What Shops Are In New Bern, North Carolina?

Whatever the reason for shopping in New Bern, North Carolina, this area has many choices available to locals and traveling vacationers.

Whether you stopped in the area for a few hours to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and do a little shopping or you are staying for a few weeks while soaking up the sun and enjoying the beautiful beaches you’ll find everything that you’re looking for here.

The New Bern area of North Carolina has an exciting history as being the birthplace of a very popular soda. The town, known as North Carolina’s First Capital, has much to offer the new or veteran shopper.

What Are The Best Stores In New Bern, North Carolina?

Being the birthplace of Pepsi, there are many diverse stores and shops in New Bern, North Carolina. The Pepsi Store is a popular place for tourists and Bern Bear Gifts, The Gallery Store at Marina, and Franklin’s Antique Mall are sure to have the perfect souvenirs from your trip to New Bern.

There are stores that cater to foodies who love to sample local artisan food items.

There are unique gift shops selling local crafts, and handmade wares for the home as well as shops that offer hand crafted clothing items and an assortment of other shops that can both entertain travelers and provide memorable gifts.

There are even box chain stores and local convenience stores that cater to travelers who need the essentials that perhaps they forgot or ran out of during their vacay. 

When traveling to North Carolina and the coastal region, there are local mom-and-pop establishments that sell Handcrafted items that can only be found in that area. 

There are even two shopping malls for those who want to make an all-day event of shopping.

If they are searching for specialty handcrafted olive oil, homemade fudge, or specially made kitchen and bathroom items, New Bern, North Carolina will have it.

They offer exciting opportunities for shoppers to locate a perfect gift for that hard-to-buy friend or family member or simply a moment to remember the travel experience for themselves.

Artisan-made clothing and home furnishings, gourmet foods, specialty pet items, unique books, and shops that cater to those who love sports are just a few of the offerings here.

What Shops Are In New Bern North Carolina

Bern Bear Gifts Incorporated

This shop is a local souvenir shop that has something for every traveler looking for a little bit of Switzerland and Germany here in America.

Those travelers looking to get a little bit of a history lesson while sharing a bit of conversation with the shopkeeper who is very knowledgeable about the area will be delighted by the experience they will have here. 

In business for over thirty years, the shop is a must-see on any travel shoppers’ schedule while visiting this area.

The Gallery Store at Marina

Those travelers visiting the downtown waterfront of New Bern, NC, will enjoy the experience that this store has to offer.

All items found in the store are locally made. From chocolate caramel chews to pumpkin spice cookie thins and salami Classico, the gourmet foods, will inspire foodies to take their dining and snacking experience to a whole new level.

If it’s home decorating items travelers are looking for that are unique to the North Carolina area, they will find items created by locals who are both skilled and knowledgeable.

Those travelers who have a passion for original things, such as decoupage sculptures and oyster shells, will be surprised beyond measure.

Small Batch Gallery and Goods

From rosemary mint soup to gourmet coffee and gilded oyster garland this specialty shop has something to remind travelers of time spent here in the New Bern area of North Carolina.

One special characteristic of the shop is it they offer a monthly subscription box for those who adore this shop and the area. 

These subscription boxes are filled four times a year or can be done on a one-time basis.

This allows travelers to enjoy shopping here and enjoying the experience of the North Carolina coast when they return home. 

Those who are so inspired while visiting this shop can also order gift boxes that are great for weddings, corporate office gifts, or any occasion.

Carolina Creations Fine Arts and Contemporary Craft Gallery

The shop is in downtown New Bern and offers handmade specialty items by local craftsmen and artists. Handmade jewelry, household decorations, clothing, and anything that a person’s two hands can create is sold in the shop.

Whether it’s handmade pottery, hand-crafted refrigerator magnets, if you can imagine it, someone has likely made it, and it’s sold in this shop.

Franklin’s Antique Mall

For those travelers looking for a bit of retro style, this antique shop has everything the antique enthusiast could want. They boast vintage household items and clothing for those who long for a bit of the past in the modern world.

From old-time records to glimmering light-up wall signs, this antique mall is just a few steps from the waterfront and has over fifty vendors to choose from while visiting this mall.

Birthplace of Pepsi – The Pepsi Store

What visit to the Inner banks of North Carolina and the New Bern area would be complete without a stop at the birthplace of Pepsi shop.

Pepsi, which was first known as Brad’s drink, originated in this area. It was first formulated and sold, created by Caleb Bradham in the New Bern drugstore.

Pepsi is featured throughout the numerous shops and stores in this area.

Travelers can visit the Pepsi store, which is located at the exact location of the original drug store where it was formulated.

The store which is part soda shop, little bit souvenir shop, and a tiny bit of museum will offer insight and details of Pepsi’s history for those travelers looking for something new and exciting to do. 

While sampling the drink itself, they can do a little bit of shopping.

Besides these various shops for travelers to visit, there are also the local run-of-the-mill stores that we all need, like big-box chains for auto parts and everyday personal care items located in New Bern, North Carolina.

In Conclusion

Shopping and traveling always tend to go hand in hand, whether it’s a quick trip into a small convenience store or a three-hour tour of an antique mall or specialty shop.

Finding and selecting the essentials and unique gifts is a fun and enjoyable way to take a break from seeing the sights when traveling. It can inspire travelers to recommend the area to others while creating beautiful memories!

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