Restaurants in Edenton, North Carolina

Everyone loves a good vacation. Well, of course, but there is one thing that everyone loves universally more than a good vacation, and that is great food while on vacation.

Finding that great food is part of the vacation adventure and can be a wonderful way to broaden a person’s horizons regarding food and tastes.

When traveling to the Edenton, North Carolina area, there are quite a few dining options that will allow vacationers to do just that, sample the offering while having some fun.

What Are The Best Restaurants In Edenton, North Carolina?

Edenton, North Carolina has a varied offering of restaurants. The Soda Shoppe offers old-school charm while Mamasita’s has a huge menu of authentic Mexican food and a full liquor bar. The Edenton Coffee Shop is a great place to start your day and people watch with the Edenton Locals.

Some of these restaurants will have bars, and others will be alcohol-free. 

Some others still will be kid-friendly and geared towards family-style food, with a few highlighting romance and ambiance as an added perk to the foodie experience.

Whatever a vacationer’s pleasure is when it comes to food and eating, vacationers visiting this area will enjoy the historical atmosphere and cozy comforts of southern hospitality.

The restaurants listed below offer that old-world southern charm while keeping up that coastal energy typical of the Edenton, NC area.

Soda Shoppe

This American restaurant harkens back to when dining was all about good clean fun. This restaurant offers up simple fruits, salads, soups, and sides along with hardy basket items, sandwiches, and pizza for diners to enjoy.

Who can ignore the sweet treats from cookies to amazing sundaes and pastry items that this soda shop will bring back fond memories for diners from a different time?

Diners can sit at the counter as they did in soda shops everywhere not so long ago. They can enjoy milkshakes and ice cream treats while checking out the historical war memorabilia.

What makes this place so cute is the old-style drug store atmosphere and what makes it so memorable is the chicken salad they serve, unforgettable.


Diners visiting the Edenton, North Carolina area will enjoy this Mexican restaurant. With authentic Mexican food on a large menu that consists of appetizers, soups, tacos, chef favs and fajitas, and combination platters, to name a few, there is something to please everyone.

Offering authentic Mexican drinks and Margaritas and a nice selection of Mexican desserts, no one will leave hungry.

A clean and comfortable bar-like atmosphere, friendly staff, good prices, and great food are what this place is all about. 

Every meal starts with salsa and chips, so diners don’t go hungry waiting for their food, which coincidently doesn’t take long to go from kitchen to table.

Restaurants in Edenton North Carolina 1

Edenton Coffee House

Need a quick cup of joe to kick start your vacation adventure to this area, or a nice afternoon sip to stoke the fires after an exhaustingly active day; then this is the place to stop.

The atmosphere is cozy coffee house vibe meets adorable gift shop with friendly employees and décor that is cute.

This place offers up southern hospitality with that coffee, and typical coffee house eats of breakfast sandwiches and muffins. Those who stop here will want to come back again.

Those vacationers who want to rub elbows with the locals and socialize in a relaxing place will find this the perfect spot to do just that.

How much time should I leave for dining between my other activities while on vacation in Edenton, NC?

The amount of time you should leave for dining in between your other activities depends on what those activities are, be it kayaking, hiking, or sunbathing.

How much time you should leave also depends on how far away the restaurant is from the planned activity before or after the restaurant.

What also factors into dining and how much time to leave for eating is how fast or slow you might eat. Also, another factor is if a reservation has been made or not and the wait time.

It can be hard to know how long it will take for a chef to prepare your meal and be delivered to your table for you to eat.

That is why knowing the other factors like how fast or slow you eat and if you have a reservation or need one.

Issues can arise at any time, anywhere. Food prep and serving takes time, especially if the food is fresh and made with care and love.

For instance, if you have a 1 pm reservation for lunch at a local restaurant and a 2:30 pm reservation to take a dune buggy tour, you may or may not have enough time.

Enough time should be left between travel activities, so vacationers don’t feel rushed to eat or do anything for that matter.

It’s a vacation and meant to be enjoyed, and it is always better to have a little extra free time than to be stressed, nervous, and out of time.

The above restaurants and eateries chosen are diverse and offer a variety for travelers to experience during their stay in Edenton, North Carolina. 

While not the only hot spots in town, these all have something special to offer.

Final Thoughts

Edenton, North Carolina, is a quaint little coastal town that brings history to the forefront alongside a great beach vacation area.

When choosing a dining option in this area, vacationers won’t be disappointed, as there is an assortment of choices to be had. One only needs to look around and smell the scents wafting in the air to know that great food is not far away.

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