Restaurants in Wilmington, North Carolina

Wilmington, North Carolina, is a big city with much to offer in restaurant and dining options. Thanks to its proximity to the many beaches of North Carolina, it is a great place to escape when you tire of the sand and surf for a short time.

Culture, museums, history, and shopping are just some of the adventures to be had while visiting this great city and its surrounding area.

Along with all those fun things to do, vacationers will want to take a break and sample local food while there.

City dwellers know where all the good eats are, but it may not be as easy to spot a great place to eat with exceptional food unless you have been to this area before.

That is the reason for this article to offer a sampling of the restaurant choices that a vacationer can experience while visiting Wilmington.

What Are The Best Restaurants in Wilmington, North Carolina?

If you’re looking for a place to eat in Wilmington, North Carolina, Ruth’s Kitchen, Sweet n’ Savory Cafe, Tandoor Bites, Little Dipper Fondue, and Reel Cafe are local favorites where you can’t go wrong. No matter what mood you’re in, one of these great, varied options are sure to hit the spot.

Whether it is Thai food that is a must for dinner, or a steak and burgers, there is something to be had for everyone’s taste and palette.

It’s here for the tasting from vegetarian options to international tastes, southern comfort foods, or standard American fare.

Anyone familiar with a city knows that traveling around is half the fun, so be sure to take a quick walk or tour of this lovely city before or after you’ve eaten, unless you already did that.

The Best Restaurants in Wilmington, North Carolina

Ruth’s Kitchen

Diners traveling through or around Wilmington that are on a budget will enjoy this cute little restaurant.

Serving comfort food favorites like fried chicken, club sandwiches, and banana pudding are their specialty. These are the foods that nourish the mind, body, and soul.

Southern food at its best, served up by friendly staff for over forty years, this cozy little restaurant will become a welcome memory for travelers long after they leave the area.

Ruth’s serves up breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a comfortable but no-nonsense atmosphere in the city’s heart. 

With daily specials and signature sides, this is a great place to park yourself and have a satisfying lunch before heading back out for shopping and exploration.

Sweet n’ Savory Café

Vacation guests, including children, will find a perfect spot at the Sweet n’ Savory Café that serves up standard American fare throughout the day and has an onsite bakery.

With a pleasantly friendly atmosphere and staff, it will be hard for parents to pull their kids away for more fun in this great city.

Healthy dining options and a good kid’s menu make for a happy dining experience for parents.

The food is tasty and memorable, which will have vacationers longing to return for a repeat dining experience at this Wilmington gem.

Breakfast items like shrimp and grits or biscuits and gravy pay homage to its Southern roots, while lunch menu items like Ceviche and Cucumber River remind you that you are in a city.

Mega dinners like pulled pork smokehouse or Calabash Seafood Plate will satisfy diners with healthy appetites, while the desserts like the Bear Claw and Strawberry Bread Pudding are heavenly!

Restaurants in Wilmington North Carolina

Tandoori Bites

For a bit of spicy Indian fare, this establishment will easily fit the bill. Serving traditional Indian food comfortably to dining guests in the city, this restaurant will inspire and awaken the senses.

Indian-inspired décor, great coffee, and chai tea, as well as a large menu serving lamb, chicken and fish as the animal protein, are just some of the things that make this place special.

The portions of the plates are ample, and the prices are reasonable. Food served is authentic to the Indian culture with fresh spices and friendly staff who serve it up with a smile.

The menu, which boasts appetizers, soup, bread, entrees, drinks, desserts, and even a kid’s menu, is large with many choices. 

The restaurant even has roses and candies to purchase for those who are so inclined.

Little Dipper Fondue

For those travelers who want something different, this restaurant has it. Affectionately termed a fondue restaurant, it serves up special three-course meals served fondue style, including dessert.

The staff is exceptionally pleasant, the atmosphere is eclectic, and the food is heavenly! Offerings include meat, vegetable, seafood, and cheese fondues and dessert choices.

Live and local entertainments and great drinks make this place a perfect spot for food and drinks in a stylish, modern environment. Reservations are suggested.

Are there any restaurants open real late into the night in Wilmington, North Carolina?

Yes, a few restaurants are open real late into the night in Wilmington, North Carolina, for those diners who need a midnight snack or keep late hours.

Each restaurant or eatery will have its hours, some closing around midnight and others staying open a bit longer. Most stay open later hours on Friday and Saturday nights.

The food selection might be minimal at this hour for diners’ knowledge. Most of the establishments are bars or serve alcohol of one kind or another, and some might have music or other entertainments that also make them a draw for nightcrawlers.

Since the number of restaurants that open late into the night is smaller than what’s open at 7 PM, pricing may be higher than anticipated, so it is always a good idea to look at the menu online before dining.

Reel Cafe

One such late-night establishment is the Reel Café. This bar and grill serve standard pub fare in a brick building with a rooftop bar and musical entertainment.

The rooftop view is beautiful; the atmosphere is comfortable with a youthful vibe and reasonable prices.

With a special late-night limited menu, diners can enjoy a crab cake sandwich, calamari, or fried chicken, to name a few. They also offer steamers of crab legs, oysters, and shrimp.

A great beer and wine list, daily specials, and a separate take-out menu make life easy for those vacationers who get a case of the munchies late at night but don’t want to hang around and socialize.

This list is not exhaustive, as Wilmington, North Carolina, is a big city with numerous choices. For those who have the time, sampling the eats at more than one restaurant in this city will be a great way to round out your Wilmington, North Carolina vacation experience.

In Conclusion

No matter where you go, no matter what you like to eat, a city always has variety for all. Whether late-night snacks, exotic international cuisine, or eclectic décor and dipping, you’ll find it in Wilmington, North Carolina.

When you are done eating, it’s probably time to hit the sand again, but don’t worry, you’ll be back for more soon enough!

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