6 Best Coffee Shops In Charlotte, North Carolina

If you need a comfortable spot to host a simple business meeting or share some drinks on a first date, a coffee shop is a perfect place in Charlotte to get what you need, done.

With numerous coffee shops offering a unique atmosphere and diverse coffee or drink choices it’s easy to find a quiet corner and get down to business, whatever that may mean for you.

Each of the coffee shops listed below offers its special atmosphere and vibe. 

Not just coffee, you’ll find an assortment of drink offerings like craft beer, natural wine, and tea for those who dare we say it, shun coffee and delightful menu offerings.

What are the best coffee shops in Charlotte?

If you’re looking for a cup of coffee from a privately owned coffee shop in Charlotte, NC, check out one of these spots:

  • Mac Tabby Cat Café
  • The Hobbyist
  • Giddy Goat Coffee Roasters
  • Café Moka
  • Julia’s Café and Books
  • Smelly Cat Coffee

I know I am not the only person on this planet that thinks about a great cup of coffee all day long. 

That is one of the reasons I decided to make this list so everyone can enjoy the best of the best coffee when in Charlotte.

Mac Tabby Cat Café

3204 North Davidson Street, Charlotte, North Carolina 28205

(704) 890-0373

Best Coffee Shops In Charlotte North Carolina 1

Cat lovers will enjoy a spot of coffee while enjoying a few cute moments with the resident cats at this cafe. 

For a small fee, you can have one on one time with these adorable babies in a special room for an hour.

For another fee, you can have a cute but shorter walk-through of the area where the cats are housed.

This is a lovely option for city dwellers who adore these fur babies but are not allowed to have one in their homes. 

It also works to help bring adoptable cats and potential adopters together easily in one place.

The cats and coffee are strictly separate, but you can enjoy a great latte or cold brew while enjoying some vegan treats in a cool atmosphere that has bean bags for relaxing and sofas for conversation.

There is even a large window to watch those adorable cats roam around if you don’t want to have a personal interaction with them.

The Hobbyist

2100 North Davidson Street, Suite D, Charlotte, North Carolina 28205

(704) 526-0073

For a little bit of live entertainment, and a little something extra beyond your regular everyday coffee this coffee shop is your go-to place. 

Everything you sample here, from wine to coffee and other craft items is sheer perfection.

This coffee shop is the perfect stop for groups that have diverse tastes, those that want something alcoholic, those that adore their coffee, and those that simply want something non-alcoholic but not coffee. 

Great for business meetings, group events, and a gathering of multiple friends, there is something for everyone.

They have a lovely reading spot located in the back of the shop and offer a multitude of items for sale, to go and dine in. 

The truffles and other sweet treats are to die for and not to be avoided.

Giddy Goat Coffee Roasters

1217 The Plaza, Charlotte, North Carolina 28205

(704) 778-8778

If you enjoy coffee house treats like scones, pastries, and croissants fresh from the bakery you will love this coffee shop. 

On one floor you can shop for roasted coffee, and on another floor, you can enjoy all the atmosphere, diverse drink choices, and bakery pleasures that you can handle.

A unique perk for this coffee shop is that they are a pet-friendly facility. 

If you can’t imagine going anywhere without your four-legged friend, they are welcome to join you for that cup of joe! Dogs must be well behaved and on a leash at all times to enter this coffee house, and rules for this can change at any time.

Best Coffee Shops In Charlotte North Carolina 2

Café Moka

7416 Waverly Walk Avenue, Suite H3, Charlotte, North Carolina 28277

(757) 755-7505

For anyone who considers themselves a coffee expert, this is the perfect stop to grab a cup and savor the extensive coffee bean flavors offered on the menu. 

From specialty craft expresso to smoothies and the quintessential kids’ hot drink, hot cocoa, there is something to awaken the senses.

The décor is old-fashioned with a new age classical twist. 

Comfy booths made of wood, whitewashed chairs, chalkboards highlighting the menu offerings, and plenty of spacious room for everyone will make for the perfect spot to take a much-needed break.

Julia’s Café and Books

1133 North Wendover Road, Charlotte, North Carolina 28211

(704) 295-4585

This hidden gem that is as much about charity as it is about coffee and good reads offers coffee from local roasters in Charlotte. 

The coffee is as flavorful as the atmosphere is comfortable and inviting for those who love to read, look at books or spend time in a library.

The menu is lovely, with gluten-free options and selections that cater to various dietary restrictions or preferences while the books offered for sale or inexpensive and diverse in topic.

Another nice perk, which brings this charitable coffee house front and center is they also take donations of books and other media items like VHS and Vinyl Records, which go to the Habitat for Humanity Store partner.

Smelly Cat Coffee

514 East 32nd Street, Charlotte, North Carolina 28205

(704) 374-9656

As the name implies, this coffee shop was coined after the Friends sitcom for those who adored the show. Those who weren’t obsessed with it or don’t own a TV or other technology will enjoy the funky artistic energy of this place.

The menu items are uniquely their own, with a walk-up counter for those who can’t stay and in-house-made items, like syrup and muffins.

The atmosphere will draw you in like a moth to a light, but the perfect, ethically sourced coffee and friendly conversation will bring you back over and over again.

Final Thoughts

When searching for a good coffee house in Charlotte these are the best for their diverse menu offerings, unique atmosphere, and friendly, helpful staff members. 

There are many other options to choose from in this city so the next time you’re in town or need a quick pick me up, check them out!