4 Good Camping Spots Near Corolla, North Carolina? (RV and tent camping!)

Some good camping spots near Corolla, North Carolina, include the Kitty Hawk RV Park, Joe and Kay’s Campground, Bells Island Campground and KOA Outer Banks.

These campgrounds, like others around the country are designed to cater to the needs of vacationers in the Outer Banks that want to enjoy all the area has to offer while connecting with nature in a more personal way.

The Campgrounds listed below offer a reasonable priced alternative for vacationers that want to visit the Outer Banks without breaking their piggy bank.  Each will have their own unique atmosphere and amenities while helping guests rest and rejuvenate.

RV Camping

Kitty Hawk RV Park, just south of Corolla in Kitty Hawk, is great for camping close to the area.  It is centrally located amidst shopping, dining, and all the Coastal North Carolina events and activities.

There is no tent camping at the Kitty Hawk RV Park, and no pop-up campers are allowed either, but it offers hookups for RVs include cable, electricity, water, and sewer.

This Park has been a popular destination for travelers wanting to surround themselves with nature while enjoying the area.

Good Camping Spots Near Corolla, North Carolina

Tent Camping

Another great option specifically for those who want to tent camp is Joe and Kay’s campground in the Kill Devil Hills area, not too far South of Corolla.  It is surrounded by beautiful pine trees and allows tent camping only, with no RV hookups.

While there are other camping options available further out in the surrounding areas, this is a great option for those who want to stay close to the activities of the Corolla Area while sleeping under the stars.

Island Camping

The Bells Island Campground is another good choice that is located West of Corolla on the Currituck Sound.  With a pier for blue crabbing and fishing, boat ramp, and numerous other outdoor activities everyone will find something to do.

This facility is less than a half-hour from Corolla, offers RV hookups and tent camping.  Reservations should be made in advance for whatever length of stay.

Nationally Recognized Campground

KOA, Kampgrounds of America is one of the world’s largest private campground organizations.  Near Corolla, North Carolina, you will find the Outer Banks West/Currituck Sound KOA.

With an abundance of family fun activities for every age group, it is a well-rounded camping facility.

There are activities coordinators for the numerous events and weekend activities that are held throughout the peak season.  If that isn’t enough, it is less than thirty miles from a waterpark and is a little slice of outdoor heaven for the nature enthusiast.

One great perk to choosing this campground is its diverse lodging accommodations.  It offers tent camping, RV camping, and Cabin rentals for those who want a bit of rustic with creature comforts.

What makes camping so special?

What makes camping so special is that its a great way for travelers to stay connected with nature while keeping their vacation costs down.

Many travelers that enjoy this form of travel lodging enjoy the more rustic, earthy feel of sleeping with the sky as their ceiling and the stars as their night lights.

While this form of travel isn’t for everyone, it is an experience that everyone should try at least once.  RV camping and staying in a cabin are a great way to experience the uniqueness of camping without the roughness of sleeping in a tent.

Can I camp directly on Corolla Beach?

Unfortunately, when visiting any of the beaches in North Carolina, including the Corolla Beach area, you cannot camp on any of the beaches.

Some campgrounds offer beach or sound access, but beyond that, camping on beaches is prohibited.

What should I look for when selecting a campground near Corolla, North Carolina?

When selecting a campground near Corolla, North Carolina, you should first look for choosing the right type of campground for your equipment.

Depending on whether you are tent camping or RVing will determine which location is best for you.  Some campgrounds cater to one or the other, while some cater to both tent camping and RVing.

Once you have narrowed down your search to those campgrounds that cater to your type of equipment, you should choose a campground based on where you want to be and what amenities you want the campground to have.

While not an amenity per se, cleanliness should be at the top of the list right after the type of equipment.  Cleanliness or lack thereof can cause travelers to suddenly rearrange their plans, shortchanging a stay in an area if they become sick, or suffer health issues.

Beyond that everyone is different in what they want beyond cleanliness; some will have definite tastes and preferences in décor or amenities, others not.  Whatever the case, choosing what works for you is best.

One factor to consider is pricing. This will also determine which campground you choose.

Campgrounds in the Corolla, North Carolina area will be priced comparatively based on amenities, location, and other factors like the property’s age and popularity.

Reading reviews and noting ratings for the campgrounds you are considering is a great way to find hidden gems or weed out less than worthy properties.

It is often helpful to list the amenities you want, set a budget and distance of how far away from Corolla, North Carolina, you are willing to stay.

These steps will help narrow down a list of multiple properties to just a few, then at this point, reading reviews and noting ratings should help finalize the choice.

Some good amenities for the campground would be a recreation room or clubhouse and weekly or weekend activities coordinated by in-house staff.  They might coordinate a Friday night movie or a Sunday brunch or horseshoe tournament. The possibilities are endless.

This can be a nice perk for those moments when you are done with the nightlife, you’ve eaten your dinner, but you are not quite tired and want something else to do.

Other amenities might include a pool, free use of boats, fishing poles or trapping cages, and so forth.  If you can think of it, there is a campground out there somewhere that has it for their camping guests.

Can I go glamping while visiting Corolla, North Carolina?

Yes, you can go glamping while visiting Corolla, North Carolina, but you will have to stay a bit South of Corolla to do that.

To go glamping, you will need to stay in Kitty Hawk, where there are a few glamping cabins for those who want upscale camping at its best.  www.glampinghub.com offers a few choices, including an elevated cabin with a waterfront view and a king-size bed. It is pure heaven!

It also boasts a kitchenette and wi-fi, hopefully not for work! Free use of a local community pool and a host gift card to a local restaurant are all nice amenities for those who choose to stay in style! It also includes sports equipment for renting, including kayaks, beach cruisers, and stand-up paddleboards.

What is Glamping?

Glamping is where beautiful outdoor nature meets modern amenities, blending into a glamorous camping vacation.  It usually includes such home-like amenities as a real mattress instead of an air mattress or, dare I say it, the hard ground.

Good Camping Spots Near Corolla, North Carolina

The creature comforts of home, like actual working plumbing, a real toilet and sink, and air condition, are just some of the necessities of a glamper.   Home-like creature comforts can vary from one person to the next, but they are all that make up the idea of glamping.

Glamping is distinctly different from camping in that camping is rustic, primitive, basic, simple, and sometimes hard work.  Some people even consider it more work than vacation because of the lack of luxury.

In the past, these people might have abandoned ship on camping all together unless their loved ones HAD TO GO CAMPING, and they would rough it and likely complain all the way.  When they returned home, they would state that they needed a vacay away from their vacay.

Today, these people and their loving families can find a middle ground where everyone can get what they want and be happy with glamping.  From gourmet meals to funky lights and anything you can think of, it’s on the list for glampers everywhere.

In Conclusion

Camping is an excellent activity for the outdoor enthusiast, and with numerous options around Corolla, North Carolina, picking a campground will be easy.

For those who have never tried it, pack the bags and give it a try, at least once, as it is an experience to remember one way or another.  Either you’ll love it and never return to the modern world of luxury resorts and hotels, or you hate it and perhaps try glamping.

Whatever you choose, it’s an experience to remember and what better place to do it than in North Carolina!

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