What Are The Best Beaches In North Carolina?

When you’re planning your beach vacation, why settle for second best? 

There are over 25 distinct beach areas in North Carolina, but they are not all created equally.

So, which North Carolina beach is really the best?

What Are The Best Beaches In North Carolina?

The best beaches in North Carolina are Carolina Beach, Oak Island Beach, Wrightsville Beach, and Bald Head Island Beach, but this depends on what a traveler is looking for when they visit. Some of the best beaches in North Carolina are not too crowded but offer many amenities and activities for travelers to enjoy.

The best beaches for large travel parties and families with children are Carolina Beach and Wrightsville Beach if they are looking for a large variety of activities such as amusement rides, shopping, surfing, fishing, museums, and any number of other activities. 

These beaches offer lots of diversity which kids and larger parties of travelers will enjoy.

Not everyone enjoys doing the same thing; therefore, these beaches can accommodate larger parties with multiple people who want to try and explore many things.

Those travelers who want quieter and peace will find Bald Head Island Beach and Oak Island Beach more to their liking. 

While they will be a bit less crowded and more relaxing, they are not lacking in amenities for those travelers who want something to do besides sit on the beach and enjoy the water.

Carolina Beach

Families and those travelers who enjoy boardwalk amusements will delight in visiting the Carolina beach area.

It offers great restaurants, amusement parks, art galleries, and great surfing. There are also a few parks for walking and reconnecting with nature for travelers of that mindset.

This beach area is livelier and has many things for travelers to do. This also makes a great place to bring your dog, as Freeman Park allows dogs on the beach and 4WD vehicles with a permit.

Oak Island Beach

A little over a half-hour southwest of Wilmington, the Oak Island Beach area offers well over 50 public beach access points for travelers to get near the Atlantic Ocean and enjoy the beautiful sand.

There are two fishing piers and ten handicap access points. It is family-friendly with a sleepy coastal beach town feel. Shopping, movies, and other attractions are in very close proximity.

www.vrbo.com can connect travelers to some great vacation rentals in this area that will fit into everyone’s budget.

Oak Island Cottage

This adorable cottage sleeps up to 4 people in two bedrooms with a deck that is steps to the water. Internet, laundry, and air conditioning on-site, as well as a yard, make for a great family getaway for those travelers who have a dog and kids.

What Are The Best Beaches In North Carolina

Wrightsville Beach

Those vacationers who thrive more on activities and less on relaxation will find these beaches more to their liking. Jogging trails, scuba diving, and kayaking are just some of these beaches’ outdoor amenities.

With thriving nightlife and diverse restaurants, the fun and busyness of a vacation can continue well into the night.

For those who choose not to stay in a hotel or resort in this area, numerous rental properties will keep them close to the action but far enough away that they can unwind after a busy day.

Shell Island Resort

This newly renovated suite offers beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean and its sandy beaches with a resort-style atmosphere and amenities like a hot tub, fitness center, and volleyball.

It sleeps up to 4 in 1 bedroom with two bathrooms and what it might lack in space, it doesn’t lack in atmosphere and views. 

For those looking for an upscale apartment-style rental that wants a variety of amenities close to the beach, this rental has everything.

Bald Head Island Beach

The only way to access this beach area is by ferry or private boat. There are no motorized vehicles allowed on the island except the golf carts provided on the island itself.

The waters and beaches are pristine and clean, and the atmosphere is that of a summer beach resort with rental properties and the Bald Head Island Club golf course.

Travelers who want peace and relaxation, and a chance to glimpse at the over 250 diverse bird species that call this island home, this is the perfect spot for a vacation getaway.

Oceanfront Cottage

This three-bedroom and four-bathroom beach cottage have it all. Located on a Cul de sac with Atlantic Ocean views, this cottage is child and pet friendly. 

It offers a wraparound porch and hammock for sleepy afternoons.

It boasts multiple decks for guests to enjoy and golf carts for use while staying in the cottage. The kitchen, baths, and bedrooms are furnished with top-of-the-line appliances and furnishings aligned with its coastal theme.

Rocking chairs and a shared wooden boardwalk round out the homelike atmosphere, which will have travelers dreading the day of their departure until they can return once more. 

The Town of Duck and it’s Beach

The beaches of this area are great for collecting seashells, and the area is free of overdevelopment, lacking in expansive resorts and larger hotels.

This area has that small-town feel that many travelers will enjoy, yet it is only a short distance from Corolla that offers more amenities and activities.

This beach area offers travelers a place to escape when they are done having fun in Corolla, a place that reminds them of home or their vision of coastal life beside the Atlantic Ocean.

Without elaborate hotels or resorts to spend the night in, travelers will find many rental properties that can fit into their travel budget and provide them with the perfect home away from home.

Dolphin Dawn

This condo has one bedroom and sleeps up to 5 people. With two bathrooms and amazing Ocean views, travelers can watch the sunrise or use their binoculars to watch the dolphins and other wildlife of this area.

The unit offers a full kitchen, internet, washer and dryer, and an outdoor pool. Being steps away from the beach and child-friendly, this rental unit provides a homelike atmosphere in the heart of where all the North Carolina beach coastal adventures can be found.

How do I know which North Carolina beach is best for me?

You will know which North Carolina beach is best for you when you decide what activities you want to do while you are vacationing.

Knowing who will be traveling at your party and what type of atmosphere you are looking for will also help you make the right choice.

In truth, there is no best choice for everyone when it comes to a beach vacation. Everyone has their tastes and preferences when they travel, relating to the type of accommodations, restaurants, and activities they like to do.

Travelers are all different, and some will prefer a quiet setting, while others will look for nonstop fun and excitement. 

Others still will search for something in between the two.

The type of activities that are sought will determine which beach is best as some beaches don’t offer the same activities.

Starting with a list of who will be traveling, the budget for the vacation, what type of vacation atmosphere everyone wants, and what type of activities they desire is a good place to start. Once these details are noted, choosing the right location will be easier as it will narrow down the choice of beaches.

Closing Points

The best of the best when it comes to a beach is different for everyone based on their tastes and preferences.

Some beaches in North Carolina are the best for certain entertainments like a boardwalk, but that doesn’t mean they will be the best for everyone.

Being the best is more about opinion, and no one can deny that North Carolina has many beaches to choose from. Each one offers its unique atmosphere and activities.

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