8 of the Best Coffee Shops in Raleigh, North Carolina

When you’re searching for a cozy spot to get some work done, a special place to share some caffeine with your besties, or simply a quiet nook to have some solitude and space, Raleigh has quieted a few great places to do just that with a multitude of coffee shops offering some of the best coffee in town!

Each coffee shop has its unique atmosphere and a special blend of coffee, tea, and treats, to go along with that caffeine boost we all crave.

What are the best coffee shops in Raleigh?

Some of the best coffee shops in Raleigh include:

  • Pine State Coffee
  • Sir Walter Coffee
  • Thanks, a Latte
  • Full Bloom Coffee
  • Lucky Tree Café and Gallery
  • Heirloom Brew Shop
  • Jubala Coffee
  • Lucettegrace

It might be just me, but I always need to know where there is a great coffee spot to grab a quick pick me up when I need it. That’s why I decided to make this list of the best places in Raleigh for you!

What are the best coffee shops in Raleigh 1

Pine State Coffee

1614 Automotive Way, Raleigh, North Carolina 27604

What was once a coffee roast shop for fine coffee beans delivered in recent years turned into a coffee shop offering a delightful menu of coffee and other drinks

You can also get typical coffee house items like pastries with your specialty drink to enjoy in-house or on the go.

The atmosphere is functional, and modern while the coffee beans hail from Ethiopia, Guatemala, Peru, and New Guinea for those who like their coffee from a very particular place.

For those people who want to do a bit of shopping, this coffee house offers specialty coffee bundles and a limited amount of other merchandise devoted to their coffee house.

Sir Walter Coffee

145 E. Davie Street, Raleigh, North Carolina 27601

(919) 322-0019

If you’re into vintage, this coffee shop is the one for you, it has style and a vast menu of food choices to go along with that great cup of joe!

It is colorful, vibrant with an artistic appeal, and lovely outdoor dining for those who like a bit of fresh air with their pick-me-up!

Whatever hour drinking pleasure, from a late-night beer to a mid-afternoon cup of bubble tea or that oh-so-necessary morning cappuccino, they have it and more! 

While you might stop in for a quick bite and drink of your favorite staple, you will find it very hard to leave once you get comfortable!

Thanks, a Latte

1118 Kentworth Drive, Holly Springs, North Carolina 27540

(919) 577-0070

This hidden gem boutique coffee shop offers exceptional coffee, tea, coffee house fare, and some shopping for those in need of a special gift for any occasion.

If you’re looking for a place to call home that oozes southern hospitality, you won’t be disappointed when you step inside this lovely little coffee shop with its friendly staff and warm, inviting décor.

Full Bloom Coffee

141 West Main Street, Garner, North Carolina 27529

(919) 720-4013

If your looking for that farm-to-table experience that connects locals while paying tribute to those who supply the beans for that sweet cup of joe, this is a great place to stop!

You can pop in and grab a bag of coffee beans for those moments when you just can’t get out the door before work but need a great cup of coffee, or you can sample any one of their other menu items, teas, and other beverages.

What are the best coffee shops in Raleigh 2

Lucky Tree Café and Gallery

3801 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, North Carolina 27607

(919) 342-6688

Everyone loves a great treehouse, as they remind us of our carefree youth or a great off-grid vacation we recently took. 

When a treehouse is combined with a coffee house, it is bound to be welcoming, fun, and a great spot to get together with some friends.

This coffee shop supports local artists by allowing them to highlight and sell their artwork and handmade items. 

They also have fun “Open Mic” nights for the local artists of a different sort. 

Dedicated to providing a well-rounded coffee house experience, the menu items cater to everyone, including those with food allergies or alternative eating styles.

Heirloom Brew Shop

219 S. West Street, Raleigh, North Carolina 27603

If you’re looking for some international Asian flare with your cup of joe, this peaceful spot is the perfect pairing of the two.

If coffee isn’t your thing on any given day, the space doubles as a sake bar with alcoholic beverages for a great date night.

Their menu offerings are that same Asian musing that will delight patrons no matter what time of day or night.  

Each creation takes its flavorful spin on traditional and international classics.

Jubala Coffee

8450 Honeycutt Road, Raleigh, North Carolina 27615

(919) 758-8330

The go-to coffee shop is where most locals think about when they want a great breakfast alongside extremely good coffee. 

The namesake boasts three locations in the city, and its staff have mastered the art of the perfect espresso that would impress the ficklest Italian coffee drinker.

These coffee shops use all local ingredients and craft everything they serve in-house with the most amazing biscuits that blend into a perfect bite when combined with their jam! If this isn’t enough to entice anyone to spend a few hours here, the live music and other events should do the trick!


235 S. Salisbury Street, Raleigh, North Carolina 27601

(919) 307-4950

When in downtown Raleigh this sweet coffee shop is a great break from a busy day as it replicates an exquisite French bakery complete with pastries and other delectable treats to go along with some memorable coffee or other beverage.

One of the most memorable experiences to be had here is biting into one of their many uniquely flavored macarons. 

You can turn them into a spectacular presentation for a celebration showstopper or enjoy one with some luscious ice cream pipped in between the two macarons.

In Conclusion

When you need a good cup of joe in Raleigh, these coffee shops are a great place to stop in a get your fix! While there are many others to choose from, these are the best for their unique atmosphere, menu offerings, and location!