Is Edenton, North Carolina, A Great Place For A Romantic Getaway?

Yes, Edenton, North Carolina, is a great place for a romantic getaway.   The town is rich in history and set along the Inner Banks, boasting many activities for couples to enjoy.

From water sports and activities to historic tours, unique shops, exciting food, and intimate lodging, there is something that will inspire and help reconnect even the most work-weary, bored, and disconnected couple.

Once known as the Port of Raleigh, Edenton is home to many diverse great activities for a quick weekend getaway.   

Along with the Coastal Region of North Carolina, there are many quaint and charming little gems just waiting to be explored.  Edenton is but one town of many, calling to the hearts of couples everywhere that need a break from the rush of life.

Whether seeking adventure and fun or peace and relaxation, couples will find numerous ways to restore their spirit and reconnect with each other.

Water Fun

For water-lovers, Edenton offers such activities as sailboat and boat tours and canoeing as well as glorious sunsets for those desiring less adventure and more intimacy.  Those water-loving couples who want to be on the water will enjoy a private boat tour.

Edenton Boat Tours offers small boat tours that seat up to six people.  These tours, which are slow-moving across the water, while creating an atmosphere of peace.

These tours will have couples cuddling up and enjoying the beauty and romance of what was once called the Prettiest Town in the South.

visit Edenton, NC

For an even more intimate setting, boats can be charted for just one couple.   Bring along that great bottle of wine you just purchased and some fabulous local food, and you have the makings of a perfect romantic night alone together!

History Tours

Aside from water activities, the city of Edenton and its surrounding area is rich in history.  From the many lighthouses to plantain and other tours, inspiration is everywhere.

A must-see on every couple’s list is the Cupola House.  Built in the 1700s, this Jacobean Style house which later became a library is now a museum.  Through time it has weathered many changes and is expertly preserved for all to enjoy.

With vastly lush flowering grounds that surround it, the Cupola house not only offers a dash of history, but an ambiance geared to romance and quiet special moments shared between two people.

Dining and Shopping

If the thrill of the water and history wears off for a short time, there are many quaint places to dine, shop, and explore.

For those seeking ambiance with an exceptional meal, the Table at the Inner Banks Inn and Restaurant fits the bill perfectly.

It’s sure to impress with locally sourced farm-to-table dishes and a menu that changes daily, all prepared with that kiss of southern charm.  Reservations are recommended. 


When nighttime rolls in, there are many evening entertainments to enjoy for the couple who are not quite ready to retire for the evening.  Spooky ghost tours, local live music, a playhouse, and seasonal sports events are just a few exciting ideas.

Some great options are the Rocky Hock Theater which offers Broadway-style theater productions, and the Rocky Hock Campground, which offers live musical bands.


When staying in Edenton, North Carolina, it’s hard not to ignore those views.  Nothing is more romantic than water and a beautiful sunset.  With a private home rental, it is all the more intimate and alluring.

When looking for a great house or condo rental, this Little Cabin on the Hillside is the perfect setting for a romantic weekend getaway!

The Little Cabin on the Hillside – Vrbo

With expert handcrafting and a rustic feel, this one-bedroom log cabin will provide the perfect setting for an intimate weekend to reconnect and relax.  A short walk to the river, the cabin offers many amenities not seen in other accommodations at a reasonable price per night.

What clothing should I pack for a romantic weekend getaway in Edenton, North Carolina?

What clothing you should pack for a romantic weekend getaway in Edenton, North Carolina, depends on your month and season of travel.  Weather can range from the thirties to the low nineties with sun and humidity, cold and wet, or anything in between.

It is always best to pack a little of everything, a jacket or coat, shorts or long pants, and jeans for a quick weekend getaway.  Which, again, will depend on your travel season and time.

It is always a smart idea to bring along something nice to wear for an intimate dinner.  As well as a bathing suit during hot months for fun in the sun.

When it comes to footwear, the season and weather will determine this answer.  Sandals or comfortable sneakers are suitable to pack for warmer months.  Boots or heavier shoes are perfect for colder months and if hiking will be involved.

One key element that should never be forgotten when packing for a weekend getaway is having enough to wear.  Life happens, clothes get dirty, ripped, lost or wrinkled, and having enough clothing is essential.

While it may be tempting to pack light, having enough clothing means fewer interruptions that take away from the fun and intimacy of a romantic weekend away.

The best time to enjoy the warm weather and Edenton fun is from May through the beginning of June or the end of August to halfway through October.  These times offer the best weather and chance for as much fun in the sun and adventure as possible.

Is Edenton, North Carolina, A Great Place For A Romantic Getaway?

Do I need to book my romantic weekend in Edenton, North Carolina, in advance?

Yes, you need to book your romantic weekend in Edenton, North Carolina, in advance.  At the very least, booking accommodations and dining in advance is a good idea.

Securing accommodations ensures that you have a place to stay, even for those spontaneous romantic getaways.  If accommodations are not confirmed, it is possible that the accommodations you wish to stay at will not be available upon arrival, or pricing may change.

It is best to book in advance, note their cancellation policy, and act accordingly.  Otherwise, there may be nowhere to stay, or you end up eating fast food while you are in town.

In Conclusion

Not every destination is great for a romantic, intimate weekend getaway, but Edenton, North Carolina, has just what it takes.  With the right mix of old-world charm, new-age flair, and outdoor beauty, if any place can touch the heart, this town sure can!

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