The 8 Best Outdoor Waterparks in Texas: Splash into Fun!

When the summer heat hits Texas, there’s nothing quite like cooling off at an outdoor waterpark. From towering water slides to lazy rivers and wave pools, Texas has some of the best outdoor waterparks in the country. Whether you’re looking for family-friendly fun or an adrenaline-pumping adventure, there’s a waterpark in Texas that’s perfect for you.

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What’s the best outdoor waterpark in Texas?

There are tons of great water parks in Texas, but the best are Schlitterbahn, which has 4 locations, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Arlington, and Hawaiian Falls, which has six locations across Texas. Some outdoor waterparks in Texas have unique features, like lazy rivers, water rollercoasters, and even aquariums, so the best one for your trip will depend on what your exact priorities are.

One of the most popular waterparks in Texas is Schlitterbahn, with locations in New Braunfels and Galveston.

Schlitterbahn boasts a wide range of water attractions, including the world’s longest water coaster, a surfing ride, and a lazy river that winds through the park. For those seeking a thrill, the park also has a variety of high-speed slides and a giant wave pool.

Another top-rated waterpark in Texas is Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, located in Arlington. The park features a variety of water slides, including the world’s largest man-made surfing wave, as well as a lazy river and a children’s play area. Hurricane Harbor also offers cabana rentals and a variety of food and drink options, making it a great spot for a day of fun in the sun.

Top Outdoor Waterparks in Texas

Schlitterbahn (Multiple Locations)

Schlitterbahn is a world-renowned water park chain with four locations in Texas. The original Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels is the largest and most popular, drawing visitors from all over the world. It features over 40 water attractions, including the world’s longest water coaster, the Master Blaster.

Schlitterbahn Galveston is another popular location, with a gorgeous Texas beachfront location and attractions like the Torrent wave river and the Tiki Tikes Kids’ Area.

This waterpark is unique in that it features both indoor and outdoor water attractions by the Galveston beach.

Some of the park’s highlights include the MASSIV Monster Blaster, the world’s tallest water coaster, and the Boogie Bahn, an indoor surfing ride. Schlitterbahn Galveston also has several dining options, including a barbecue restaurant and a beachside bar.

Other locations include Schlitterbahn South Padre Island and Schlitterbahn Corpus Christi.

If you’re looking for more indoor water parks and don’t mind a short drive, you’re in luck: There are tons of indoor water parks in Oklahoma.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor (Arlington)

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is located in Arlington, just outside of Dallas. This waterpark is known for its thrilling water rides, including the Typhoon Twister and the Black Hole.

There are also plenty of areas for younger children to play, such as Hook’s Lagoon and the Splash Island Kiddie Area.

When visitors need a break from the water, they can take a stroll through the park’s botanical gardens or grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants.

Hawaiian Falls (Multiple Locations)

Hawaiian Falls has six locations throughout Texas, including Garland, The Colony, Mansfield, Roanoke, Waco, and Pflugerville.

Each park features a variety of water attractions, including slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers. Hawaiian Falls also offers cabana rentals, birthday party packages, and season passes.

Overall, Texas is home to many thrilling and exciting outdoor water parks, with something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for heart-pumping coasters or relaxing lazy rivers, Texas has it all.

While it’s true that Texas has a lot of water parks, it’s still comes in 4th as far as US states with the most water parks. It comes in just after Missouri. If you want to take your water park game to the next level, check out our guide to the best water parks in Missouri.

Family-Friendly Waterparks

When it comes to family-friendly waterparks in Texas, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are three of the best:

Splashway Waterpark (Sheridan)

Splashway Waterpark is located in Sheridan, Texas, and is a great option for families looking for a fun day out. The park has a variety of attractions, including wave pools, splash pads, and a kids area.

There are also plenty of food options available, so you won’t go hungry during your visit.

Bahama Beach Waterpark (Dallas)

Bahama Beach Waterpark is located in Dallas, Texas, near the city’s downtown area, and is a great option for families looking for a fun day out.

