The 6 Best Family-Friendly Beaches Near Chicago

Visiting a beach with family is one of the most fulfilling experiences in summer. You watch the kids play around as adults relax and catch up with each other in warm sunny weather.

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What are some family-friendly beaches near Chicago?

North Avenue beach, Oak street beach, and Foster Avenue beach are a few of the best family beaches you can visit with family near Chicago. These amenities and provisions match the needs of all family members, from the kids to the adults. Check the rates, if any, vs the value or amenities available.

We wanted to know what Chicago residents would recommend as the best beaches for family vacations in the area. We had to visit several online sites to uncover what reviewers had to say about their experiences on the different beaches in Chicago. We were pleasantly surprised at how many good options you will get.

Choosing the Right Family Beach

With so many beaches around Chicago, it is not easy to spot the right fit for your family. When scouting for a good beach for everyone in the family, there are a few things you should concentrate on. The top priority should be safety and cleanliness.

It would be best if you considered family friendliness and kid-friendliness. Other factors that matter include popularity, privacy and pet friendliness.

In the end, what one family needs differs from the next.

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North Avenue Beach

Whether you are visiting for the views, or want to relax along a comfy coastline shore, North Avenue beach offers you this and more. With some of the best skyline views, this beach has a good sand provision, making it an excellent playing ground for the kids.

Watch them build sand castles and play in the water as you relax and bask in the sun for that cute summer tan.

There are lots of snack bars where the entire family can get ice creams, hot dogs and other smaller snacks to enjoy as they have a good time on the beach., Just be careful about the bikers since the pathways on this beach are quite busy, and the kids could get in the way if caution is not taken.

Foster Avenue Beach

You have probably searched online for ‘What is the most kid-friendly beach?” If so, then Foster beach is your perfect choice. 

Rated is one of the friendliest beaches in Chicago for children; you can be sure your kids will have a great time here.

The parking lot is also very close to the bay which makes it easy to get to the shoreline with the kids. There is also a handicap ramp in case someone in your family is disabled.

There is a beach house with provision for rental bikes and boardwalk bicycles for the entire family. The pathways are well-defined, accommodating both riders and those walking on foot.

Your children will love the assortment of snacks served along the beach. Enjoy the Mexican-flavored popsicles with them, and run around with them on the sandy beach to create lifetime memories.

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Oak Street Beach

This is one of those beaches you visit for the fantastic views it has to offer. It is located at Gold Coast corner and has one of the city’s best views. 

Get the tasty cupcakes sold at Sprinkles cupcakes on your way to the beach, and avoid the snacks sold at the beach.

So what’s the safest beach in Chicago? When asked, most people will vouch for Oak Street Beach. The clear waters and fine white sands make it the best destination for those who want to swim.

The waters are fabulous and inviting. They are suitable for all family members. Plan a family trip to this fabulous beach and watch your family bond like they haven’t done in a long time.

12th Street Beach

Ever wondered about what is the cleanest beach in Chicago? According to reviews, 12th Street Beach takes the cup for this. Many visitors have lauded it as an excellent place to visit, mostly because it often seems clean and well-maintained.

If you are concerned about getting your family to a beach destination because of the level of cleanliness, then this would be an excellent pick. The beach has a little food joint, refreshing foods, and many exceptional views. 

The fact that it has ample parking makes it even more attractive for families that must drive down there.

Moreover, it easily passes for a secluded beach, considering it does not have many people. The proximity to the planetarium is a plus since you can easily plan a trip and combine the two destinations.

Despite not being too big, the beach is enough for the entire family to have fun. It has many picnic sites, some walk pathways, and private spots to enjoy watching birds and interacting with nature.

Regardless of age, every family member will surely enjoy being here.

For a place that is this highly accessible, you can trust that your family will enjoy it once you visit. They will certainly want to visit again.

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Montrose Beach

What’s the most popular beach in Chicago? This would have to be Montrose beach. It is considered the main beach in Chicago because of its size.

The family-friendly beach is located on Lake Show Drive and is also pet friendly. There is a specific beach part with a fenced area for your dog friend. The entire family is accommodated, including the pets.

Rainbow Beach

This is rated as one of the prettiest beaches in Chicago. It offers a perfect relaxing lakefront for the entire family to have a good time. It is close to a playground and park, so you can never get bored with all the nearby activities.

Schedule your activities around playing tennis, volleyball, and other sports. Swimming is also a great choice, especially for kids who need to play around in the water.

Key Takeaways

  • Finding the right beach destination for your family is easy, especially in Chicago.
  • There are several family-friendly beaches in Chicago based on your preferences.
  • Always check reviews on Google to see what previous visitors have to say.
  • Chicago has a few pet and family-friendly beach destinations you should explore.
  • It is possible to find safe, clean, kid-friendly, and family-friendly beaches in Chicago.