What Beaches Can You Drive On In Oregon?

There are a few beaches in Oregon where you can drive on the beach. These locations include the Lincoln City Beach Area, Tierra Del Mar, and Sunset Beach Recreation Area.

These beaches offer unspoiled, peaceful serenity and connection to the Pacific Ocean while offering visitors a chance to get up close and personal with the ocean and beach itself.

Like in many regions of the United States, the favored pastime of taking your vehicle along the beach and enjoying a day of fun and sun 4-wheel style is dying out.

Environmental concerns for the natural resources of the Oregon Coast and safety issues that arise when humans and four-wheel-drive vehicles share the same space.

Due to these changing times and beliefs that banning such activities is better many travelers and visitors to this area of Oregon will want to participate in this activity while they still can. Beach areas will have rules and regulations for such activities, and visitors should abide by them for everyone’s safety.

Aside from driving on the beach in Oregon, this great state and the beaches that line its coast offer amenities and activities that will inspire and invoke creativity and openness in all who visit.

Stunning landscape that begins at the invigorating shores of the Pacific Ocean and move Eastward through forests of green, cliffs of awe and fear and diverse lands that are as unique as the locals who call Oregon home.

The great state of Oregon is so gorgeous vacationers will return year after year to enjoy driving on the beach and the many activities this area offers.

Lincoln City Beach Area, Oregon

For travelers looking for a great beach getaway in Oregon where they can drive their car on the beach and still enjoy wildlife, nature, and the beauty of the ocean, this beach area is the perfect spot.

With seven miles of beach to explore and a local access point from 15th Street for drivers to get up close and personal with their vehicle, it is an experience not to be missed.

Those who drive on this beach should pay attention to weather conditions and the tide to avoid accidentally getting their vehicle stuck. This beach area allows you to drive your vehicle on the beach to a specific parking spot, but you cannot drive along the beach from place to place as if it were a sandy racetrack.

Along with this nice perk for travelers visiting this beach area, there are other numerous things to do such as Whale watching, museums, outdoor recreational parks, unique shopping, tasteful dining experiences, and a plethora of art to be experienced.

What Beaches Can You Drive On In Oregon?

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Oceanfront Oasis

This stunning vacation rental offers the perfect mix of rustic coastal charm with modern amenities and creature comforts. At just over two thousand feet with four bedrooms that sleep ten and offer three bathrooms, there won’t be any overcrowding and lack of space to find peace.

With a garage, multiple living areas, and kitchens, everyone can be together or separate at any given moment. Close to all amenities, including great restaurants, whale watching, and large decks to enjoy the stunningly gorgeous ocean views.

Tierra Del Mar Beach Area, Oregon

For travelers looking to make a stop at a beach where they can drive their vehicle that isn’t too far from Portland, this beach is the perfect break.

To say that Tierra Del Mar is spectacular is an understatement. Still, then again, the entire coastal region of Oregon is beyond breathtaking with its splendidly towering trees of green, to the craggy and jaw-dropping cliffs and stunning dunes that call to the Pacific Ocean.

Tierra Del Mar is a beach not to be missed by those who want to use their vehicle to get up close and personal with the Pacific while driving their vehicle.

Travelers should check local rules and restrictions for this beach as they have specific times of the year, times of day, and other rules about driving a vehicle on the beach.

Since rules are changing quickly regarding this pastime, it is always best for travelers to research before planning their trip to be disappointed.

The area is outstanding for outdoor sports such as paragliding and simply spending time enjoying the lovely view.

There are numerous activities around this area, including museums, remarkable dining, lighthouses, abundant trails, parks to explore, and gift shops to amuse everyone during a break from the beach fun.

Travelers that wish to spend the night to have time to enjoy this area fully will find many options to choose from, including rental properties that bring nature right to their door.

Dune Grass Cottage

This three-bedroom, two-bath cottage sleeps up to six people comfortably while being close to the beach and offering a relaxing and rejuvenating décor that will bring the peace and tranquility of the area to life.

This house has one level living with a fenced-in back yard that makes a great place to host a family barbeque. Pets are allowed with a small non-refundable fee, and the fenced-in yard will be a great help if fido tags along.

On-site laundry and beautiful outdoor patio area make this cottage the perfect spot for families to enjoy their vacation while being at home, away from home.

Sunset Beach Recreation Area, Oregon

This beach area has specifically designated spots for driving and parking on the beach. In Oregon, dating back to the early 1900’s beaches were considered part of the public highway system.

While things have changed since then, there are still some beach areas that are designated for driving and parking.

Travelers visiting this area should contact the park for details on any changes that may have been made or be prepared for that possibility. Things are changing rapidly regarding vehicles driving on the beach.

In the meantime, those who wish to explore this area will have much to do. This long stretch that spans a great distance is part of the Clatsop Beach Peninsula Area.

What Beaches Can You Drive On In Oregon?

Beyond the beach, there are numerous other entertaining activities, from outdoor sports to dining and shopping. The area is rich in history relating to Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, canoeing, kayaking, and archery, to name a few.

While driving in certain areas is allowed, there can be restrictions during busier times of day and year. Visitors should check for current information and guidelines, so they follow the rules.

Another great location for driving on the beach in Oregon is Fort Stevens, State Park. This park has specific rules for driving on the beach and many other amenities and activities. Visitors should check the website for updated information before visiting this area.

In Conclusion

Visitors to the state of Oregon will find a few great places where they can still drive right up on the sand and enjoy the beach from their vehicle.

While this trend is quickly changing due to environmental and safety concerns, there are still a few great places left where this can be done. Checking websites and current information is highly important before traveling to have up-to-date information.

If things suddenly change, visiting any beach in Oregon will not disappoint, even if you can’t take your vehicle on the sand!