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5 Great Places for Kid’s Birthday Party in Columbus, Ohio

Are you thinking about hosting a birthday party for your kid? If so, no matter how old they are, there is something on this list for everyone to choose from.

Kid's Birthday Party in Columbus

What are the best places in Columbus, Ohio for a kid’s birthday party?

Columbus has a ton of great birthday venues for kids of all ages. Your kids are sure to have a great birthday party at one of these Colubus venues:

  • Coliseum X
  • Skate Zone 71
  • Legoland Discovery Center
  • The Bounce Club
  • The Jungle Gym Adventure Center

Finding the right place to host a great kid’s birthday party is easy with the skilled staff members at these locations that can assist you every step of the way so you can relax and enjoy the day too.

Coliseum X

100 Dillmont Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43235

(614) 567-3021

Kid's Birthday Party in Columbus

For an exciting extreme party for a teenager or pre-teen, this is the place to go. 

Laser Tag and Axe Throwing will excite as will the arcade and nerf wars.

There are four packages to choose from, laser tag, extreme laser tag, nerf war, and laser tag and Nerf war combined. 

Parties range from 2 – 2 ½ hours and are for up to 10 people.

Each guest receives an arcade card to go along with their action-packed mission and the birthday kid gets a t-shirt. 

Group photos are taken and if more guests need to be added there is an additional charge.

Food and drinks can be added for an additional fee, no other food items are allowed into the facility except the cake or cupcakes.

Skate Zone 71

4900 Evanswood Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43229

(614) 846-5626

5 Great Places for Kids Birthday Parties in Columbus Ohio 2

Not much is better than bringing back a fun pastime like skating, and almost every kid can learn if they don’t already know how to skate.

It’s fun and easy, and hosting a skating birthday party will be a blast for everyone invited.

There are four birthday packages for you to choose from when hosting a birthday at this location. 

Each includes admission and skate rental as well as set up and cleanup of the party in your reserved seating area.

The VIP package includes tokens for playtime, unlimited soda for each kid, 1 game of laser tag for each kid, pizza, and cotton candy. 

The premium and super packages include more.

There is an add-on menu for items that are not included in any of the packages, the host can add one thing or more to their customized party package to suit their taste and the kiddo’s preference.

Legoland Discovery Center

157 Easton Town Center, Columbus, Ohio 43219

(614) 407-7721

5 Great Places for Kids Birthday Parties in Columbus Ohio 3

Kids and Legos simply go together, whether the kid is 5 or 55 it doesn’t matter. 

That’s why hosting a birthday party at a Legoland Center will be as memorable and exciting as you imagine it to be.

Guests will get to explore the entire center for the day from the moment they arrive. 

Every aspect of the party from start to finish is handled with expert skill so that the host can relax with the other guests and enjoy the celebration too.

You get a private party room with an individual host to help during the event. 

Setup and cleanup are all taken care of by their staff and food packages can be included for an additional fee.

No outside food is permitted except a birthday cake, but they can assist with that as well.

The Bounce Club

3967 Presidential Parkway, Powell, Ohio 43065

(614) 792-2582

5 Great Places for Kids Birthday Parties in Columbus Ohio 4

The bounce place is the perfect place for a crowd of rambunctious kids to enjoy a kid’s birthday celebration and have a great time doing it.

The party includes everything from bounce time, socks, invites, set up and clean up food and drinks, and a dedicated party room with a personal host to assist with the event.

Various packages suit parties of different sizes, and they are easily tailored to fit your budget with party favors, tableware, and decorations for the event.

The Jungle Gym Adventure Center

325 South Sandusky Street, Delaware, Ohio 43015

(740) 363-7552

Gymnastics is a fun activity for everyone, and a birthday party is a great way to experience it with friends that might not know what it’s all about or have never tried it.

Gymnastics isn’t the only activity at this center, there is also zip lining and rock climbing which will take any party to the next level of fun and excitement.

Hosting a party at this location is easy as they supervise all aspects of the activity and provide a separate party room for your birthday party. 

You can have them order pizza and drinks for you and coordinate everything or bring your own, along with dessert and cake.

There are two packages, one that is for 1 ½ hour and the other is 2 hours. 

The 2 hour is the most popular.

It should be noted that 1 parent must be present at all times for each kid attending the party.

What type of food can I serve at my kid’s birthday party if they don’t want pizza?

The type of food you can serve at your kid’s birthday party is they don’t want pizza depending on where you are hosting the party. 

Some establishments will have alternative choices like hot dogs or hamburgers.

If allergies are an issue, you can discuss this with the owner of the facility and see if you can bring in your own food. Many establishments will allow the cake to be brought in from outside and in cases where pizza is the only thing on the menu and there is an allergy, they will most likely make an exception.

It might be a good idea when sending out invitations to request that the party guests rsvp with notations of any food allergies or issues that might affect the type of food chosen.

Although the food is important at a birthday party, it is often not the main focus of the event, taking second place to the fun and exciting activities. 

That means if everyone doesn’t eat or is less than thrilled about the pizza, it’s usually not a total loss.

In Conclusion

Birthday parties are great, a time to celebrate the ones we love and their special day! Hosting a great birthday party should be easy and not stressful.

That is why this list was made, to take the stress off you so you can enjoy your kid’s birthday just as much as they do!