How Many Beaches Are In North Carolina?

North Carolina has an extensive coastline, but coastline doesn’t always mean the same thing as the beach.

Indeed, many parts of the Carolina coastline are mucky and gross, definitely not a place to build a sandcastle.

Still, though, there are tons of beachside resort towns ready to cater to your sandcastle/surfing/fishing/sunbathing vacation needs.

But just how many beaches are there in North Carolina?

Over 25 beach areas in North Carolina run the coast from Virginia to South Carolina. These beach areas make up over 300 miles of North Carolina’s coastal area along the Atlantic Ocean. These barrier island beaches are a part of many unique towns, with over 100 miles of them dotting the Outer Banks Region of North Carolina.

Each beach has its unique atmosphere and attractions suited to both adults and children. 

Some will have attractions geared towards families like amusement rides, while others will cater to couples or primarily adults looking for a quiet break from work and the hustle of life.

The various beaches that dot the coast of North Carolina are a mixture of family-friendly and secluded, with some catering to pets and a few that allow 4WD vehicles with permits.

All the beaches somehow connect to the Atlantic Ocean, whether they are directly on the Ocean itself or tucked neatly in a sound or inlet that eventually spills into the Atlantic Ocean.

Every beach is clean and pristine as North Carolina has some of the best beaches in the country for cleanliness. 

This makes them safe, inviting, and the perfect spot for sunning and enjoying the water.

Carova Beach

Starting from the top, the first beach closest to Virginia is the Carova Beach, and it is a more secluded beach with very few tourist attractions or amenities to speak of for visitors.

Geared more towards nature and outdoor adventures, you won’t find any hotels or resorts in this area. This beach does allow visitors to use 4WD and access the beach by vehicle during certain times of the year.

It is also possible to walk or bike to this beach for those who choose not to use their vehicle.

This area has many outdoor adventures for those who love the water and spend time surfing or partaking in any number of other outdoor water and land adventures.

One of the most popular attractions for this beach area is the Wild Horses, and other wildlife is this nature area. Tours are provided by local guides where visitors can get up close to the horses and explore other natural aspects of this area.

For visitors looking for a vacation free of chaos, noise, and offers that unspoiled, calm environment where they can reconnect with nature and themselves, this is the spot!

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Bird Island Reserve Beach

This beach area, which is technically a shared beach between North and South Carolina, is often highly underrated compared to the other beaches of North Carolina. 

However, it should be considered more often for its peaceful setting and proximity to Sunset Beach.

For beachgoers who visit North Carolina searching for a less crowded beach option, this is the place to go. This is the challenge it poses for accessing the beach area.

To access the beach, you need to use a boat or be willing to carry all your beach gear the long distance from the parking lot to the beach itself.

For this reason, the beach is best for those who seek not only quiet and space but also those who plan to stay for the entire day.

One surprise that awaits those who visit the beach is the very special mailbox, the Kindred Spirit Mailbox. This mailbox offers travelers the chance to reflect on their experience while visiting North Carolina Beaches and leave their mark for others to investigate.

While there is a nature trail for those who seek a diversion from the beach, it is best to stay on the trail because of the potential for gators in this area.

In between the above-listed beaches, numerous other beaches offer entertainments and amusements, as well as secluded spots for solitude and reflection. offers many houses and other rentals for those who want to visit this area for an extended stay. Accommodations vary based on the nightly rate you can afford to spend and the offered amenities.

One great rental will keep you as close to the beach as possible while providing room to breathe and entertainment for your party.

Walk to Kindred Spirit, 2 Master Suites

This four-bedroom and three bathhouses is the perfect spot to relax after a beautiful day at the beach. It sleeps up to 10 people and has air conditioning, washer and dryer, and internet cable.

The property is child-friendly and has multiple porches, one of them is even screened in for comfort and enjoyment. Travelers will fall in love with this cute little house by the beach and return year after year.

Cape Hatteras Beaches

One interesting spot for travelers to enjoy is the Cape Hatteras region. This area, known as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic,” offers diversity in the form of beaches and entertainment.

Rich in history, well over a thousand ships have sunk into this graveyard since the mid-1500s, including the flagship of pirate Blackbeard known as the Queen Anne’s Revenge.

With fishing as a popular pastime and museums, kayaking, and other outdoor water adventures in and around this area, it offers the perfect hub location for travelers to explore the region and enjoy a great beach getaway.

There is a lighthouse to explore, horseback riding, art galleries and nature trails, and other things for travelers to explore.

Great restaurants, stunning beach areas, and comfortable lodging, this area will likely keep travelers visiting for the weekend busy without ever leaving this area.

 In Conclusion

There are many beaches in North Carolina that run along the coast. Each beach has something to delight travelers morning, noon, and night.

Some will be peaceful and uncrowded, while others will be bustling with people and exciting adventures. Whatever your pleasure, you can easily find it here from the most northern beach of Carova to the southernmost beach of Bird Island Reserve Beach.

No matter what your travel plans are, there is always something to do when you visit one of the many beaches, the only problem you will have is choosing which one you want to visit this year!

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