What Is the Best Time To Cross the Bridge to the Outer Banks?

Whether you’re planning to have a vacation on the Outer Banks or just going to the city for the weekend, you might be thinking about your route and whether to take the bridge or not. That means it’s best to consider what time you will be crossing the bridge to Outer Banks.

The best time to cross the bridge to the Outer Banks is before 10 am and after 6 pm, especially during Saturdays. Around June, July, August, and early September, traffic is quite heavy. To avoid traffic congestion, Outer Banks visitors and residents alike should cross the bridge earlier in the day before 10 am.

The Outer Banks is usually a crowded place. There are a lot of travelers who go to the Outer Banks just for fun, but many locals live and work there as well.  This means you should make your trip to the Outer Banks an early one.

How Can We Avoid Traffic in Outer Banks?

Just like other places, certain times are more congested than others. If you’re planning to go on a trip to the Outer Banks, it’s best to use the bridge before 10 am so you can avoid these times and traffic congestion.

Here  are some tips you can follow to avoid traffic in the Outer Banks:

Leave Early

Before 10 am is a great time to avoid traffic, as most people are still waking up and gearing up to go out. This is also the best time to cross the bridge as you won’t have to deal with traffic.

Plan Ahead

The months of June, July, August, and early September are the Outer Banks’ peak seasons. If you’re thinking of going there during this time, it is best to plan and make sure that you leave early enough fo18r your trip.

Visit the Outer Banks on a Weekday

If it’s an option, then it’s best to visit the Outer Banks during the middle of the week. During this time, traffic won’t be as heavy, and you can easily find space at your favorite beach for a swim. . Saturday is the busiest day in the Outer Banks, so you should try to avoid this, particularly if you’re heading there for business.

Find An Alternative Route

Mostly, traffic is highly congested on the route that crossed the  Wright Memorial Bridge. To avoid it, you can try to find another way using the Bodie Island Ferry or taking a different bridge.

Check On Travel Apps

You can also check if there is a problem with your preferred route.  Travel apps can help you avoid that way and find another route.

How Long is the Bridge to Get to the Outer Banks?

The Wright Memorial Bridge is around 4,550 meters. It’s 15 miles long, and it takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes of driving time on a typical day.

So, when you’re planning to go to the Outer Banks, whether for business or pleasure, it is best that you plan ahead and make sure that you leave early enough in order to avoid traffic and arrive on time.

What Bridge do you Cross to Get to Outer Banks?

The Wright Memorial Bridge is the most recommended bridge to take to get to the Outer Banks. Although there are other bridges, such as the William B. Umstead Bridge and the Virginia Dare Memorial Bridge, depending on where you are coming from.

  • Wright Memorial Bridge – this bridge connects Kitty Hawk to the Outer Banks. It is the easiest and widely used bridge for visitors who come from Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake. This is the best route to take if you are coming from the southern part of Virginia.
  • William B. Umstead Bridge – this bridge connects Roanoke Island to the Outer Banks. It has a total of 4,348 meters  in length, and it has two lanes for traffic. It is relatively popular as it’s the bridge that locals usually take when they go to their workplace or school in the Outer Banks.
  • Virginia Dare Memorial Bridge – this bridge connects Manns Harbor to Roanoke Island. This bridge has four lanes, and it has a length of 4,348 m. It is the fastest and easiest way to get to Manteo from the mainland, if you’re coming from northern and western North Carolina and Virginia.

How Many Bridges are there to the Outer Banks?

To get to Outer Banks, there are three main bridges you can take coming from North Carolina and Virginia. These are the Wright Memorial Bridge, William B. Umstead Bridge, and Virginia Dare Memorial Bridge.

There are other bridges, but they are not as popular or common.

Do you have to Cross a Bridge to Get to the Outer Banks?

In order to get to the Outer Banks, you can take either a ferry boat, aircraft, or bridge.  Among the three options, the usual choice of visitors is the bridge.

As mentioned, the Outer Banks has several bridges that you can use to get there. Depending on where your start point is, you will be required to pass through different bridges.

Taking a  boat or aircraft is also an option for some locations. This can be an advantage if you are planning to visit different parts of the Outer Banks. Ultimately, though, most people prefer the Wright Memorial Bridge, as it’s the only bridge that directly connects to the mainland.


Crossing bridges to the Outer Banks can be quite a hassle, especially during peak season, and most people don’t know what to do when there’s a problem on the Wright Memorial Bridge.

It is best that you plan ahead of your trip and ensure that you leave early enough to avoid traffic on the bridge. Although there are several bridges you can take, traffic is simply unavoidable. Taking the Wright Memorial Bridge is, by far, the best route to take when going to the Outer Banks.

However, via boat and aircraft is a good option as well, to avoid the hassle of crowded bridges. That being said,  it’s great to experience the long bridges of the Outer Banks and the great view of the sea and the sky.

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