Kayaking New Bern, North Carolina

Taking a vacation to New Bern, North Carolina can mean different things for different people. Some people like to kick back and relax while reading a good book or sunning themselves at the beach.

Other people like to go on a new adventure and learn something interesting or visit a favored pastime like kayaking or surfing. Still, some vacationers like to do a little of everything, relax, rekindle an old hobby, and take off on a new adventure.

For many people, kayaking is a treasured pastime that helps them relax while enjoying a new adventure exploring a new and interesting place via the water.

Now, anyone who was traveled to this area of North Carolina knows that there are numerous places to learn about kayaking, rent one for use, and of course, toss your kayak into the water.

In this article, there is information to bring insight to those interested in kayaking in New Bern, North Carolina.

Is New Bern, North Carolina Good For Kayaking? 

New Bern, North Carolina is an ideal vacation spot for kayakers. Located at the meeting of two great rivers, the unique ecosystem offers vast waterways and water trails for both experienced and beginner kayakers. New Bern has a thriving kayaking industry, so you can pick up equipment and lessons once you arrive.

Kayaking is a bucket list item that should be experienced at least once in everyone’s lifetime. 

Whether as a pair in a double kayak, soaring single in your lone kayak, or taking a tour, kayaking has the power to connect us all to the nature that we sometimes forget about, the water that is around and beneath us.

It provides both the newbie adventurer and the seasoned glider with a chance to form a deeper appreciation for the place they have traveled to, the coastal area of North Carolina.

Stillwater Kayaks

This kayaking business is open every day of the week year-round, helping travelers and locals enjoy the waterways around them via kayak and canoe.

Located just six miles down the river from the heart of New Bern, this family-run establishment prides itself on friendly service.

They know what they are doing with a passion for kayaking and providing the best possible experience for everyone interested in kayaking.

Aside from kayak and canoe rentals, they also offer life jackets for everyone in the family, even the dog!

From the water bottles that renters may need to keep themselves hydrated to maps and paddles, every detail has been thought of. They offer a variety of rental experiences, from eco-tours to sunset trips.

They are more than willing to help anyone interested in his pastime get on the area’s waterways and explore.

They offer two-hour rentals and half-day, single or double kayak rentals and start as early as eight AM for the traveler or local who wants to get an early start.

Kayaking New Bern North Carolina

Where do I find a map of the kayaking of the New Bern, North Carolina area?

There are numerous resources available to travelers who are looking to have a kayaking adventure.

Beyond online resources which offer information about the more than two hundred and fifty miles of kayaking trails, there are other resources where this information can be found.

Local sports and outdoor stores will have detailed information highlighting the many trails of the New Bern area.

Often the employees that work at these businesses will have a deeper understanding and knowledge of the area and how to have the best on-water adventure while kayaking.

One great online resource is www.newbern.com which provides a visitors guide with detailed maps of the kayaking trails of this area.

What makes the New Bern area of North Carolina so great for kayaking?

What makes the New Bern area of North Carolina so great for kayaking is its waterways, diverse ecosystem, and extensive trails.

The waterways of this area offer the perfect spot for reconnecting with nature while relaxing and perhaps even casting their line and fishing for a bit.

The extensive trails and diverse ecosystem with a large variety of fish and wildlife make the experience interesting. Each time on the water will be different from the last, even if a kayaker travels the same trail.

The water trails vary in length and difficulty, which means that everyone from the newbie kayaker to the seasoned veteran can enjoy their time on the water.

Some trails are easy, and others are more difficult, with some trails offering multiple experiences.

Where can I get kayaking lessons in the New Bern, North Carolina area?

You can get kayaking lessons in the New Bern, North Carolina area at any local outfitters. Many of the established businesses that offer rentals also offer lessons on kayaking and water safety.

Often these establishments require lessons for beginners for their safety while using the equipment they are renting.

Shops and stores with kayaking equipment can also offer lessons for those wishing to learn about this treasured pastime.

Local government offices, visitors’ centers, and parks and recreation departments can offer information on kayaking lessons.

Wherever kayak lessons are obtained, it is a good idea to plan by making a reservation for your lesson and possibly to schedule it before your adventure, leaving enough time for any issues that may come up like fear of the water or the kayak itself.

Can I take my child on a kayaking trip in New Bern, North Carolina?

Yes, you can take your child on a kayaking trip in New Bern, North Carolina, but it depends on their age, abilities, and what type of kayak you are using.

If you are using your equipment, a child as young as five can sit in a double kayak with an adult and begin to learn the ropes of paddling and enjoy their first adventure.

Children seven and older who know how to swim and are wearing properly fitting life jackets can learn to paddle in a single kayak beside an adult, provided the kayak is designed for them.

When renting a kayak, each established business will have its own rules and regulations about children and kayaks. It is best to check with them before booking your outing, so no disappointments or misunderstandings.

What do I need to know to have the best kayaking experience while on vacation?

To have the best kayaking experience while on vacation, you need to know to be prepared with the right tools and essentials for your journey.

If you are taking a tour with a company or using a kayak rental company, they can offer detailed information on what to bring and what you need to know.

If you are using your kayak or have recently purchased one, the following items are necessary while traveling the waterways of this or any area in a kayak.

  • Trail Maps
  • Bug Spray
  • Water bottle
  • Signaling whistle
  • Dry bag for essentials like your phone
  • Extra paddle
  • Sunscreen

These are just a few items; if you are traveling in a kayak at night or with children or adults with health issues, other items may be needed. 

These items should be packed up and ready to go before your adventure begins to prevent last-minute stress and to forget something.

In Conclusion

Kayaking can be a very rewarding experience, connecting us with the earth and nature around us.

The New Bern, North Carolina area offers many kayaking trails for those who wish to include this adventure in their vacation plans.

After all, one can never get enough of being in, on, or near the water, and there is no better place to do it than in North Carolina!

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