5 Of The Best Coffee Shops In Boone, North Carolina

Coffee shops like restaurants are a staple in cities, but not all of them are created equal. Finding the right one, that makes the perfect cup of coffee just the way you like can be challenging when there are so many to choose from in one area.

No matter what your need, a comfortable nook to read a book and sip some sinful dark roast, or a lively seat with a window view for you and your friends to watch the people go by, there is something for everyone in Boone, North Carolina.

What are the best coffee shops in Boone?

Boone has a lot of great, local coffee shops that both tourists and locals love. Some of the best ones are:

  • Talia Espresso Boone
  • Blowing Rock Market and Wine Shop
  • Higher Grounds Coffee Shop
  • Espresso News
  • Camp Coffee Roasters

I am sure it’s not just me, but every time I visit a new city or town I think about coffee and where I can find that great cup of cappuccino I crave so much. 

Since I happen to know great minds think alike, I am certain many of you wonder the same, and that’s why I produced this list for Boone, North Carolina.

Talia Espresso Boone

The Best Coffee Shops In Boone North Carolina

444 West King Street, Boone, NC 28607

(828) 386-1919

This tiny little espresso shop is filled with great staff that is friendly and helpful to the customers. The iced coffees and lattes are particularly good with the espresso being the best cup you will likely ever have.

This coffee house has a few special drinks designed expressly for the vegan crowd and with specialty design, your drinks, leave a lot of room for experimentation with flavors, and product choices, such as soy milk, oat milk, or anything else.

This established coffee house has a few locations, with the main street serving up breakfast and lunch while the others serve delightful sweets and treats. Dining options include indoors, or outside which can make finding a perfectly secluded or not, spot, simple and easy.

Blowing Rock Market and Wine Shop

990 Main Street, Blowing Rock, North Carolina 28605d

(828) 414-9322

This well-rounded coffee shop meets market and wine shop boasts everything you can imagine in one lovely market, from clothing to snacks, specialty coffee and teas to food items and beer.

The service and staff are pleasant, and the outdoor seating is a great spot for groups of people to commune and enjoy the people watching while enjoying a few sips of a sinfully good beverage.

The market serves up picnic items to go with your coffee or tea and uses the freshest ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible.

Higher Grounds Coffee Shop

201 North Market Centre Suite 10, Boone, North Carolina 28607

(828) 265-1114

The service at this establishment is convenient and fast with a little twist here and there for an all sense pleasing experience, like ice cream in espresso. If you haven’t had it, you should certainly stop in and try it.

If you have dietary issues, they cater to that and have sample bags of coffee flavors for you to take home and try before you buy. 

This coffee shop has a lot of room to accommodate, without feeling crowded and stuffy.

The energy will make you feel good with that sit-down and get comfortable vibe and staff members that are eager to help patrons with whatever it is they need. The prices are reasonable, and they have a lot of goodies to choose from to go along with your coffee or beverage.

A few popular drinks the apple cider chai and frappes are house specials that should be tried at least once, and you won’t be disappointed. 

The Best Coffee Shops In Boone North Carolina 2

Espresso News

267 Howard Street, Boone, North Carolina 28607

828) 264-8850

This vegan-friendly coffee shop roasts its coffee beans in-house for on-the-spot delectable full-bodied flavor at a moment’s notice.

The second level offers comfy chairs and books for those reading worms that like to spin a few pages while they pass a few hours and sip some java.

For some extra special fun with a few friends or co-workers, there are chess boards for playing and both indoor and outdoor seating available. The service is quick, the prices are modest, and the staff is personable and pleasant.

Aside from luscious treats they have a soup of the day that changes and is always vegetarian. Their lunch menu also includes sandwiches. 

The coffee is a reputed winner with the local campus crowd and it tends to be a favorite hang out for the younger crowd during free time off-campus.

Camp Coffee Roasters

921 Main Street, Blowing Rock, North Carolina 28605

(828) 406-7990

This coffee shop offers a great seating area upstairs, and baked goods and doughnuts that are created on-premises. The baristas are artistic, friendly, and willing to go the extra mile to please their patrons.

What makes this place so remarkable is the fact that they have longer hours than most other coffee shops, they stay open a bit later. 

Not everyone beats to the same drum and it’s nice to know that everyone has a great place to stop when they need caffeine and a quick pick-me-up treat to keep moving with their day or night.

The coffee selections and options are extensive, they also have a large selection of baked goods and pastries which both change seasonally. 

The coffee beans they roast come from throughout the world and they have a wonderful expresso bar that will delight even the pickiest of coffee drinkers.

This communal coffee shop is a great place to start your next adventure in and around Boone, where you go from there is up to you, but they want you to remember that it started with one amazing cup of coffee.

Final Thoughts

Coffee, what some consider the staff of life can make or break your day or night depending on how good or bad it tastes. Finding a great spot in Boone, North Carolina isn’t too difficult with this list.

There are a few other coffee shops to explore that might suit your taste and preferences so go grab a cup and find a great spot to sit down and take a few sips, let me know what you think!

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