What North Carolina beach is close to Virginia that has a resort or hotel?

The North Carolina beach that is close to Virginia but also has a resort or hotel is the Currituck Beach which is just South of the Currituck Banks Estuarine Reserve.

The North Carolina beach that is close to Virginia but also has a resort or hotel, has them situated throughout the town of Corolla.  Corolla is home to some fifteen beaches and has beautiful views on the Atlantic Ocean side and the Currituck Sound side.

Filled with history and home to a lighthouse, there are numerous activities to explore and lodging, restaurants, and plenty of beaches to soak up the atmosphere.

A visitor center, horse museum, gift shops, shopping malls, a brewing company, and indoor tennis make for much adventure for the traveler who finds they have exhausted all the water activities for a few hours.

If that isn’t enough, the town of Corolla and its surrounding area are dotted with hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts, and rental homes for travelers who want to stay overnight.

Corolla is home to more than a couple of resorts, hotels, and comfy places to spend a night or two.  Each accommodation will vary in pricing and amenities, as well as decor and atmosphere.

It is recommended that traveler’s book in advance via online reservation through numerous travels booking websites or by calling the establishment directly.

Corolla Village Inn

With classical elegance and a warmth and charm that can only be attributed to its Southern Hospitality, this Inn is a traveler’s dream.

Amidst the shade of old oak trees, this cozy and quiet Inn will speak to your soul.   Settled down a lazy back road, away from the hustle and bustle of life, you will find this rare gem.

It boasts a lovely screened-in porch and gloriously spacious suites with kitchenettes.  This two-story Inn hosts twelve suites, but there is no elevator.

It may seem lacking in the modern conveniences of a restaurant, pool, hot tub, or game room.  However, this is quickly forgotten when one sinks into their bed at night in their own private oasis.

For those who appreciate history, old-world charm, and tranquility, this Inn is precisely the place to stay for a night to restore inner peace.

Who knows, you might find yourself staying longer than planned.

Corolla Light Resort

For those seeking the unique beach resort experience close to the border of Virginia, yet on the Atlantic Ocean, this is perfect!

A resort, unlike your typical resort, the Corolla Light Resort, offers home rentals within their resort property.

Guests stay in a home of their choice for the duration of their stay.  Each home will have its own atmosphere and amenities aside from the outdoor amenities that the resort offers.

All host three bedrooms or more and can be Ocean or Sound side, on the waterfront or not.  All are furnished and clean, ready for you and your travel companions to enjoy.

This resort itself offers tennis courts, a fitness center, biking, walking on nature trails, and swimming pools for those who are done dipping their toes into the ocean.

Resort trolleys take you to and from your home away from home to wherever you want to go, be it beach, sports complex, or somewhere else on the property.

There are tours and a wildlife center, and many other things for travelers to do while staying here, both in the resort area and beyond.

Inn at Corolla

Travelers who have a furry companion with them will find this Inn more than accommodating because they welcome dogs.

Along with spacious and comfortable rooms, this establishment provides bicycles for guests to use while staying at the Inn.  These can be used to explore the nature trails instead of walking.

There are also tennis courts, pools, and trolley services for guests to enjoy.  On top of that, guests of this Inn have an all-access pass to use all services at the above-listed Resort during their stay.

The rooms range from your standard room to junior suites, mini-suites, and superior suites, as well as dog-friendly rooms.  If that isn’t enough to inspire, the rooms are broken down into areas with a Courtyard or Sound view.

These three establishments are top-notch and comfortable for any traveler heading South from Virginia.  If they aren’t enough to suit, as one continues further South, there are more lodgings to choose from in various pricing and amenities.

It should be noted with any establishment, they may be fully booked during peak season and on weekends in the offseason.  Flexibility is essential to find a hotel or make a lodging reservation when traveling to this area.

Another great option for travelers looking to stop in this area is a rental home.  If the Corolla Light Resort is too pricey, there are other options available online through VRBO.

This website can offer more modest accommodations for the traveler who doesn’t need a lot of room and doesn’t want the large price tag to go with it.

A Jolly Boat

This cozy cottage offers a lot of bang for the buck with the ability to sleep up to ten people.  With two bathrooms and five bedrooms, it boasts all hardwood flooring, an open floor plan, and two decks.

With air conditioning, non-smoking, and a washer and dryer, and private parking, this home can be a comfortable home away from home for a large family.

High vaulted ceilings and beach-themed decor make this cottage charming and strong, all within a short walk to the beach!

Pricing is reasonable for an affordable, quick trip to the Coastal region of North Carolina, possible for almost anyone.

Final Thoughts

When traveling from Virginia to North Carolina, there are many beaches, hotels, and resorts to choose from.  Some are farther than others making them less popular for the traveler who only wants to hop across the border and make a quick stop.

Corolla is the beach area that is closest to Virginia that has these amenities.  However, that doesn’t mean one cannot travel just a bit further to explore more if they are inclined to do so!

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