What Washington Beaches Can You Drive On?

Long Beach Peninsula and Ocean Shores in Washington are places where you can drive on the beach. Each beach area is open to driving on the beach at all times, and three-quarters of the Long Beach Peninsula area is open to vehicles driving on the sand.

Locals have mixed feelings about this hobby as with anything; there come pros and cons for this activity. Much of the reason there are so many issues with driving on the beach here or anywhere is a lack of respect.

One of the most important rules for anyone to follow while driving their vehicle on the beach in Long Beach Peninsula or Ocean Shores is to be respectful.

Long Beach Peninsula Area, Washington

The speed limit for the Long Beach Peninsula area is twenty-five miles per hour but going slowly will not be discouraged as it allows visitors to enjoy views in this area and be respectful of others.

Clamming, kite flying, and sunbathing are just a few hobbies that visitors will participate in during their visit to the Long Beach Peninsula.

Interestingly enough, Long Beach is considered an official highway in Washington, and many locals and visitors enjoy this hobby which brings them up close and personal with the Ocean.

It should be noted that the driver must have a current insurance card and drivers’ license. At no time is anyone driving a vehicle on the sand in this area to get very close to the water.

Visitors traveling the beach via vehicle should be aware of the other ways for people to visit. From foot travel to horseback, visitors to this area have diverse ways of enjoying their day in the sun. When using a vehicle, four-wheel drive is recommended but not essential.

You will have an easier time using a four-wheel-drive vehicle, but it is possible to navigate the sand if you don’t have a four-wheel-drive vehicle. As you would on a regular road, staying to the right is necessary for safety.

Long Beach Peninsula Area, Washington -- What Washington Beaches Can You Drive On?

Washington and its coastal shores area breathtaking paradise for travelers who venture to this part of the west. Endless outdoor activities will beckon travelers to explore that spontaneous side they didn’t even know existed.

For travelers who prefer a bit less intense activity they will find numerous relaxing spots and activities to put a smile on their face.

Ocean Shores Area, Washington

The same limit applies to this area as the Long Beach Peninsula Area. As with regular driving rules, there are no making donuts in the sand or reckless activity while driving on the beach. Four-wheel drive is very strongly recommended but not entirely necessary.

Driving in the dunes is discouraged for safety reasons, as is driving on clam beds or soft sand. Those traveling via vehicle on the sand should pay attention to the weather, tides, and pedestrians, others visiting and enjoying the beach area and wildlife.

It should be noted that if your vehicle does get stuck, there will be a tow fee imposed for removing it from the beach. Certain areas of this beach location do not allow beach driving, and visitors should pay close attention to the rules and adhere to them.

Like other beach areas, other amenities include sunbathing, having on the beach campfires, observing wildlife, and picnicking. Visitors must note that this beach does not have a lifeguard, so all activities are done at the visitors’ own risk.

Steps from the Beach

This four-bedroom, one bath pet friendly cottage has a lot to offer guests. The house is fully stocked with everything travelers could want except food and clothes.

The rustic coastal décor and indoor fireplace, washer and dryer and bicycles with helmets, guests will find it hard to be bored during their stay to this area.

This property is one of the many cottages available in this area where travel guests can pass the time crabbing once they have had their fill of driving on the beach. Nature and wildlife offer regular diversions and surprise guests that will have cameras snapping pictures nonstop.

Besides following the listed rules, how can I be respectful while driving on the beach in Washington?

Beyond following the listed rules and regulations set forth by the park or recreation area, the best way to be respectful is to pay attention to what is happening around you and your vehicle.

It can be very easy for visitors to get wrapped up in the sights and sounds and the entire experience and not notice nature or life happening around them.

Besides that, stay to the right, follow the speed limit, and ensure that your vehicle is in good working order. Being respectful doesn’t just pertain to other visitors; it includes the natural beach area and its environment.

Vehicles that give off fumes, leak oil or other fluids can harm the beach and wildlife that visit the areas. Revving engines being loud and obnoxious is disrespectful to other visitors and to the wildlife that calls this and the surrounding area home.

As with any trip to the beach or an outdoor recreation area, what you carry in should always be carried out, and other than the tracks from your tires and your feet, there shouldn’t be any other obvious footprints left behind.

Another way to be respectful while driving on the beach wherever you may travel is to be helpful to others. If you see someone stuck, take a moment to help them out as you would want them to if the roles were reversed.

Anything we can do to make these wonderful outdoor experiences more positive and enjoyable for all is more likely to continue.

If we disrespect, one day, these activities will change or be gone because of our lack of respect for our outdoor environment, the activities it provides, and those we share them with at any given time.

How do I know if rules and regulations have changed driving on the beach?

The best way to know if driving on the beach rules and regulations have changed for any location is to use online resources and websites. Websites are updated regularly when important information that affects the public is changed.

Many parks and recreation areas have apps that visitors can put on their phones before traveling to any area and see important information, including driving privileges in any beach area.

If no information is highlighted on the website for whatever reason, making a phone call is still the best way to know for sure. This phone call can provide up-to-date information that may not have been added to the website on the internet yet.

Final Thoughts

Washington is a state with many amenities, one of them being the privilege to drive on the beach in certain areas.

Driving on the beach is an activity that shouldn’t be missed by anyone who feels comfortable doing it.

The thrill of getting up close and personal and experiencing some of the more primitive highways of our country while enjoying a great beach view is something to be enjoyed!