North Carolina Beach Hotels That Rent To 18 Year Olds

There’s an awkward period for young adults between the ages of 18 and 21 years old where, yes, they are technically considered “adults” but no, many businesses don’t afford them the same degree of trust that to do to patrons 21 and older.

You’ll see many rental car companies and even hotels do not rent to anyone under the age of 21, some are age 25. That means that 18 years old and older may have a difficult time planning a beach vacation in North Carolina.

**IMPORTANT UPDATE: Some hotels have reached out to us and let us know they no longer can rent to anyone below 21. However, you should start by calling each of these hotels to see if they can accommodate you prior to booking online.

What Hotels Near The Beach In North Carolina Rent To 18 Year Olds?

Some hotels near the beach in North Carolina may rent to 18-year-olds. Most hotels that refuse to rent to 18 year old do so because their rooms come with alcohol-containing minibars.

Each hotel will have its unique criteria for whom they will and will not rent to, and these can change from season to season, so it is always best to check out individual hotels before booking.

Every hotel or lodging establishment will usually require a credit card or debit card to secure the room. Therefore the 18-year-old should have one of these in their name.

Sometimes an 18-year-old might think that they can book a hotel room using their parents’ credit or debit card to hold the room and then pay cash during their stay. 

Most hotels require that the person using the credit or debit card be staying in the room and present that card at the time of check-in and check out.

It is important for any 18-year-old wishing to stay in a hotel room near the beach in North Carolina to make reservations in advance, checking individual hotel or lodging policies and rules beforehand. 

They should also inform the hotel that they are 18 years old so the hotel can place them in a proper room.

While going to the beach can be an exciting adventure for a newly grown adult of 18, they should not use the hotel room for parties or hosting numerous guests.

Hotels have rules about such behavior and will likely enforce hotel policy if too many guests are in one room, or there appears to be a party or problem.

Therefore, in the interest of one’s enjoyment of a North Carolina beach vacation, the 18-year-old should be willing to respect the hotel policy and rules. 

This includes not visiting on-site bars and any other areas where alcohol is offered at the hotel based on their policies.

The listing of hotels below is a small sampling by location. There are many chain hotels as well as small and convenient mom-and-pop hotels, resorts, inns, or bed and breakfasts that will cater to the young adult crowd.

18-year-olds can book their reservation online, making things easier if they are planning a last-minute trip to the beach in North Carolina. 

They can also call the listed hotel and book their reservation that way.

It is also possible to use online resources, such as specific websites that cater to travelers to get a better deal on a particular hotel near the beach in North Carolina.

Sea Ranch Resort – Kill Devil Hills (Confirmed 21+ Required)

This resort hotel is reasonably priced and offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner in-house or via room service for travelers who wish to dine in-house before or after they hit the beach.

There are various rooms to choose from, some with oceanfront views. This resort hotel is close to many exciting attractions and amenities that will keep the youthful adult traveler busy if they get tired of the beach.

An indoor pool and fitness center will help keep them on schedule for their daily health and wellness routine before or after their beach adventures.

Pets are not allowed at this establishment; therefore, those 18-year-olds that want to travel with their fur baby will need to find another hotel or utilize one of the many kennels in the area.

North Carolina Beach Hotels That Rent To 18 Year Olds

Blockade Runner Beach Resort – Wrightsville Beach (Confirmed 21+ REQUIRED)

With an outdoor pool and fitness center, youthful adults can keep their fitness and health routine up and running while they are on vacation in Wrightsville.

The restaurants on the premises and room service offer great dining experiences for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Modern technology will keep young adults connected via the internet. At the same time, each room will be comfortable and relaxing with refrigerators, toiletries, and hair dryers, to name just a few amenities.

The hotel offers a mixture of travelers, from families to engaged couples and business-minded adults, which can intrigue and offer new social themes for young travelers looking to broaden their horizons.

The property is smoke-free but offers a newsstand and gift shop for those travelers that want to select special gifts for friends when they return home.

Other amenities include on site marina and garden area and a 24-hour front desk and concierge.

Drifters Reef Hotel – Carolina Beach Area

This unique hotel is located in the heart of all the fun this area offers. Rooms are clean and modest, offering modern amenities at a reasonable price so young travelers’ finances can be used for other fun and adventure.

This family-run hotel allows dogs that are well behaved and even has a dog park in the back of the property for the furry traveler to enjoy.

An on-site restaurant offers comfort foods like wings to those visiting this area, with a family-friendly atmosphere that will have young travelers returning again and again.

This establishment offers beach umbrella and bicycle rentals to their guests, and each room has a refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker to help cut travel food expenses.

These hotels are just a few of the many that may allow the 18-year-old crowd to have a fun beach vacation getaway in North Carolina.

Policies and rules change from time to time, so travelers should consult their website or contact the hotel directly for updates before booking.

Some hotels and lodging establishments have strict policies that adult guests renting a room must be at least 21. Therefore young adult travel guests should be prepared for this possibility and setbacks.

In Conclusion

Booking a hotel room at the beach in North Carolina should be fun, but as an 18-year-old adult, this is not always the case.

Taking a vacation is an exciting experience at any age; being resourceful and diligent at this age can help one secure a room at any number of hotels and lodging facilities.

If one hotel has a policy that prevents it from happening, there are many more out there to choose from that will welcome this age group.

Utilize the internet when possible and make your age known, and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to the beach for your fun vacation in North Carolina!

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