6 Of The Best Coffee Shops In Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Finding a great coffee shop doesn’t have to be hard, even in Chapel Hill. No matter your sipping pleasure, latte, espresso, chai tea, or something else, there is a great coffee house that serves it up perfectly well! 

If you have a small business meeting to deal with in the morning or need to grab a quick sandwich and cup of joe before you head back to the office, there are plenty of great coffee spots in Chapel Hill to do just that. Each coffee shop will have its unique atmosphere and menu choices that will surprise and delight your senses, so you want to return again and again.

What are the best coffee shops in Chapel Hill, NC?

Chapel Hill, NC has tons of great coffee shops that even the most discerning coffee drinkers are sure to love. Some of the most unique, locally-owned coffee shops in Chapel Hill are:

  • La Vida Dolce Coffee Shop
  • Coco Bean Coffee Shop
  • Honeysuckle Teahouse
  • Carolina Coffee Shop
  • Caffé Driade
  • Café Carolina and Bakery

Every time I think about coffee, it makes me smile, my favorite beverage in the whole world. Not something many of us can live without daily, I find myself wondering, if there is one around every corner I turn. Now that I have created this list, you don’t have to wonder when you’re in Chapel Hill.

La Vida Dolce Coffee Shop

610 Market Street Suite 101C, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27516

(919) 968-1635

From a hot tea latte to a cool rock-hard cider IPA and Empire Blend Coffee Beans from Oregon you won’t be disappointed. The coffee is the star of the show, with Dolce Nitro and the Cuban Latte and other choices. Beverages are expertly prepared by friendly staff who pay close attention to the golden standard.

They also offer seasonal drinks, wine, beer, and gelato drinks as well as small plate items and bakery items. The atmosphere is beautiful with outdoor dining and a cozy, relaxed indoor seating area. 

Its welcoming vibe and friendly staff members make it a great spot to call your go-to coffee shop whenever you’re in town.

The Best Coffee Shops In Chapel Hill North Carolina 1

Coco Bean Coffee Shop

1114 Environ Way, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27517

(919) 883-9003

If you like your standard cup of coffee brewed to perfection, you will find that at this coffee house, that, and some really good vegan treats like the best apple turnovers you have ever tasted. The iced mocha is sure to be a repeat choice for its pure heavenly deliciousness.

The atmosphere is cute and comfortable, and the staff of skilled baristas aim to please, whatever your coffee house pleasure they strive to go above and beyond to satisfy each customer. 

The coffee shop can be a bit pricey, but it is well worth the extra money for the delicious treats and expertly crafted coffee and beverages.

Honeysuckle Teahouse

8871 Pickhards Meadow Road, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27516

(919) 903-9131

This unique coffee shop establishment is so much more than coffee. With a yurt in the back yard of the property and a very earthy atmosphere complemented by herbs, and fruit, patrons will fall in love with the energy and vibe of this place and its staff.

Unique options like honey mead and Coconut Macha Latter will surprise your taste buds as the hip food options like sundaes with rose petals freshly picked from the flower beds themselves will put a smile on your face.

The coffee shop is an open-air facility with hammocks for guests to enjoy while sipping their lavender tea, but what makes it so special is the relaxed, friendly, and unique atmosphere. They offer a selection of coffee, tea, and other beverage options leaning more toward the different and unusual flavors and pairings.

The Best Coffee Shops In Chapel Hill North Carolina 2

Carolina Coffee Shop

138 East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514

(919) 942-6875

This lovely coffee shop offers gluten-free options for those who are sensitive but is not a devoted gluten-free facility for those with celiac, and it should be noted as such. Coffee shop meets casual restaurant this place offers reasonably priced beverages and food and plenty of it.

The hot cocoa is a big hit in more ways than one and is sure to please the kid in us all. The coffee is perfectly brewed in the oldest restaurant in North Carolina. Your coffee choices can be paired with breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner, or if you’re not in the mood for something so extravagant a lovely dessert.

Caffé Driade

1215-A East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514

(919) 942-2333

Outdoor enthusiasts will love the outdoor space at this coffee shop at the back of the building. Multiple tiers of dining space surrounded by beautiful trees make for a tranquil spot to enjoy some great coffee.

You can get alcoholic beverages like wine and beer and enjoy a few nibbles of a pastry or other baked goods, but these items are not the main focus when you visit. 

Here, it’s all about the outdoor atmosphere, and the coffee has a dedicated group of near and far followers who love the little lean-to in the woods.

While this place may not appeal to the local tech crowd because there is a charge for wi-fi, most find that easy to overlook when they taste the coffee, enjoy the view, and love the convenience after a morning bike ride or trail run.

Café Carolina and Bakery

601 Meadowmont Village Circle, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27517

(919) 945-8811

If you’re looking for a coffee shop that has exceptionally good service, this is exactly where you want to stop. A well-rounded coffee shop that can handle larger groups or something as intimate as a tiny table for two, they serve more than just coffee.

This coffee shop offers a diverse menu with such selections as breakfast omelets, salads, sandwiches, and soups that are reasonably priced and the most amazing sweet potato biscuits.

Their brewed coffee and other beverage options are a cut above the rest, and the atmosphere is relaxed and slow. A popular spot with locals that serves up iced coffee that is exactly as it should be.

In Conclusion

Coffee is often the essence of a perfect start to a good morning or a lovely finish to a beautifully prepared dinner. Picking a great place to enjoy it is by far the most important part of the experience.

Chapel Hill has other coffee shop options available, but not all can compare to the ones listed above, unique, pleasantly surprising, and of course, oh so memorable!