Kid-Friendly Activities near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

Everyone loves a great vacation, including the kids in the family. And when traveling to North Carolina, there can be an overabundance of things to do for every member of the family, even those energetic kids.

When it comes to the kids in the family, there are numerous opportunities to explore all that nature offers. There are great adventures that will excite and intrigue their curiosity while educating and entertaining their mind.

While the beach and water sports are the focus when visiting the beach and Outer Banks area, that is not the only thing Kitty Hawk and the surrounding area have to offer in the way of kid-friendly amusements.

What Are Some Kid-Friendly Activities in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina?

Besides spending the day at the beach, other kid-friendly activities in Kitty Hawk, NC include visiting the Aquarium or a history of flight museum in the area, trekking to the top of the Bodie Lighthouse, or visiting one of the many amusement parks in the area for a day of go-carts and arcade games. 

Let’s face it; kids have a boatload of energy, and nothing recharges their batteries better than a good adventure and some carefree vacay fun.

While we adults are notorious for burning ourselves out on work and the stress of daily life and want nothing more than to relax, kids take vacations for fun and adventure.

That being said, this article is a listing of a few kid-friendly activities near the Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, area. There are numerous other options available in this area, and outside this area but still in the Outer Banks region.

For the kids in the family or the adult kid at heart, these activities are sure to keep everyone busy, entertained, and amused.

Some of them might offer the parents or caregivers a chance to take a quick break and relax for a bit while the kids are busy. After all, it is a vacation. 

The Beach

What trip to North Carolina would be complete without a stop at a local beach or two? Like other beaches along the coast of North Carolina, the beaches in Kitty Hawk have numerous activities that can excite and inspire the kids in the family and even the adult kids at heart.

The beach offers endless fun from swimming in the ocean to just sunning oneself on the sand, searching for shells, and studying the area’s wildlife.

Surfing, sandcastles, and other activities can also be a great things to do at the beach for those children that grow bored with the sun and surf.

The Aquarium

Nothing excites kids more than the thought of visiting an aquarium. The aquarium on Roanoke Island has much to offer in the way of sites to see.

Kids will find their day filled with nonstop fun at this local aquarium as they view sharks, sea turtles, stingrays, and many other undersea wildlife.

For older kids, there is the opportunity to learn about the conservation efforts made in this area to protect the wildlife and nature. They can also learn about careers that preserve our marine life which will be inspiring and hopefully invoke thoughtfulness.

Bodie Lighthouse

No trip to the coast of North Carolina is complete without visiting at least one lighthouse. In the Kitty Hawk, North Carolina area; the Bodie lighthouse will allow any kids to burn off some excess physical energy by climbing the stairs.

When they reach the top, they will be rewarded with beautiful views and a glimpse at the history and uniqueness of this area.

A Museum

Every kid is interested in some mode of transportation, whether it has wheels or flies in the air, or goes by water. In the Kitty Hawk area of North Carolina, the Wright Brothers National Museum offers tours and information on the brothers who taught the world how to fly.

This museum offers a Junior Ranger program for children who wish to participate, and when they complete the program, they can earn their junior badge.

Adventure Park

Kid Friendly Activities near Kitty Hawk North Carolina 1

After all, the sights of this area have been seen, and the kids have exhausted the beach but are not entirely done with burning off their energy a trip to an adventure park is a perfect ending to the day.

In this area, the Paradise Family Fun Park is an ideal spot for go-cart rides, bumper cars, and an assortment of other kid-friendly activities. The kids won’t want to miss out on finishing off the night with some ice cream.

Aside from these great family-friendly activities, there are numerous other activities that kids and adults will delight in.

From fishing to crabbing and a nature walk, there is plenty of outdoor fun for them to enjoy. Miniature golf, kayaking, and surfing add to the list of exciting adventures that we only hope will tire them out so their parents or caregivers can get a good night’s rest.

Another excellent option for fun is visiting the local parks of the area, which offer much in the way of education, natural entertainment, and beautiful surroundings.

When traveling with kids, is it necessary to have an itinerary or schedule?

When traveling with kids having an itinerary or schedule is not always necessary. Although it can be helpful, having an itinerary or schedule can be a good idea but should be flexible. 

This schedule can provide them with something to look forward to, it can also teach kids to express their ideas in the family vacation planning and actively participate in the process.

Still, it can also give everyone in the travel party, including the kids, an idea of what will happen each day. This can bring peace of mind as everyone knows what’s going to happen when, how, and where.

Some people like to travel without a schedule or itinerary preferring to be spontaneous and more carefree. This is a perfectly acceptable way to have made travel plans for you and your family even when traveling with kids.

As long as all the essential items that they need are packed and everyone knows the plans of what, when, and where, everything else can be flexible and comfortable.

Some of the most memorable moments that a family with or without kids will have been the moments that happened spontaneously. Most often, people find it comfortable to have a flexible but set schedule for their days and nights.

They like to know where they will be staying as far as a hotel or bed and breakfast, what restaurant they might be eating at, or what activity they will be checking out that day while maintaining a flexible schedule to adhere to.

It is important to know that when an itinerary or schedule is set to leave enough room in between activities for you and your kids to have a break, make a change of plans, or add in something fun that comes up along the way.

This ensures that everyone has fun, and it doesn’t begin to feel like a chore to complete the schedule or itinerary, which takes away from your vacation. Schedules do help when planning a particular activity at a set time. If there is no set plan, opportunities can be missed for enjoying certain activities.

Finding a middle ground between the two often offers the best vacation for everyone in the vacationing party, including kids.

In Conclusion

Vacationing with kids can have its ups and downs, just like every other part of parenting. Having a flexible schedule that includes some exciting things for kids to do will offer the best vacation for everyone.

When visiting the Kitty Hawk, North Carolina area, numerous activities will inspire, educate, and delight kids of all ages.

While that may not be the vacation of a parent’s dream, where they sit on the beach and stare at the waves all day; it’s undoubtedly great for creating family memories that will last a lifetime!

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