What Texas Beaches Can You Drive On?

Cruising down the beach in your car on a sunny day, with your family and all your great with you is a pretty great feeling.

Beaches that you can drive on are one of the best ways to enjoy yourself at the beach, but not every beach allows this. What about Texas?

What Texas Beaches Can You Drive On?

Virtually all beach areas allow vehicles to drive on the sand in Texas. Beach areas are considered public highways in Texas. While that is the case, certain rules and regulations must be followed while driving on the beach.

That being said, there is one great area of beach where visitors will be able to span a stretch of over fifty miles of sand while driving. This area is known as Padre Island.

This stretch of sand south of Corpus Christi will take a visitor along the beautiful stretch of the Gulf of Mexico and in the Padre Island National Seashore. 

It is a great spot for visitors to enjoy nature.

This long stretching beach run will take visitors to some very desolate areas where they can be one with nature and encounter many forms of wildlife, including birds and sea turtles, to name a few.

Access to this sandy beach driving area is done via the paved main park road, also known as park road twenty-two. It is accessible just beyond the Malaquite Visitors Center, where the paved road ends.

At this point, there are sixty miles of beach that visitors can travel via four-wheel-drive vehicle. 

The drive ends at South Beach and the Port Mansfield Channel. 

This channel is a man-made waterway that cuts through the island and makes it impossible to go further.

Those travelers who drive that far must turn around and drive the sixty miles back to the visitors center to leave the beach area.  

The drive should begin earlier in the day as the park has restrictions on when visitors can drive on the beach.

This driving length provides visitors with the solitude and connection to nature that brings them to this area. 

Aside from seeing various wildlife, the opportunity for peace and solitude while enjoying this area’s beautiful views makes it a perfect spot for a much-needed break.

Even though you can drive this long stretch of sand, it is good to have a four-wheel-drive vehicle and be prepared for emergencies with the right tools in your vehicle.

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Drivers should always carry a sturdy shovel, tow rope, cable, or chain of at least ten feet long, a jack and jack stand, and a plank of wood.

Along with those emergencies essential for if you or someone else gets stuck, having other vehicle essentials will make the trip easier and less stressful. 

These include extra sets of keys, a full tank of gas, a spare tire, and jumper cables.

Many people can easily forget about the car issues that can happen anytime, regardless of whether you’re on the beach or the side of a mountain.

Also, having plenty of drinks and snacks handy can help keep everyone in a good mood should an issue arise while you are driving on the beach.

Where can I drive on the beach in Galveston, Texas?

On Galveston Island, you can’t drive on the main stretch of beaches, but you can drive on the beach on the opposite side of the bay on the Bolivar Peninsula. 

This area has access points where vehicles can get to the sand and drive on the twenty-seven miles of beach.

These areas can be accessed via a crossroad that intersects Highway 87. 

A permit is required for this activity which costs under twenty dollars.

There are numerous beach activities for visitors to enjoy once they have had enough beach driving.

These include exploring the sand for treasures and natural collectible items, sunbathing, and enjoying the water.

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There are rules, and the everyday carry-in, carry-out policy is enforced as with any activity. Respecting other visitors and the natural habitat of the beach area is highly important to protect these favored pastimes.

Beach Driving Tips in Texas

  • Highway laws always apply
  • Northbound Vehicles always have the right of way
  • Do not block other traffic
  • Pay attention to pedestrians, and other beach gear
  • Pay attention to speed limit rules, usually not over 15 to 25 mph depending on the beach area
  • High clearance four-wheel-drive vehicles are recommended
  • Carry emergency equipment
  • Lend a helping hand when needed for other drivers
  • Know what you need to do to get your vehicle unstuck
  • Avoid any debris or hazardous beach items that you might come across

Most of these tips are listed for safety reasons and should be adhered to regardless of where you are on the beach. 

The few other tips listed are for the general consideration of the other visitors to the beach.

The more we adhere to paying attention to other visitors and being helpful, the less likely issues will arise in the first place.

Closing Points

Driving on the beach in Texas is like anywhere else; a lot of fun. 

While this activity may one day be a thing of the past, for now, visitors can still enjoy this activity that brings them up close and personal with the beach and nature.

However long it lasts, driving on the beach is an experience not to be missed by anyone who has the proper vehicle.

If there was ever a reason to get out and rent or borrow a four-wheel-drive vehicle, this adventure might just be it!