosphere are relaxed upscale dining that caters to various guests through a diverse menu.

This establishment offers lunch and dinner with salads, appetizers, and locally sourced seafood. 

Sandwiches and a kids’ menu round out the dinner offerings.

During the warmth of summer and if the weather permits, this restaurant and its upper floor sunset bar offer nightly music and entertainment for patrons to enjoy while they are in the house.

This restaurant doesn’t accept reservations; therefore, patrons might have to be prepared for a wait on busy afternoons and nights, particularly during the peak season.

Sam and Omie’s

If visitors are looking for a restaurant that has stood the test of time, this place is it. 

With over seventy years in business in the Nags Head area, this restaurant offers seafood at its best in a casual atmosphere that is welcoming and enjoyable.

It’s a treasured spot for locals with rustic nautical décor and history that harkens back to its days as a breakfast stop for local fishermen.

It will quickly become one for vacationers to this area.

While there are burgers on the menu, that isn’t all this classic restaurant has to offer, such as ribeye steaks, fish platters, and coconut cake for dessert. 

This full-service eatery serves up down-home southern cooking, simple and delicious.

Kill Devil Grill

For those locals and visitors looking to dine at a popular spot connected to a bit of history, this restaurant is it. 

With an extensive lunch, dinner, drinks, and kids’ menu, guests will have difficulty choosing what to eat.

Prices are reasonable, and the plates are plentiful, making it the perfect stop for families or larger parties of guests. 

Service is fast, and the staff is pleasant; food is considered exceptionally good, which is the perfect dining diversion while visiting this area.

What’s makes this establishment such a remarkable place to visit is being listed on the National Registry of Historic Buildings thanks to a historic dining car. 

Pies are a perfect ending after a satisfying meal at this local favorite.

Yellow Submarine

For visitors who simply can’t get by without a slice of pizza heaven while on vacation, this pizza restaurant fits the bill offering traditional and creative offerings on their menu, including wings and sandwiches to keep everyone interested. 

While the menu has many options, one extra special offering that many travelers will enjoy is the gluten-free pizza on the menu.

No list would be complete without noting a restaurant that somehow highlights music. 

For close to fifty years, this long-established restaurant takes pizza to a whole new level with made from scratch pizzas. 

The pizza made in-house is hand-tossed and baked in a real stone oven.

Jolly Roger Restaurant and Pirate Bar

6 Best Places To Eat In Nags Head North Carolina 1

sThis vegetarian-friendly Italian seafood restaurant and bar offers exciting menu items like seafood lasagna at reasonable prices in a unique environment. 

Breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, and drinks are served along with a children’s menu for the little ones.

This restaurant offers outdoor dining, weather permitting, is wheelchair accessible, and offers live music on select days.

The pirate-themed atmosphere will intrigue and delight young and old alike and the pirate-themed atmosphere and décor.

Diners will enjoy the extensive menu, which offers moderately priced food that fills the palate and the belly. Menu items are well-rounded and cater to all dining guests, with chef specials rounding out the offerings.

In Conclusion

Finding a great place to eat while on vacation shouldn’t be time-consuming or take away from the fun of a vacation adventure.

Nags Head, North Carolina, thankfully has a lot to offer in the way of food and dining options.

While this list highlights some of the best eating establishments this area offers, there are plenty more to inspire and delight the senses!

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