This waterpark is smaller than some of the others on this list, but it still has plenty to offer. The park has a variety of attractions, including wave pools, splash pads, and a kids area. Visitors can ride the park’s three-story water slide, float down the lazy river, or play in the splash pad.

There’s also a snack bar serving up burgers, fries, ice cream, and more.

NRH2O Family Water Park (North Richland Hills)

NRH2O Family Water Park is located in North Richland Hills, Texas, and is a great option for families looking for a fun day out.

The park has a variety of attractions, including wave pools, splash pads, and a kids area. There are also plenty of food options available, so you won’t go hungry during your visit.

Waterparks with Unique Features

Castaway Cove Waterpark (Wichita Falls)

Located in Wichita Falls, Castaway Cove Waterpark is a pirate-themed park that offers a variety of unique features.

One of the park’s most popular attractions is the Buccaneer Bay, which is a wave pool that creates waves up to 4 feet high. The park also has a 40-foot tall water coaster called The Pirate’s Plunge, which takes riders through twists, turns, and drops.

Additionally, Castaway Cove has a swim-up bar where visitors can enjoy a refreshing drink while lounging in the water.

Aquatica San Antonio

Aquatica San Antonio is a waterpark that combines marine life with thrilling water rides. One of the park’s unique features is the Stingray Falls, which is a water slide that takes riders through an underwater grotto filled with stingrays.

Another popular attraction is the Roa’s Aviary, which is a tropical bird exhibit that visitors can walk through. Visitors also love the Walhalla Wave, a thrilling tube ride for the whole family.

Aquatica San Antonio also offers private cabanas for visitors who want a more secluded experience.

Best Waterparks In Texas: Comparison Chart

WaterparkLocationNotable AttractionsFeatures
Schlitterbahn New Braunfels, Galveston, South Padre Island, Corpus ChristiMaster Blaster, MASSIV Monster Blaster, Boogie BahnIndoor and outdoor attractions, dining options
Six Flags Hurricane HarborArlingtonTyphoon Twister, Black Hole, botanical gardensThrilling water rides, areas for younger children
Hawaiian Falls Garland, The Colony, Mansfield, Roanoke, Waco, PflugervilleSlides, wave pools, lazy riversCabana rentals, birthday party packages, season passes
Splashway WaterparkSheridanWave pools, splash pads, kids areaFood options
Bahama Beach WaterparkDallasWater slide, lazy river, splash padSnack bar
NRH2O Family Water ParkNorth Richland HillsWave pools, splash pads, kids areaFood options
Castaway Cove WaterparkWichita FallsBuccaneer Bay, The Pirate’s Plunge, swim-up barPirate theme, unique attractions
Aquatica San AntonioSan AntonioStingray Falls, Roa’s Aviary, Walhalla WaveMarine life, private cabanas


Overall, Texas has some of the best outdoor waterparks in the country. From the thrilling water slides to the lazy rivers, there is something for everyone in the Lone Star State.

When it comes to admission prices, most of the waterparks are reasonably priced and offer discounted rates for children and seniors. However, visitors should be prepared for additional costs such as locker rentals and towel rentals, which can add up quickly.

During peak season, some of the waterparks can get quite crowded, resulting in long lines for popular attractions. Visitors should plan to arrive early and be prepared for wait times. Many parks offer a fast pass option for an additional fee, which can help reduce wait times.

Check-in procedures are typically straightforward and efficient, but visitors should be aware of individual park policies regarding outside food and drinks, as well as pets. Some parks allow outside food and drinks, while others do not. Most water parks do not allow pets, except for service animals.

Teenagers will find plenty of attractions to enjoy at Texas waterparks, including wave pools, water volleyball, and thrilling slides. However, parents should be aware of park policies regarding unaccompanied minors, as some parks require adult supervision for guests under a certain age.

Once you’ve slid your way through all the slides in all the Texas water parks, consider a trip out to the west coast for some fun, sun, and some of the best water parks in the country.

Overall, visitors to Texas waterparks can expect a fun-filled day of water activities, but should be prepared for additional costs and potential wait times during peak season. With a little planning, a trip to a Texas waterpark can be a memorable and enjoyable experience for the whole family.

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