What Restaurants are in New Bern, North Carolina?

There are numerous restaurants and places to eat in New Bern, North Carolina.  The New Bern, North Carolina, will have something to please every traveler, whatever type of food and drinks are desired, or how casual or formal the diners want the restaurant to be.

There are well over fifty restaurants and eateries in the New Bern, North Carolina area, leaving many choices for the vacationer to select from during their stay here.

Everyone must eat, right?  Even when they are on vacation, the need for sustenance and tastes that are enjoyable and pleasing to the palette is even more evident.

Some of us prefer to order take-out and eat it in the comfort of our rental home, others want to have it delivered as well, and others still crave nothing more than a beautiful view and exciting atmosphere as they while away a few hours dining out.

Whatever a traveler wishes, they shall find it in or near New Bern, North Carolina.  There are so many choices, seafood, standard American fare, international-inspired offerings, vegetarian choices, and many other options.

The restaurants of this have staff that caters to locals and travelers alike, and they are skilled at providing a vacationing guest with something that will be memorable when they return home and think about their stay here.

Of the over fifty restaurants that are in New Bern, North Carolina some have specialties that make them stand out more than others, but there is something for everyone to choose from in this area.

One of the best casual waterfront restaurants in New Bern, North Carolina, offers a diverse menu?

One of the best casual waterfront restaurants in New Bern, North Carolina, that offers a diverse menu is Persimmons Waterfront Restaurant.    This restaurant offers a wide variety of food choices for patrons and doesn’t require a reservation to dine.

Persimmons Waterfront Restaurant

Open every day except Monday from eleven AM to eight or nine PM; Persimmons has a simplified menu that showcases locally sourced seafood items as the star of the menu.  Other options include steak, chicken, salads, burgers, and an assortment of sides and snacks that can be eaten alone as a meal or shared with a friend.

They also offer a brunch menu and a selection of beer, wine, and cocktails while having three areas where diners can relax and enjoy their meal, including the outdoor deck for some amazing views.

 What restaurant in New Bern, North Carolina, offers a pub-like dining experience?

The restaurant in New Bern, North Carolina that offers a pub-like dining experience is Morgan’s Tavern and Grill.

Morgan’s Tavern and Grill

This tavern offers lunch, salad, and dinner menus that showcase salads, soups, starters, sandwiches, pasta bowls, and entrees that cater to seafood and fish lovers and those who prefer beef, chicken, or pork. Open Tuesday to Saturday from eleven AM to nine or ten PM.

The vast menu has something to entice even the pickiest of eaters, including a kid’s menu for tiny travelers.  Menu items are locally sourced whenever possible, and the menu frequently changes throughout the year.

The taproom offers their crafted brews for those who want something interesting to drink with their meal.

This establishment offers outdoor dining on their patio and private dining for parties up to thirty-five guests.

Which restaurant in New Bern, North Carolina, has an extensive fish and seafood menu?

Captain Ratty’s Restaurant has an extensive fish and seafood menu and has served locals and tourists in New Bern, North Carolina, for over twenty years.

Captain Ratty’s Restaurant

This chic restaurant with an unusual name serves up trendy fare that will awaken patron’s palette while they enjoy the atmosphere, décor, and friendly staff.

Offering a kids’ menu, a la carte menu, and seafood baskets, as well as an abundance of other choices, diners will have a hard time choosing their pleasure from this restaurant’s diverse menu.

The restaurant offers a specialty wine bar, pub, rooftop dining, and more than one dining room so diners can enjoy their experience to the fullest.  The restaurant is open seven days a week.

Are there any restaurants in the New Bern area that cater to families that have young children?

Yes, there is a restaurant in the New Bern area that caters to families with young children, the Cow Café.

Cow Café

For those who are looking for a low-key, laid-back establishment that offers gluten-free options as well as standard American fare, this place will hit the spot!  Serving lunch, dinner, and late-night options, they offer sandwiches, salads, wraps, soups, and specialty desserts, including ice cream.

The Holston cow theme and its décor will delight diners as they sample the 60 plus flavors of ice cream they offer.  The Cow Café was a labor of love inspired by the cows of a dairy farm employee who was preparing for a food show.

Eventually, a little space at the dairy farm was converted into the Café, which opened its door quickly in 1994.  The happy couple had no experience in running a restaurant but pressed on and started serving simple foods like hot dogs and ice cream to their patrons.

Their mission was to bring smiles to children and adults alike that needed some cheering up in their day.

While the food options have changed since back then, the fun atmosphere and deliciousness have not.  This restaurant is great for families with little ones that need pleasing, with their ice cream and dessert options, no one will be disappointed when they stop here for a bit to eat!

Final Thoughts

There can be many options to choose from for dining out when on vacation, no matter where you go.  Dining out while vacationing can be a great way to break from the same old food options we have at home.

The New Bern, North Carolina area has a wide range of choices that will provide both sustenance and comfort to travelers when they need to eat.

Food is the staff of life, so all the better when it can be taste and life-changing!

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